Good news, everyone!

The future of Opera bookmarks arrives to our freshly renamed Opera beta channel (formerly known as Opera Next). With Opera beta 25 we introduce a new way to experience bookmarks. Instead of just marking the page you can choose an image to go with it. With Opera bookmarks you are collecting “things” not just “links”.


Here is how it works: Find something awesome on the internet. Like a recipe for Blackberry Frozen Yogurt Cake, Yum! Click the Heart to open a dialog and choose which image you want for this bookmark and where you want to put it:

Creating a Bookmark in Opera beta 25Open the bookmarks manager and see your bookmarks in a beautiful, graphical collection:

Our new Bookmark Manager

We hope you will be as excited as we are about graphical bookmarks!

A better startpage

Did you try Opera Coast yet? Remember the first time you saw these cool icons for your favorite webpages? Well, we did and wanted them in Desktop, too! With Opera beta 25 we try out a new startpage that features Speed Dial with Coast-style tiles instead of screenshots. Try them and tell us what you think!

Integrated PDF viewer

Tired of losing focus when you are reading a PDF on a website? With Opera beta 25 we integrate a fast PDF Viewer directly into the browser so you can keep reading without changing applications.

Web notifications

Notifications are a convenient way for webpages to inform their users about events, such as the delivery of email or a comment posted on a blog. With Opera beta 25 we make them as native to your system as possible: You will receive them as normal Windows or Mac notifications.

Support for H.264 and MP3

H.264 video and MP3 Audio is widely used on the internet. With Opera beta 25 you will have native access to such media content. This feature has higher system requirements than the rest of Opera: Windows Vista or newer, OS X 10.9 or newer, and on Linux you need ffmpeg version 2.3.x or newer.

Linux now in the beta-Channel

When we announced Opera Desktop for Linux we told you that we will put it into beta when we felt it reaches the quality that we expect from our products. Well, we are there! Linux will be available in the beta channel for the first time in Opera beta 25.

Known issues

  • Some less popular plug-ins may fail to run

Download Opera 25

Full changelog

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for Bookmarks in Opera 25 Beta !…but wait a minute, what about Opera 24 Next and isn’t Opera 25 a Developer build ?

    • The beta replaces Next. The following Opera developer will be 26.

      • The new beta will use the Next profile, so effectively take over from it. There will be no more Next releases.

      • nanana1

        So Opera 24 will soon be final ? :p

        • Cryio

          Dude, Opera 24 has been final for 2 weeks now, where’ve you been?

  • Ema


  • x a

    Build 1614.5 as dev now b1614.1 as beta, is that correct?

    The link to the changelog:

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Thorben, thanks for the info, and congrats on the first official Opera beta release 😉

  • Dark Magician

    YouTube says Opera doesn’t support h.264.

    • kapsi

      For me YT shows all checkboxes as okay on , but if I enable the HTML5 player and try to watch a video, It briefly shows a black box with “error occured, try again later” message inside, instead of the player. Then the box disappears and flash player loads. If I disable flash in opera://plugins, the error box stays and movie never loads. Ubuntu 14.04 x64

      • Marcin Mitek

        Which OS do you use? On Windows it’s supported on Vista and newer Windows version.

        • Dark Magician

          Problem with HTML5 with me is on Win 8.1 64-bit.
          Is it Google/YT problem, or on your side?

        • WL-`

          It doesn’t work for me. It’s still red on H.264, WebM VP8 and MSE & H.264.

          I’m using Windows 8.1

      • True Story.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Kapsi, please have a look here.

    • escruting

      Yes, same here, it only shows HTML5 supported if you disable flash.

    • XypherCode

      Same. When I run Opera Dev 25 it works without disabling Flash. But for beta it needs to be disabled. Using OSX 10.9.4

    • SuuperTommy

      I have Flash enabled, and I can play HTML5 videos without problem. x64 Windows 7

      • Dark Magician

        Maybe it’s because I use Windows 8.1 64-bit.

        • SuuperTommy

          Yes, maybe. I have a laptop with Win 8.1 x64, let me get back to you in a few.

        • SuuperTommy

          No, working fine here with 8.1 x64 as well.

          • Dark Magician

            Then it’s something else. But nonetheless, it’s an issue others confirmed.

    • Petter Nilsen

      “PATCH-1164, YouTube force Flash player for HTML5 content” in browser.js. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I suspect it might be that vp8/vp9 videos got served with lower resolution for Opera. I’ll check and get back on this.

      • Dark Magician

        Well, after I turned off Flash, I played some videos with VP9 in 1080p, didn’t notice any issues.

    • YT said I had full support in Ubuntu, with last O25 build, haven’t tested this one. i even posted a screenshot here.

      • Andrew Andreyuk

        ubuntu 14.04 + opera 25 = h.264 isn’t working
        It’s working in chromium. I have installed chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra package.
        And what about opera?

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Andrew, you can download FFmpeg, unpack, and compile it, as it’s shown below:tar xvf ffmpeg-x.x.x.tar.bz2 && cd ffmpeg-x.x.x
          ./configure --enable-shared --build-suffix=-ffmpeg
          sudo make install && sudo ldconfig
          Note: you need to replace x.x.x with the current version number. For more details, please have a look here.

          • fsLeg

            I compiled the latest stable ffmpeg libraries (from ffmpeg-2.4), moved them to `/usr/lib64/opera-beta/ffmpeg` and started opera-beta with `LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/usr/lib64/opera-beta/ffmpeg:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}`, but Opera just doesn’t want to use them. It still reports that it is able to play proprietary formats (like H.264 and MP3), but it actually can’t. Does Opera detect available ffmpeg libraries in some other way?

            I don’t want to install the latest ffmpeg system-wide as it would require recompilation of packages dependent from it, and we all know that ffmpeg just loves to break its ABI with each release.

          • Andrew Andreyuk

            use ffmpeg-2.3

          • L33t4opera

            @fsleg:disqus: Yep, I just checked, that the latest version (2.4) doesn’t work, but 2.3.3 works just fine.

  • kapsi

    Can I copy the profile from Opera dev to this? Ubuntu

    • In this specific case yes, but generally it is not a good idea to convert a developer profile to beta because you usually be downgrading a version which is unsupported and could have unintended effects.

      • kapsi


  • Keiv M. Salmon

    so wanted to use the new start screen but it does not support speed dial extensions.

  • kapsi

    Why do bookmarks leave the start page? You click on a bookmarks tab button, but then you have to click “back” to return to speed dial. Stash behaved better.

    • Because we plan to introduce new start page.

      • RX-3200

        but we like old start page with previews/thumbnails

        • Shacha GC

          NO …NO STASH just a fuse bookmarks and speeddial i rather see notes or email back then the stash

          • Alaknár

            Honestly, Stash is pretty cool. Did you notice that if click a stashed item, it moves you not only to the link, but also to the same spot on the page were you where when you stashed it? Not sure if my English is comprehensible enough, so here’s an example: scroll to the middle of a page, stash it, close it, open it from Stash. You’re in the middle of the page again.
            That’s really useful.

          • Eroticus

            Every ones like on his own … leave two options for everyone without removing anything !!! THANKS =)

      • Gloriam

        I’ve been using Opera 15-25 for over a few months, and I accepted what I’ve lost because the Speed Dial start page stayed largely the same.

        Please don’t remove the previews/thumbnails or as you call them in the article, screenshots.
        If you do, you’ll have lost a user that’s been using your product since 9.0, and I really don’t want to leave.

        For me the speed dial holds everything together in Opera, if it changes to this degree.. I won’t be able to use it anymore, most sites don’t use any images, so I get text instead, that’s ugly as hell, hard to browse through.

        Look at my screenshot, and tell me that isn’t ugly and confusing.

        You’ve listened before, and I really hope you’ll do so again, just this simply change will win me over, so please consider.

        • Wraith

          I agree, I like the old SD, if they removed for the new one without the option to use the old one I will put aside Opera once for all and start using another browser, in fact is not like am very happy with the new Opera.

        • KingHawk

          Wow that looks pretty nice this looks much better, but since you don’t like it can’t they just make a option to choose between this and the other?

      • cgebhard

        But one needs to press “back” on the new start page as well. Or do you have an even newer version in the making? 🙂

  • Vasyl Zuzyak


    Do you have any ETA for old plain x86 builds for Linux?

    • No, at the moment they are still not a priority. There are no short to medium term plans.

      Purely out of interest, any specific reason you remain on 32-Bit?

      • SuuperTommy

        Is 64-bit Windows a priority?

        • Marcin Mitek

          Same answer as above. It’s not, but that doesn’t mean we are not working on this.

          • SuuperTommy

            Any specific reason you remain focused on 32-bit? 😉 Time to upgrade!

          • Marcin Mitek

            There is little to none performance boost with x64 Chromium (it was already benchmarked by dozen of sites). And we have different stuff to push ATM.

          • SuuperTommy

            I know, I was just playing. You have some colleagues telling people to upgrade when their on an outdated architecture (like Windws 32-bit).

            But in all seriousness, according to Google (…), the x64 Chromium has better stability and security?

          • Marcin Mitek

            I’m not denying pros of x64. We treat it as a regular task, just with lesser priority at this moment. We would like to use it/test by ourselves before we can hand it to you.

        • I work with the Mac and Linux team so I am not the best person to ask that.

          We do look at the landscape of the platforms specifically when making these decisions. Just because it makes sense for Mac and Linux to be 64-bit does not necessarily mean that it makes sense on Windows.

      • I’m not sure he meant that, or just those tarballs you used to serve. Perhaps he means to compile for his system.

        • We are not planning to offer the tar ball packages again.

          • Like that? you say it as it they were a nightmare that left you traumatized, hahaha!!

          • I liked them and used them myself but very few people actually did. The fact that few people used them is the reason for not spending the effort bringing them back.

            There most important use case was as a source for repackaging but the deb serves this equally well.

            P.S. For those that did use the tar balls directly, I have a script that converts the deb to standalone install:


            And another than unpacks the deb and does a system wide install into /usr/local (with an uninstall script)


      • Vasyl Zuzyak

        Own a laptop which got xubuntu 11.10 x86 as first installation. No strong reason to stay, but do not want to reinstall OS just to move to x86_64

        • Ok, understandable. It is somewhat unfortunate that Ubuntu pushed the 32.Bit version as the default for so many years.

    • Vasyl Zuzyak

      @all who wait for x86 linux builds: here is one more negative sign: Google Chrome To Ditch The 32 Bit Builds For Mac

  • WL-`

    The side panel should remain when navigating. I’ve no problem replacing Stash with the new bookmark page, but I constantly jump between Speedial page and Stash.

    Can there be an option to take away ‘Discover’ from the start page? It can be a customize option. I don’t use Discover at all. The previous start page had it all the way to the right. Now, it is in between Speed Dial and bookmark which is kind of annoying for me.

    Also, why does Youtube’s HTML5 be played only when you disable flash? I need flash for other stuff but really wanna use HTML5 for Youtube.

  • LoverOfLife

    A few overview:
    1. Bookmarks: when i press the heart icon, it will save automatically in ‘unsorted bookmarks’. It should be a dialog where is asking me where to save. (or choose folder). Nice feature with listing thumbnails, and choose the one you like.
    2. Speed dial: I like square dials, but i don’t like because transparency is darker in the left bar and dial folder, an option with dragging from left to right with how much transparency you want should be implemented; also missing the options where you can choose custom thumbnails. And extensions in new speed dial, of course does not work.

  • Kai Ockendorf

    Thank you for this new Beta build!! The new start page is a big step forward and I like it, but it’s not perfect in my eyes!! Please give us an option to use either favicons or screenshots, I mean if you have a few speeddials from the same page…they all look the same & that’s hard to tell apart 😉 About the big black bar on the left side: it’s too wide…why don’t you make it narrow and only bigger when you hover over it?? Also the Google search box has to have the same black (transparent) color to fit more to the new start page, aswell as the Discover selection buttons…would look more stylish 🙂

  • XypherCode

    Why is it using Keychain?

    • Assuming you mean Keychain Access on Mac; its a safe storage area for passwords. Passwords can also be shared between the applications you allow to access the keychain.

      • XypherCode

        Yeah, I meant Mac’s Keychain. But can I still use the password manager without using Keychain? I don’t really use it that much.

        • The Keychain is the system-wide password manager. Most programs use it to store passwords safely, so you actually use it every day.

  • escruting

    – No hand tool on the new PDF native viewer
    – No page previews/thumbnails on the new start page (youtube is a blue icon, WHY???)
    – Heart icon is not intuitive, bookmarks a page directly without asking, what if i want to save to speed dial? it bookmarks the page too…
    – Bookmarks manager. Nice, but needs recycle bin, less wasted spaces everywhere and a quick access button right on the main browser bar. Also, double Bookmarks button on the Opera button. Move the one that has navigable menus to the main browser bar and problem solved.

    All of this was on the feedback the users provided on the Developer build, arent you listening? Why release the things anyway without taking user feedback into account?

    • All the feedback has been gathered and listened to. But we made a decision to deliver it to the market. And improve further later on.

      • Rafael Luik

        What!? You’re not going to fix any of these issues while it’s in the beta channel?

        • I presume you have read our page explaining the difference between the streams (stable, beta and developer). It is linked on the right hand side of this blog and has not significantly changed (other than the shift in name from Next to beta) since Opera 15. Under the beta section clearly states:

          No new features or significant changes are introduced between the major releases.

          So you really should be suprised about a lack of major changes in beta. The big changes always happen in developer.

          • Rafael Luik

            I’m very familiar to that, the point is you made it very hard to use the Speed Dial then release it in the Stable stream. You know, the users who stick with you since the move to Chromium and adapted to Speed Dial or that simply always liked the SD, you came out of nowhere to them and said “hey forget about that, we have broken the heart menu for you so be happy always have the page bookmarked automatically into a mess of unsorted folder, take another steps and full page load to access your bookmarks in much bigger thumbnails and more scrolling in a manager, lose more time organizing your bookmarks, be happyyy! ^^ ahhh and it’s not beta”.

            You broke something in the dev stream so you could fix it in the beta stream. Or it could be delayed a little depending on the affected feature.

            All I know is the current product is becoming a PITA as far as the SD is concerned and if you’re following this direction (such as replacing “Save as Speed Dial folder” with “Save as bookmarks folder” in the tab bar context menu in the future) it’s going to be a major PITA.

      • P0lip

        Haha, this sounds like a joke. Well, if your boss read it, he wouldn’t be too happy. Imagine, I’m a chef in one of the biggest restaurants and my staff serves not properly cooked meals… I would fire them immediately. Do you have any bosses? Because you are all just ruining your position you were working on during past years. Well, ok. You abandoned Presto engine. That was fine, but you promised us to provide something special which would make Opera different from the other Chromium-based browsers. One year later? It’s getting worse and worse. Half-baked bookmarks, not bad speed dial. Nothing more. As of today, I’ll uninstall Opera everywhere where I can. Well, I guess it would be better if you wouldn’t have answered to this question as it only makes us angry. Nothing else. Sorry, but I’m just angry as I used to use Opera for more than 9 years. I don’t want to be rude, but I just can’t.

        • NoName

          It is most likely not the programmers who are the problem here. It’s the “chef” who has accepted the current state of the feature.
          In the software world, it’s normal to improve things over time.

          • P0lip

            I know it’s normal to improve stuff over time as I’m also a developer, but I wouldn’t think about releasing a feature at such stage. Well, I don’t really believe they will change it, but I’m sure they will redesign UI 9348394839th time to make it less useful (as always so far). I can’t wait for the next “improvements” needed by neither power user nor standard user. I think we should write a letter to Opera’s CEO about the Opera’s state. For example, in Poland (where Opera was always popular) they used to have the market share at 10% level. They are losing their market constantly. I also noticed it as many friends of me or even my family uninstalled Opera. The usual reasons are: lack of email client, too similar to Chrome (they often think why should I install Opera if Chrome provides us the same and has better syncing with other devices?”). You must provide something extra… Don’t you get it? You don’t have such a good position like Google, Apple, Mozilla or Microsoft. Mozilla doesn’t have as much money as the rest of them, but they have users and community. Great community. You have neither users nor community as Opera doesn’t provide source code. That’s it

          • NoName

            That’s another problem. And yea, I partly agree on those things…
            If you actually do write to the CEO, I hope you write in a more formal tone 🙂

          • P0lip

            Haha, yes of course 🙂

          • Patata

            I don’t think that they have to go opensource to create a great community. Opera used to have a great community supported by MyOpera. I don’t think that the shutdown of MyOpera and MyOpera Mail destroyed it. It’s more because of the way Opera ASA has changed to threat their users. Back in the Presto days they really listened to their userbase and made changes as requested. Today they develop their Chromium skin and the users have to either love and use it or leave to another browser. After their switch to chromium there were rumors about voices at Opera ASA that said that the so called power users helped Opera in the past years but are something they need to get rid of and can’t care about anymore. No matter if that was said or not, in fact Opera ASA acts like that today.

          • Leaudevie

            I don’t believe they have much say about what they release at what time. If its all driven by targets and quotas and so many new versions per week etc then that can really screw with the development environment especially if you want to get a product nearly perfect before releasing it.

      • Well, i hope that Opera Link will work on Opera 26 or later (in Opera 25, I don’t think that will come to this coming version).

      • rufu2

        I think the bookmark manager is not perfect, but kind of OK to roll out.
        But you definitely need to bring back thumbnail previous before making the new start page standard. You will confuse and anger a lot of users otherwise.

      • Alaknár

        Now that’s a really great business strategy.

        “We know the feedback is that the users want the steering wheel facing the front of the car, but we made a decision to deliver our backwards facing car to the market”.

        Take a wiled guess on how many cars of that kind you would sell.

        • MarkG54321

          Opera is based on Chrome, the browser with the biggest marketshare… it sounds to me, like Opera are making a forward facing car, one that’s better than Google’s and YOU are the one that wants the steering wheel at the back.

          I do get what the problem is, it’s nothing to do with Opera. It’s that a handful of hipsters still believe it’s cool to like Opera 12 (in their minds the last great Opera), and nothing Opera does going forward will be good enough in their minds.

          • Leaudevie

            The handful of hipsters are not hipsters. Hipsters are those who use chrome (or worse chromium). They believe it is the best browser despite its buggyness. They don’t use firefox because it’s “too mainstream”. They don’t use ie because its “so ugly and insecure” despite the massive gains microsoft have made in the last two versions in all departments. People who use the old opera were happy in the fact that it had everything you needed (near enough) to communicate over the Internet. There was no need for tens of bloatware apps taking up all the apace on your comp. It took up less space than most browsers and had a bittorrent client, mail client, irc client, voice control and more all built in. The features were modular and did not take up memory unless you used them. It was truly a great browser. So incredibly lightweight and powerful. Plus it was fast, the css engine was very fast, presto was incredibly lightweight and fast and just needed optimising and tweaking to compete. The js engine was slower but still good enough. It was a damn fine browser it just needed bug-fixing and optimising instead of version 12.

          • zshello3

            Chromium is buggy and Mozilla is mainstream? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

            > … had a bittorrent client, mail client, irc client, voice control and more all built in.

            Unix philosophy: do one thing and do it well. There are much better BT clients, email clients, IRC clients, etc. out there, and power users use the best individual clients (that does one thing well) and write scripts to make them cooperate when necessary, instead of using the real “bloatware” — a browser that tries to mimic an OS (ChromeOS is a bad joke, btw).

          • Leaudevie

            Chromium and chrome are known for being unstable and buggy compared to old opera. “Mainstream” is a description that applies to anything which has a large percentage share of the market. Firefox has a large share of the market so its mainstream. Mainstream isn’t bad its just shunned by idiot hipsters “Ugh popular!”. Opera did not try to “mimic an OS” it tried to be an internet communications application. Hence the support for various protocols.

            Now you may suggest that chrome is also mainstream (it is), however most importantly these are idiot hipsters we are talking about. The same idiot hipsters who use MAC over PC – Windows because they view Windows as being mainstream.

            Chrome OS is bad because its chrome because its google. Its tailored to the lowest common denominator of intelligence like most programs these days.

            You call what opera had “bloat ware”, now I challenge you.

            The off-line install package of the new opera is 29mb.
            The off-line install package of the last ‘opera 12’ is 12mb. The memory usage of the old opera was significantly lower.
            The old opera had support for far more protocols than the new.

            Wait a second?
            It had just as good support for new standards at the time.
            It used less ram and hard disk space.
            It supported more protocols.
            It competed against the other browsers in terms of ‘speed’.
            It was far more customisable.
            And you say it had ‘bloat’?

            Bloat – The result of adding new features to a program or system to the point where the benefit of the new features is outweighed by the extra resources consumed (RAM, disk space or performance) and complexity of use.

            Opera used FEWER resources, it used LESS RAM it took up FEWER CPU cycles and had a SMALLER imprint on the HD than the new Opera. “Bloatware” – are you mad? Are you incapable of looking at a definition and applying it to real world situations. Do you even know what RAM is? Did you not think to actually check the facts before you decided to claim some ridiculous things? Are you a moron?

            The fact is that there is a HUGE amount of code bloat in chromium and new opera; so much so that it manages to take up far more resources than the old Opera regardless of features. Anybody who does not see this is wilfully blind and or a hipster.

            Despite all this the decision was made and we must trust in the devs to eventually put it right and help fix the problems.

          • zshello3

            > Chromium and chrome are known for being unstable and buggy…

            I’m not a web dev so I won’t comment further on this, but from my limited experience I’ve had fewer problems with Chromium than other browsers. And I like Chromium’s dev tools. I’m not very familiar with the Presto Opera though.

            > “Mainstream” is a description that applies to anything…

            Obviously, but you were implying that Firefox is more mainstream than Chrome, which is simply not true. Chrome has the largest market share.

            > The same idiot hipsters who use MAC over PC…

            Not sure why you brought this up. And you should refrain from generalizing and calling others idiots just by what software others use. Okay, I use Mac (it’s not MAC — MAC is for MAC address), for the Unix infrastructure rather than popularity or whatnot. It’s simply a pain to build and manage FOOS on Windows — many important FOOS projects are only available to Windows as specially maintained ports. And I won’t comment on the security front — you know what I mean, I suppose.

            By the way, I believe Mac is more mainstream than Windows in the Silicon Valley (at least among devs), which is where I live.

            > Opera used FEWER resources, it used LESS RAM it took up FEWER CPU cycles and had a SMALLER imprint on the HD than the new Opera.

            Software evolves over time. Twenty years ago people were fighting the memory usage of Emacs — few people worry about that now. I agree that the new Opera could be better, though.

            > Are you incapable of looking at a definition and applying it to real world situations.

            The definition isn’t absolute. By bloatware I mean bloated with unnecessary features. If the binary is smaller, great, cut it even thinner, then! A web browser should handle HTTP(S) and FTP, and maybe a few more schemes which doesn’t pop right off my mind, but when a web “BROWSER” starts handling BT protocols, you should start questioning its objective. Not all features have CPU or memory footprints — you can have hardly-ever-called branching in your machine code that hardly affects performance (well, I know there are some RAM penalties). That doesn’t justify a unnecessary feature.

            Most importantly, features take human effort to maintain. Dev time is precious. Keeping the project maintainable is very important.

            > Do you even know what RAM is?

            Yes I do, I write open source software myself, though not professionally.

            > The fact is that there is a HUGE amount of code bloat in chromium and new opera.

            Fair enough, I admit it could be better. But moving to Chromium reduces dev time and fragmentation, which is a mercy for both Opera devs and other poor web devs that need to run their stuffs on multiple engines. I won’t comment on the WebKit fork, but as far as I can tell, Blink is better than WebKit. Again, I’m not a professional.

            > Anybody who does not see this is wilfully blind and or a hipster.

            I admit that I’m happy to see a skinned Chrome. In fact I switched to Opera since it has almost all the benefits of Chrome, and a better skin. Additional features are welcome, but I won’t need BT client, mail client, IRC client, or whatever in a browser, in the foreseeable future.

          • Leaudevie

            I can only really add a little clarification to my original point. The point was hipsters aren’t clever and they take about 5-10 years or so (just a random number out of my head) to realise that the software they are using is used by loads of other people, at which point they change to another piece of software. They did it with pc – mac and only now are all the hipster people I know beginning to move to ubuntu, despite the fact that Apple has been a multi billion dollar/pound company for years.

            I used the word MAC because everyone knows what I mean by that. And yes I know it is unix or freebsd. And yes the three main BSD projects are awesome.

    • Patata

      They are no longer the company they are used to be. They no longer care that much about userfeedback as they did back in the days of Presto. Partly cause they dont have the same control over Blink / Chromium as they had with Presto. For example the switch to 64bit Unix only comes from Google and Opera cant change it if they want to use the latest Chromium builds

      • P0lip

        That’s what I said before – “Chromium is under Google’s control”. 🙁

    • Herr Pietrus

      Thanks, I was afraid that I would have to write again about thumbnails in SD etc… 🙂

      BTW – in my opinion in bookmarks manager there should be third, intermediate zoom level between huge thumbnails and list.

  • First, thans everyone such a nice build. At least, many people will see Opera is coming back…Sorry but for us, the key question is When O26 dev build ? 🙂 (Probably the reply is WIR 🙂 )

    • SuuperTommy

      When Chromium 39 is released.


      September 26 at least.

      This one I got from @Aeyoun:disqus

      So I guess it’s true.

      • Lacedaemon

        September 26 the latest you mean, most of the times they release it about 1 week earlier…

        • If you checked that link, it says: “Week of Branch Point (End of Day Friday)” and Sep 26 is Friday.

          But again I’m no authority on this matter, so it could be sooner.

          • Lacedaemon

            Yeah I checked that link and then checked all new dev versions in the ftp server. It’s always like 1 week to a few days earlier than those dates.

  • Юрий Герук

    when will version of Opera 25 for architecture i386?? Please

    • No plans in the short or medium term.

      • ayespy


        My only Linux machines are x86! You force me to use inferior browsers?

      • Юрий Герук

        OOO, discrimination 32-bit architectures, not good friends

        • The focus right now is on getting a new stable Linux version out and this is made simpler by focusing on 64-bit, which is what the majority of Linux users run these days (we can see this from various distro stats and our own download numbers for Opera 12).

          In addition pretty much all PCs, notebooks and even (non-ARM-based) netbooks from the last 5 years can be run in 64-bit and indeed, many of the users who run 32-Bit Linux could and (probably should) have selected a 64-Bit install of their distro.

          This is not to say that there are no users who run a 32-bit version of Linux but if we tried to cater for all architectures, distros and package types right off the bat we would have taken longer to get where we are today and Linux users had been waiting quite long enough. I don’t think it would have been wise (or fair to the majority), to have taken any longer.

          I hope we can shift some focus to 32-Bit Linux but I am not going to over promise. This will not be a priority in the short term. We need to get out a stable (64) build and ensure we can support it adequately going forward. Then, we will see.

          If we start making 32-bit builds available, they will appear here first.

  • Nekomajin43

    Thanks for the update. A few questions:
    – Will you add the thumbnail choices to the speed dial, like in the bookmarks?
    – Will you add a remove bookmark option to the heart menu?
    – Will you improve the new start page and the bookmarks manager in v26, or are they feature complete for the moment?

    • The only person giving away the roadmap is Daniel Aleksandersen 😉
      Maybe I can answer your last question: In the developer channel we already introduced Bookmark Sharing. So no, the bookmark manager as it is now in Opera beta 25 is not feature complete.

      • Nekomajin43

        Sorry, I saw this comment later then the other.
        Thanks for the answer.

        Bookmark sharing is great. This is one feature I’m really happy about. It is something of the oldschool Opera innovation.

        But what about a trash folder? What about a folder tree instead of the top level folder list? What about group operations? What about a delete option in the heart menu? What about direct folder creation in any subfolder? What about a third, stash-like view? What about a separate bookmarks button on the toolbar? What about sorting? What about bookmark search in the address field?
        Do you see how many features are still missing?

        • I am sorry, I cannot comment on our roadmap. Stil, I would agree that there are certainly things missing in the Bookmark Manager, but we said many times that we want to be careful with not bloating up Opera with as many features as possible.

          For example, IMHO a stash-like view would be neither easily integrateable nor useful for most users. I would agree though that the search could be improved.

          Personally, I would say our current priority should be to make the integration of the Bookmark Manager into Opera perfect until we add too much functionality itself. It’s an art to make many features work together perfectly.

          • Herr Pietrus

            But at least two or three of these features, mentioned by almost everyone, doesn’t look like those which can swell up Opera – quite the contrary, they seem totally essential to ensure complete functionality…

          • Well, I didn’t say that we are not doing any of them 😉

          • Herr Pietrus

            Hmm.., Ok… 🙂 So keep it up!

          • Vux777

            why not simple SD separated from bookmarks and ….that’s it.
            You are getting too deep into that “touch-visual-tablet” style. Users still wants their desktop apps to be just that, old school desktop apps.
            You experimented with mixing bookmarks and SD, and it’s safe to say now that this philosophy failed…. I think you pushing something wrong again with too many bling-bling’s in bookmarks. Simple list is not simple (not tree view, but new view for every folder).
            And how do you plan to sync all those bookmarks thumbnails?
            I guess, that was one of the reasons Stash got kicked.
            My stash is 15 Mb, bookmarks (without thumbnails, old ones) 680 kB, favicons 25 Mb…
            You are going to have hard time making peace with all that (not stash anymore ofc, but users have much more bookmarks).

          • You are making a lot of assumptions in your answer 😉 Well, that is okay, but keep in mind that they are exactly that: assumption. I won’t comment on all of them, but – as many people mentioned that – we are actually not focusing on touch at all. Blog readers seemed to have assumed that, but nobody actually asked us 😉

            And in general – I mentioned it in the blog post – these graphical bookmarks give you actually a different way to think about bookmarks. IMHO it’s still true that the usefulness of bookmarks for many mainstream users – especially the ones who started using browsers in the last 3 – 5 years – has declined significantly. So we are focusing on this new experience. That doesn’t mean that the classical “link collection” model was forgotten in the current Bookmark Manager but that you have to expect a few quirks here and there until we find a way to make both experiences perfect.

          • Nekomajin43

            It’s OK to go step by step, if these steps will be in the next version, and we don’t have to wait month for you to return to this feature.
            As I see, the old Opera was too crowded for the average user. I can agree with that. But now you go to the other extreme, you are too careful.

          • Our normal cycle is somewhere between 6 – 8 weeks. Unfortunately, that means it takes around two month for updates. Frankly, I think this is actually quite a high update frequency. Ten years ago that would have been completely unheard of.

          • Nekomajin43

            OK, it was early in the morning. So, months = more than one version.

  • Evgeni Khmelnitsky

    You are the best. Waiting for the next final version.

  • David

    Wow, a good first impression. =)

  • Cjcr

    I still don’t know why still can’t remove more than one bookmark item at once? I refer to the new Bookmarks “manager”.

  • Cjcr

    Well, What is the best and faster way to move all my Bookmarks-bar to the new Bookmarks-Manager? The only way I found is move item by item, one by one to a new folders … and guys, that’s crazy! this isn’t a bookmarks MANAGER .. at least for me.

    • Actually the BM Bar shows as a folder in the Manager. So IT IS a BM Manager, the downside to it is you move them, to new folders they are gone from the bar, unless you manage all the folders IN the bar.

      • Cjcr

        Yes, I know that BM bar is in the manager too, but what I want is move all to new folders (I said move, no copy). I don’t want to use the BM Bar anymore.

        • I was able to move the folders one by one. The FOLDERS, not perfect but better than having to drag each item.

        • RX-3200

          why don’t you try move you old folders to “My folders” ?

    • Try Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V

      • Lacedaemon

        This answer does not sound very promising… It should be like “Try Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V as a temporary workaround, we are still working on drag & drop for multiple folders” Can’t you see the lack of it for Christ’s sake? It’s a graphical user interface design in the first place!

        • Your answer is not very promising either. How about: “Thanks! Didn’t know I could use Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V. It works, but I think there should still be a multiple items drag & drop.”?
          Read your message again and imagine you are me … would you like your answer? 😉

          • al_ghul

            but also Your first answer was bare-bones, L33t4opera’s one was more polite.

          • Yes, my answer was very short. But probably better than no answer 😉

          • al_ghul

            well, actually yes, so I agree somehow with You both;)

          • Lacedaemon

            When someone says (and there are dozens who said that -including me numerous times- in the previous builds already) that it is insane moving items one by one using the Graphical User Interface that it supposed to make things easier, you can’t tell him “use the keyboard shortcuts”, in such a abrupt tone, that’s what I’ve said and I would like that answer as a dev very much!
            Also, personally, I very much knew of Ctrl-X & V as it was the first thing I tested with the new BkM, the dysfunction of the GUI led me try those keys. 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Cjcr, navigate to the “Bookmarks Bar” folder on the Bookmarks Manager page (toggle list view, if it’s not selected), hold down left mouse, then drag the mouse over the items which you want to select (or press “PageDown”, or “End” to select all of them faster), then release the mouse, press “Ctrl+X” (if you want to undo this step, press “Ctrl+V” or “Shift+Ins”, or middle mouse in the same folder) to cut the selected items, then go the the folder, to which you want to move them, and press “Ctrl+V”, or “Shift+Ins, or middle mouse 😉 Please see here, and also here.

  • Wilkins

    1 – Why not just import the old bookmark system from Opera 12? It was good the way it was.

    2 – Opera on OSX looks AWFUL.

    3 – Bring IRC back the way it was on Opera 12 and you’ll may bring me (and others) back as an user.

  • Ra-Mon

    Your bookmarks page seems very poor. Look like just a Speed Dial page with another look for folders/thumbnails and a sharing button…
    With it, i’ll never retrieve again your “cake example” page with “cheesecake” request. Opera 12 or Stach feature allow that ! is it a regression ? Why don’t index “description” field of the page ?
    Will future version allow multiple levels of bookmarks storing ? Search in folder only or all bookmarks database ?
    No, i don’t test Coast, but what about Speed Dial extension in this Coast mode ?

  • Will I see it as update in Ubuntu, or a new install but will it show in Synaptic?

  • Dark Magician

    There is also a tendency of YT videos stoping and not loading.

  • oic

    the new speed dial coast images aren’t going to work, you couldn’t tell one link from the other by the images if you added several links from same webpage

    • HellBrick

      The new speed dial COULD work with a few adjustments:

      1. Always displaying the SD name under the image, like the old speed dial page did.
      2. Allowing user to choose between the old-style screenshot and the new-style domain name, sort of like the bookmark dialog does.

      But I totally agree that in its current state the new speed dial would be a huge setback.

      • Well, we are testing them still. Thanks for your feedback!

        • Dovelove

          Several things …there are SO many comments on BOOKMARKS I don’t really know where to put this so…now to be reprimanded again when trying to help.

          I must say at first GREAT graphics…really good.

          As far as bookmarks go maybe I am not understanding the new implementation but I have to go back to another browser unable to use Opera. Main reason is IF I have several tabs open I can’t find one individual FAST as I did in Presto because I only see ONE letter so it turns out to be “Whack a mole”.

          My discus links and comes RIGHT up with FF. I use the SAME add-ons etc. with Opera and logon doesn’t recognize me and wants me to log-on again when I have already done so to post.

          Seems as though Opera has lost it’s direction, trying to differentiate with a common base (Chrome for those that can’t follow) is almost impossible to do.

          • Thanks! I also think the new Bookmarks Manager looks rather nice!

            I understand your tabs frustration though. We already delivered tab previews as a first tab improvement and will release more improvements soon.

  • Kurt Zon


    • gtgtyg

      This is a featured comment? LOL
      This comment does not contribute with anything new or constructive, and making it featured is just a self-licking exercise of the Opera Desktop Team.

  • Anton Chelnokov

    Why page often redirected to
    If i type, i must got !
    Are you out of your mind???

    • Sorry about that. Will be resolved soon.

      • SQL

        You found out what’s causing it? I really would like to get some more information about that unless you can’t provide that :p

        • I am guessing that the News blog (the blogs portal front page) wanted to redirect Russian visitors to the Russian blog instead of the News blog. —and that the logic there got mangled somehow. Someone who actually know will resolve the issue, though.

          • SQL

            Yeah, seems reasonable. Thanks for the explanation! (It really must be confused, I’m not even from Russia and not even trying to access the News blog itself)

          • pseudo555

            I’m not russian, and i don’t use russian proxy… so there must be something else.

        • Herr Pietrus

          That’s all because of the separatists from Donbas… 😛

          • Anton Chelnokov

            no, its sanctions from Opera Software XD

      • Fixed.

        • Anton Chelnokov


          Linus Torvalds method works! XD

    • gtgtyg

      Still happening!

    • Leaudevie

      In Soviet Russia our blogs find you!

    • The problem should now be resolved. Sorry about the accidental Russian language content.

      • This is a site-patch just now, or a browser patch in the next building?

  • Stanislav Stratil

    “DNA-26030 Newly added search engines are shown before default ones in address dropdown”

    At least for me, this doesnt work – still the same behavior as before. But if you mention it, I expect there will be finally some improvements in this field. There should be option to show more than 10 and rearrange them as you like.

    Btw, Dark Breeze theme in speed dial is beautiful.

    • Rafael Luik

      To read the changelog properly you must understand that DNA-26030 has been *fixed*. It means that the described behavior was happening (as a bug) and now it doesn’t happen anymore.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Thx for clarification… So, it was just my bad and false hope… What I treat as feature and improvement, they treat as bug… great.

        • Rafael Luik

          Haha. 🙂

          They aren’t against reordering search engines. I believe this is a valid feature request. But putting all the custom ones in the beginning of the list without any options certainly isn’t the expected behavior either hence it has been “fixed”.

  • Dark Magician

    Opens mobile version.

    • Please contact the website operator when you run into site compatibility issues.

      P.S.: I get the desktop version.

      • Dark Magician

        Is there a way for Opera to force desktop mode?
        Since you can do it on mobile phones.

        • SQL

          There are extensions for that.

          Edit: This should work.

          • Dark Magician

            Thanks, so it’s Opera’s fault. I selected Opera Windows in extension, and loads normal version, not mobile.

            Actually not, extension mimics Presto Opera, not Chromium.

          • cgebhard

            Are you using Opera Turbo? Maybe that is loading the mobile site. (just a guess)

          • Dark Magician


          • Rafael Luik

            It’s NOT Opera’s fault. It’s the website reading Opera’s UA- String and serving you the mobile version, that’s why you use an extension to mask your UA-String as something else to fool the website.

        • No, its rather the website forcing you onto their mobile site and not the other way around.

  • iVarun

    Google search is showing Old version page layout.

  • drkrvn

    Which websites support web notifications?

    • Andreas Bovens

      Gmail for instance, or Slack.

  • Where is `Opera button`?
    Linux muhasturk 3.16.2-031602-generic
    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

    • Wando Schneider

      AFAIK, they using unity integrated menu. On others distros, the Opera Button remains.

    • sgrandin

      How did you get six across? I entered the Konami code and played around with the number across, but it had no effect on the block style SD, on the regular one.

      • ahoj1234

        10 in a row here. Konami code is NOT needed. You just have to “show advanced settings” first. Then just set up number of columns in a row.

        • sgrandin

          I’m missing something: I’ve always got Show Advanced Settings checked, but changing the number of columns has no effect on the new “start page,” only on the old one (it looks like the Konami code is no longer needed).

          • ahoj1234

            have worked here and for some other guys so I’m not sure.
            Anyway, try that:
            set the new SD active
            restart Opera (close, open)
            check, that the new SD is active (instead of old one)
            change number of columns in settings

            try it with closed and opened SD.
            It just have to work 😀 there it worked up to 10 (not 11) columns when I was trying that.

          • sgrandin

            Thanks, but has no effect on the new SD here. In fact, there’s a lot of screwy behavior with the old SD when switching number of columns.

    • Jacek Oleksy

      If you prefer Opera button on Unity then there is a switch available “–show-opera-menu”.

      • is there any option to enable this feature in opera://flag?

        • Jacek Oleksy

          No, cmd line switch is the only way.

  • Emanuele

    Only some fast feedback about the bookmarks thing:

    1. Now if you click on the heart icon you add the bookmark and there’s no way to avoit this… in the popup you can only organize or customize the image

    2. for the same reason now you can’t add a speed dial without adding it as bookmark … you can delete it in a second time in the bookmarks manager or you can add the SD in the start page, but this doesn’t solve the PROBLEM

    3. No subfolders support

    4. No REAL bookmarks support (title, URL, tags, keyword, NO IMAGE … I don’t need an image for 2000+ links!!!)

    You name them bookmarks… I see the “old” Stash feature with a new name, sorry

    • Nekomajin43

      3. You can create a folder then move it to any other folder. inconvenient, but it works.

      4. Select “list view”, problem solved.

      • Emanuele

        4. No, problem isn’t solved for the same reasons we described zillions of times here 😉 (lot of unused images to load and put in ram on every Opera start, no keywords/etc) … Stash is Stash, Speed Dial is Speed Dial… Why Bookmarks can’t be simply (and complete) Bookmarks? … I can’t understand it…

        • Nekomajin43

          Do they really load if you set list view to all the folders?

    • Stanislav Stratil

      2. You can add page to SD only, via right click menu on the page. I know it doesnt solve problem, but at least something for now. 😀

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, one can also press “Ctrl+B” on Windows/Linux, or “Command+B” on Mac, to add it to SD.

      • al_ghul

        well, interesting – they do some kind of new view of add to SD page – with some prepositions of last visited sites and extensions. but works laggy…well, should be two different options to have less special effects on slower PCs

    • Ra-Mon

      5. Missing import/export from other browsers or internet suite…

      • We import bookmarks from other browsers on startup. They obviously have no images but we provide a fallback for that.

        • Nekomajin43

          Can I manually import my bookmarks from any non-default browser? No.
          Can I export my bookmarks to any format so I can import them in another browser? No.

          • I said it at some other comment. Read your answer again and consider yourself if you have been nice and polite.

          • Nekomajin43

            You are right. I did not want to be rude. I just wanted to point out that you always have an answer that does not answer the actual question/request.
            The new bm manager looks awesome, and is really promissing, but still lack many small features that were asked several times. It is half-done.
            I asked a few hours ago that you would improve it in v26 or you consider it feature complete for the time being. It is a simple yes/no question, but there were no answer. If it is the latter, then you should prepare for continous whining, because it is not what we have asked since v15.

          • al_ghul

            try xmarks extension to export them from previous broswer. as I know, it supports only FF, new Opera, chrome. try to export bkms to xmark’s server, then synchronise them with current browser to import them. of course it’s only workaround, but works quite well and fast.

          • Nekomajin43

            Ot I can import from HTML in Chrome and copy the bookmarks file to my Opera profile. But it’s messy.

          • al_ghul

            yes, I forgot this options;)

        • Ra-Mon

          Don’t work here. Opera 25.0.1614.11 clean “USB install” on Win7. No bookmark are imported on first startup. Which browsers are targeted ? I have IE11, Firefox35, Chromium 39 and some Opera 6 to 12(default browser) installed and so many bookmarks to import 😉

          • Wraith

            Same here,but In my case, I have a clean install on a machine with no previous Opera installation, no import option !

          • L33t4opera

            Regarding import from Chrome, you can simply copy: “Bookmarks”, and “Favicons*” files from the Chrome profile folder, to the Opera profile directory (point 2) – please have a look here.

        • rufu2

          Import on first startup does not work in USB installations, or has that been changed?
          What about importing bookmarks later, if you did not do it at first startup?

          Apart from that, +1 to what Nekomajin said about non-default browsers and simple HTML import/export.

    • L33t4opera

      You can add a website to the Speed ​​Dial, by pressing “Ctrl+B” on Windows/Linux, or “Command+B” on Mac.

  • Mister

    1. Please move this plus-button to the right, where she was 🙂 So it will be more logical.
    2. …Or make drop-down menu that existed before.
    3. Also I found a bug. When I manually move bookmarks on the bookmarks bar, visually they move, but the address remains the same: if I swapped Google and YouTube, then click on the YouTube link will open Google and click on the link Google will open the YouTube site.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Mister,
      1. You can try the “Add Bookmark” extension:
      2. In case, that you can live without the Bookmark Manager, you can disable it in opera://flags/#bookmarks, and restart the Opera – this will restore the old Heart’s menu, and Stash.

      • Mister

        Oh, thank you, this extension is very convenient.

        I can work without the Bookmarks manager. But if I still want to use the Manager, I have to deal with plus-button that looks not aesthetically pleasing.

        It’s just the desire for developers to remove this button because of its inappropriate species.

      • al_ghul

        thx, I’ve had that, but disabled caused by unfunctionallity of older version. now I see it resembles good’ol’ add bkm button:). I see it’s time to make some exts enable from time to time, as they’re still developing;).

  • icetom

    the bookmark sounds awesome Opera team.
    cant wait to try it on the stable version, also I am waiting for 64 bit on Windows.

    the current stable gets very slow when i am running 2 twitch video channels.

    • If you are curious, why not try it not in Opera beta? 😉

  • Tanel

    The Bookmark Manager is beautiful!

    You also disabled Stash in the favour of Bookmarks and a “Reading List” folder.
    I can see this working, but do you plan to implement some kind of shortcuts to the Reading List folder, to make its contents more quickly accessible? As Stash used to be? I really got used to the idea of stashing away sites and not keeping 101 tabs open.

    • “Reading List” is just a normal folder. A bit of an “inspiration” for you. “Unsorted Bookmarks” is the closets to Stash. We provide easy access to the first couple of items from the “Bookmarks” menu directly (either in the Opera Menu on Windows or the titlebar on Mac).

  • Alex Parker

    Can I disable the useless (for me) and utterly annoying “Added to Bookmarks” message when I click on a heart? It annoys the living hell out of me.

  • SQL

    How come Youtube still doesn’t show H.264? And why is WebM VP8 not supported?? This build has some serious problems..


    • SuuperTommy

      It’s a strange issue, I don’t have that problem on neither Win7 or 8.1, though others do.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      It works for me on Win7x64 :S Weird it doesn’t show for you

  • vadym

    Speed dial is much better! Bookmarks too!
    1. Proposition: What about something like “Speed dial” folder in Bookmarks – this will allow to avoid duplicate pages + one ‘heart’ icon will make more sense
    2. When I am pressing Bookmarks on Speed dial, the left panel goes away. Isn’t it better to keep it every time?
    3. In ‘heart’ icon there is no way to delete a bookmark 🙁
    4. Please consider about tree-view structure in bookmarks on the left side
    5. Please consider about merging Bookmarks as a whole with a Bookmarks bar, e.g. choose which folders/bookmarks to show in Bookmarks bar
    6. I am waiting for synchronizing!…

    • al_ghul

      I agree in some parts. especially – 1 – maybe some developers can explain the differences between SD items and bkm items, their logical status? are they doubled or not? are they make some kind of bkm folder? and YES, it would be good to have them also in bookmarks manager, cause they are also saved webpages’ links, which are used later.

      2 – yes
      3 – is there a possibility to delete item from menu heart?
      4, 5 – as an option
      6 – yes, however obviously under development…

      • Bookmarks and Speed Dial Items exist in different logical worlds. I would agree that it’s best to have a Speed Dial Folder in the Bookmarks Manager, but it’s not that simple: Speed Dial only allows a tree of depth 1: just folders, no subfolders. This means that drag and drop operations need special care and it’s not clear what to do when you move a really big tree to Speed Dial. Should we flatten it into one folder? All subfolders at the same level? Disallow it?
        We concluded that as at the moment we don’t have good answers, better to give you a good version one bookmarks manager and improve the integration in version two.

        • al_ghul

          THX a lot for explanation:). now I understand clearly. I agree that their behaviour can be different (well, they are used rather for less amount of item and with small recurrention, if even so). but I think, even with that constraints, which medium user more or less knows, it could exist in bkm manager and e.g. simply not allow multiple elements/tree-like structures to move there, rather than flatten folders. of course just as a simple, temporary stage of development.

          Yes, I also understand Your motives and, well, I agree with You, to leave that for proper time:). I only hope You share with us on possible solutions on THAT case and listen to our feedback.

          • rufu2

            Yes, to solve the folder-depth issue with SD, the most reasonable way would probably be to give an error message when somebody tries to move a tree there.

            Another possibility would be to allow a tree structure in SD, just as in regular bookmarks. I doubt that there would be good uses of a highly nested SD, but then, that would be the user’s decision.

          • al_ghul

            I’d rather prefer error solution, because it’s still unknown if SD should have more level folders allowed. but unification of gathered links as bookmarks would be more logical, also when exporting them through different browsers. but are there any unificated solutions for SD as a part of bkms? I doubt…

        • rufu2

          Thank you, that does explain the thinking behind the current situation.

  • Pim

    Thanks for this update.

    Suggestions for bookmarks:
    – you should be able to delete folders in the sidebar by using a context menu
    – a ‘trash bin’ for deleted folders (and bookmarks) is more convenient than a pup-up asking you if you want to delete a folder.

    • Nekomajin43


    • Lacedaemon

      How many times did we mention those things already… it’s like banging your head to a wall for proving 1+1 makes 2….

  • alvin

    having the bookmark is great but it look like you don’t allow to create folder in folder. I hope the you still develop the bookmark to make it at least can create folder in folder and folder tree as well

  • André Santos

    Is there any rpm build? Or the source files?

  • sgrandin

    – The Metro design failed with most non-tablet users of Win 8 for good reasons, so why make it Opera’s Speed Dial design (aka Start Page)?

    – “Start Page” is a misnomer – is it a Speed Dial or Home Page? It’s bound to cause confusion with existing terminology that nearly everyone knows as Home Page. Plus, do you really have some stats which show that the vast majority of Opera users start with Opera’s start page as their Home Page?

    This beta edition shows you’re edging closer to the webkit version becoming a full-function browser. Now when there are a full assortment of UI controls and a real print module…

    • sgrandin

      To illustrate my point, which of the two SD screens at the following link is easier to look at? These are just the first five lines of about sixteen:



      • Lacedaemon

        That’s because you ‘ve made them too small and you have only 6 columns. Try increasing their size and using 8 or 9 columns and they will be fine as well. In fact doing so, the alternative page looks ugly instead. Huge blocks of color that hurt the eye.

        • sgrandin

          Eight or nine columns doesn’t solve the matter of their being big square blobs without character. It’s no accident that the vast majority of desktop and laptop Win 8 users prefer the stadnard Windows desktop to the Metro screen.

          • Lacedaemon

            right… and what did I say?

  • Moris299

    Omg that update is fanatic! Thank you very much!

    • Thanks for trying it out 🙂

  • Inquisitor

    This all singing, all dancing bookmarks feature may look flashy on tablets and touch screens, but for ‘mouse and keyboard’ users (which most desktop users still are) it’s too cumbersome to use. Please provide a button with drop down tree menu (with right click context menu ‘add bookmark’) on the address bar.

    • Rafael Luik

      What the… 1. There’s a list view in the manager. 2. Just open the heart menu.

  • ooblv

    On linux (elementary OS precisely) the tab bar background doesn’t follow the default theme. Is this a bug or it depend on the fact you are still working on better linux integation?

    Also, menu and popover backgound color is an old ugly grey. I think it would look more modern and better if it were whiteish.

    I wouldn’t dislike also a sort of headerbar for Gnome based distros (similar to the look you have in the Mac version).

  • Dark Magician

    In right download section use parentheses for all sections not just stable.

  • Vux777

    Good news, everyone!

    Professor line with Blackberry Frozen Yogurt Cake photos….
    you are doomed! ツ

  • Some Speed Dial see images but there no way to change them ? from all my speed dials show only 2 show images others only colors and same names mostly…

  • duhduhduh0

    what will happen to the existing stash entries?

    • “Unsorted Bookmarks” replaces Stash, so your existing items will be moved there.

      • Vux777

        it’s empty in my case…. no existing stash items in unsorted

  • gtgtyg

    Launch it on a non-beta version and have a way to import bookmarks and historic from other browsers (for compensating the time we’ve been without a desirable Opera) and I will install it for trying.

    • Why not try it now? Opera beta is relatively stable, certainly stable enough for trying. Stuff that arrives in beta was already tested and fixes for at least six weeks in the developer channel.
      And btw: The current Opera does actually import data from other browsers.

      • gtgtyg

        because when the official version arrives, I don’t want to have a beta and a official one on my machine; just the last instead.

        • Personally I think Opera beta is stable enough to be used everyday. The new name “beta” is a bit misleading. Our beta channel is for stabilization, meaning that only features which we think reached a certain maturity are added. I cannot remember any serious issue of Opera Next.

          • al_ghul

            well, I think the same, actually I think that all opera’s streams are for the most of time of common site browsing quite stable:). that’s why, personally, I use mainly the Developer one…

          • rufu2

            Agree, it’s really good how well behaved even the Dev version is.
            Opera Presto used to crash quite regularly, it still does have problems closing on my PC. Blink-O is very stable.

      • ayespy

        “The current Opera does actually import data from other browsers.”

        Not so much. A user has no choice what data or from which browser is imported. (If it DOES successfully import – which mine never did, then you do have some choice what actually gets incorporated into the UI) And ever since the import function got borked on my machine ‘way the heck back when it was first introduced, it has never worked. I gather there is some command-line tweak one can make to fool Opera into thinking it is opening for the first time on a first install, but really – is that ANY kind of solution for a common user to employ to accomplish something as routine as import of bookmarks/history/passwords? No.

        I have another machine on which import worked on first install, so there’s some evidence that it CAN work.

        But this is nothing like a user-controlled function which can be activated and targeted at will by the user.

        • I also think we could probably do the import better

          • ayespy

            That’s worth something. One may hope that Team leaders will see it your way.

          • Just curious: Why do you think I am not a “Team leader”? 😉

          • ayespy

            I don’t think anything about it either way. I just didn’t care to assume that you were, and your profile mentions your job description, but not your rank.

            But assuming that you are (which, if so, KEWL!), I still would not assume it’s your call, unless I were to learn that your title is “Team Leader, Core Development” or something like that. And even THEN, I think it would be presumptuous of me to assume that I know enough about the organizing chart at Opera SA to think that a design decision like including a full user-run import/export would be made on a single team, not in consultation with others. Perhaps “Core Team” and “UI Team” are different, and must collaborate on such a change.

            If you agree it could be better, and it is within your personal power to make it so, then Glory Hallelujah! I look forward to the improvements!

      • al_ghul

        by name ‘opera beta’ You mean Opera Next, as I understand?

        • No, to quote the blog post:
          “The future of Opera bookmarks arrives to our freshly renamed Opera beta channel (formerly known as Opera Next)”

          • al_ghul

            yes, I didn’t read previously the whole post carefully, especially the first statements;)

      • al_ghul

        well, You forgot to change the post’s title actually (post content with ‘opera-beta’ is updated);P, I’ll be nasty and counter-quote with image;P

  • helsten2

    Hmm, why am I redirected to the Russian blog ( ?

  • iPristy

    It’s too messy.
    In FF i just use bookmarks bar and hide speed dial.
    Folders can’t be deleted in bookmarks section.
    Stash is now bookmarks, it makes sense, i would also try to combine with history output, someday i hope.

    I use Opera on phone, still has the biggest score in HTML5 test and user interface is simple, but on desktop is other way around, than i use FF.

    • Why is it too messy? If all you want is the bookmarks bar, you can just show it and forget about Bookmarks and Speed Dial. If Speed Dial really disturbs you (IMHO it’s extremely handy to have quick access to the pages I use the most) you could delete all dials and have basically an empty screen with a nice image as the background.

      • iPristy

        Yes you are right, never try that before, just background and delete everything else i usually pick Grey theme but less wallpapers is better somehow, even Windows 7 runs faster on 1.5GB RAM if wallpaper is disabled so that’s that. Sorry…

        • If you use Opera with the grey theme, it means that there is actually no theme loaded. So no memory wasted 🙂

  • koniiiik

    I realize what I’m asking for is most likely not too high on anyone’s wishlist or TODO, but how about spatial navigation – are there still plans to implement it in Opera at some point? This is one of the most important features for me, being able to use the browser without having to reach for the mouse or suffer the quirky touchpad on my laptop.

    The last time I tried to dig through mailing list archives for this, I only came across some mentions of a patchset that aimed to support this in WebKit/Blink, but was not of sufficient quality to be merged or something (or maybe it required a more massive refactor, I’m not sure anymore, it was a long time ago).

    This and probably also the integrated RSS reader are the two features I miss the most in new Opera.

  • OldHickory30

    Beta 25 is crashing so much on OSX it’s unusable.

  • Vux777

    context menu on bookmarks nodes is bugged
    …and honestly, I don’t get the logic…
    folder is speed dial in imported folder, but I need to click on SD icon to actually show it on speed dial… ๏̯͡๏

    …and I forgot, how to show stash in this new bookmarks system?’s not in unsorted or anywhere else…

    ps. add option to delete those hipster folders “travel, shopping, videos…”

    • “how to show stash in this new bookmarks system?”

      When you click the heart icon in the address bar, the current page is bookmarked and added to “Unsorted Bookmarks”. If that doesn’t work, please give us more details so we can fix it.

      “add option to delete those hipster folders “travel, shopping, videos…”

      Why do you think they are hipster? 😉 I guess “Shopping” is a pretty normal activity on the Internet. We included some folders to give you a bit of inspiration what you can bookmark and “fill the void”. It’s simpler to see that the sidebar contains folders if there are some folders preinstalled. Anyway, if you want to get rid of them, click on “My Folders”, which is the parent of these. You can then edit or delete them in the same manner as all other subfolders.

      We are aware that the detour via “My Folders” is not optimal. The next update to the Bookmarks Manager will most likely contain a nicer solution.

      • Vux777

        tnx for the tip about deleting those hipster folders 😉
        …about stash:
        no, I meant, how to see content from old stash?… I have my stash.db, put it in profile folder, but only way to see it is to disable new bookmarks…
        I think el33te Opera was posting tutorial some time ago how to show old stash list in new bookmarks environment, but I forgot…

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Vux777 😉
          Close the Opera, go to your Opera’s profile folder, open the “Local State” file in your text editor, and find the line, that contains: “stash_imported”: true, and replace “true” with “false”, then save the changes, close the file, and relaunch the Opera.

          • Vux777

            thank you
            it works

      • SuuperTommy

        Thanks, thorbenb! Try to sneak in an undo function if you delete a bookmark by mistake. 😉

  • Rafael Luik

    It’s nice to see everything you’ve been working on lately coming together to be released to the public in stable soon.
    Opera becomes an even more attractive browser everyday, both for the most simple-minded and for the more advanced users who like to have everything tidy and special features / little handy options that make browsing better and faster.

    Thank you! And I hope you polish it better (as it needs to) listening to ours feedback.

    • Herr Pietrus

      I hope so too… Without that it won’t be as good as you describe…

  • Tore

    Is there any way to change the behavior of the Tab cycling? My workflow gets completely messed up when I can’t Ctrl+Tab back to the previously viewed tab, and it instead simply moves to the tab on the right…

    Also: Is there a reason why Backspace doesn’t seem to work on Linux, while it returns to the previous page on Windows?

    • al_ghul

      ‘opium’ (yeah, I liked this definition of new opera;P) it’s chromium/blink angine, so IT HAS TO HAVE such behaviour like chrome;) – SO – try this: opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling

      it’s funny however, as all browsers have slightly different politics on that simple and prosaic (but IMO important!) thing. and force users to use often more bloated-code extensions to get this. I’d like all browsers unite with such simple things like tab cycling order and give all popular solutions on default.

    • Wando Schneider

      I think this must be configurable. For me, CTRL + Tab (go forward) and CTRL + SHIFT + Tab (Go back) no tabs is perfect.

    • Harald Haugli

      Try Ctrl-F1.

  • Dark Magician

    Vimeo full-screen, problem when changhing from fill to native resolution, it gets stack in a loop of changing, until you click again.

    • Dainis Valdmanis

      Yes, it happens for me as well

  • Dainis Valdmanis

    I’m happy to see Opera improving with every release. Thank you very much!

    While I like the direction Opera team took regarding bookmarks management (despite it isn’t complete yet), I still believe an icon for quick access bookmarks near the address bar (or in the address bar) is necessary. Existing ways are too long for comfortable use. I used Tidy Bookmarks Menu extension, but it disappeared from the add-ons store again. And I don’t like bookmarks bar. Just don’t like it… 🙂

    Also, I have noticed that in the new speed dial some dials pick up favicons, but mostly not. Is there any way to regenerate dials?

    • al_ghul

      yes, chosing bkm items with o-menu takes too much time. one-button is ok, but there shouldn’t be nearly all possible options stucked there in plain list (e.g I don’t use often ‘more tools’ menu) or at least wise nested. well, additionally there is some tendentions to simplificate&sophisticate the main menu like in maxthon and ff, which resembles windows xp/new win start menu with elements more often and less often used, intuitive arranged with smaller/bigger elements. it seems quite rational as we see number of options becomes from one version to another larger.

  • Krasen Ivanov

    so why the rename from Next to beta ?
    also is this ment to encourage new people to try Opera beta ? since beta seems more stable than Opera Next when you read it like this.

    • Dark Magician


      • Rafael Luik

        Or the opposite: make more people use the stable version… Because some users might have been using Next thinking it meant something else than “beta” so now they know it’s beta and will grab the stable version.

    • It’s actually rather simple:
      1. Opera Next sounds like a product. One could easily think this is a completely different browser
      2. beta is a common name for not yet perfect software. People know what to expect

  • sgrandin

    There’s something screwy or buggy about the column settings here with the new and old Speed Dial (“Start Page”). ahoj1234 tells me the Konami code is no longer needed (and I can see that). One other thing to note is that I installed this beta over the last Next.

    – Unlike others here, I can’t get the new SD to show anything but 5 columns – not more or less

    – Changing the number of columns in settings doesn’t always take effect the old SD, whether immediately or after close/reopen. I’ve had to do two or three close/reopen to get it recognized. In fact, sometimes, for example, after I’ve set it at 9 columns and then switched to 6, on next reopening 9 columns will still show, even though Settings itsef shows 6.

    – To get, for example, 10 or 11 columns, the user has to work their way up, maybe by choosing 9 first, closing/reopening and then a greater number will show in the columns setting box.

    • L33t4opera

      I can’t get the new SD to show anything but 5 columns

      Hi, you can adjust some values of the experimental parameters for the new start page, in the way I mentioned it here.

      • sgrandin

        Doing that wiped out all my Opera preferences and extensions. Doing a system restore.

        • L33t4opera

          This can happen, if you do a mistake somewhere in the code (e.g. when you forget to add required parenthesis, or a comma, and so on). I should warn you, that it’s good to first make a copy of the file, and then edit it, and in case of any mistake, you can overwrite the original file with a copy.

          • sgrandin

            I just copied in the text from that page.

  • ayespy

    OK – so it just happened to me. I’m in the SW US and was just redirected to the Russian blog when I clicked on the bookmark that is supposed to take me here.

    C’mon. FIX that!

    • SQL

      I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed soon (They don’t have employees working during night i guess) Maybe tomorrow so within 16 hours?

      • ayespy

        Hey – It’s been over a week, and the impression gained is that they are somehow unaware that it’s happening. Thorben even asked a user if they were in Russia. So my way of expressing this is not to be taken as that they should jump immediately to satisfy my particular desire, but rather that after this long and this many complaints they should at least say “Yeah – we know it’s a problem and we’re working on it.” This would be preferable to (….crickets…)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Maybe they couldn’t reproduce the problem? Here i don’t have this redirection problem that some people are talking about.

          It may be interesting if the ones facing the issue could find out any similarities to try to find out what may be causing it.

          • al_ghul

            but You have to admit, that silence in that matter is little strange;), or I had to miss it somehow…

          • ayespy

            I never had it either, until just now. Like most others (I assume) I was just reading comments about it, thinking “That’s weird.” Then I clicked on the link, and was staring at a page in Cyrillic. I clicked on it again, and here I was. There is, a guarantee you, NOTHING about my particular setup which would make me more likely to be directed to a Russian site than, say, a Polish or Norwegian or Irish or Australian user. There pretty much has to be some weird glitch on the server side.

    • Vux777


  • ammodytes

    Ok I installed this new beta, but there is a still problem with DPI settings. Again everything is a big like in 24 beta. Any update on this and when it will be fixed?

  • Ra-Mon don’t work (“Finding your location: failed”). Ok with Opera Desktop and Firefox and Chromium on the same Win7 PC. Someone confirm ?

    • Carson Coyote

      Confirmed here. Windows 7 SP1 x64

  • Does the Linux version absolutely need to depend on gconf? Gconf is only needed on gnome2 and KDE users don’t need to install it.

  • Igor Tarasov

    > This feature has higher system requirements than the rest of Opera: Windows Vista or newer, OS X 10.9 or newer, and on Linux you need ffmpeg version 3.2 or newer.

    Could you be more specific and add dependency packages for it as recommended dependencies in opera package? Also, Ubuntu ships ffmpeg fork named libav, and all the software uses it. Could Opera also use it instead of requiring ffmpeg that is not available in the official Ubuntu repositories?

  • Łukasz Jurczak

    “Why when Opera starts I have for ~10 s. loading icon on my windows cursor?” Please fix this…

  • Kotvor

    Now we’re getting somewhere, but:

    – Can’t change the title of the bookmark upon creation.
    – Can’t sort bookmarks by name, date, url like you can in old Opera.
    – Can’t assign a nickname to bookmarks for easy access.
    – Can’t right-click on a link in a page to add it to bookmarks
    – Default folder for saving should be the last selected folder, like it was in old Opera.

    Next most important thing after bookmarks is the ability to customize mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Old Opera is a great example of how that should be implemented.

  • taneli

    This blog page keeps crashing completely with the Disqus thing, no crashes anywhere else.
    On top of this being a really shitty platform.
    1) It doesn’t work with Opera (the notifications are fucked up, you can’t find new messages)
    2) It crashes the whole page.
    So why on earth is Opera using this thing, that doesn’t work on Opera and is stupid as hell to use.

    • taneli

      Aaaand yeah, it atleast tells you that there are new messages… sometimes… (not always), but then you need to scroll down every comment to see where the new one is.
      Not fun.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Or you can just click on the notification.

        • taneli

          Which takes me to the top of the page, not to the comment, which doesn’t help much…

          • al_ghul

            scroll a little down, it works here like that in every browser I use – you have to scroll a little to make browser move to your post/answer – it has to – address bar has distinct url with comment number, or reload all and then scroll a little

          • taneli

            Scrolling down doesn’t help, it still just shows “one new above”, just need to go find the little blue dot myself every time. Also reloading the page makes all the new pos markers disappear, not really a good way to go.

          • al_ghul

            I meant that case, when you open bubble with new replies/votes-up on top of the comments sections, and then click in ‘view comment’ button on the list of last replied/voted-up comments.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, it works fine here.

      • al_ghul

        yes, sometimes it’s doing this…sometimes new posts are hidden under small blue dot-like link. but it seems a disqus feature, however some things in disqus can be changed and customized by moderators in css code.

    • al_ghul

      well I generally like very much an idea of universal tool for commenting posts, but, yes, disqus often doesn’t shows right all threads and sometimes even doesn’t show owner comment when redirecting from baloon menu. maybe there is something better than this? but from the other side – it’s very popular so it seams as unresolved question:/

  • ammodytes

    and seems Opera have new font for displaying pages, or i am wrong? its not the same.

    • ayespy

      I’ve seen some comments to that effect, but I can’t see it here on Win8.1 with my display set to 100%.

      It would seem Opera is somehow reacting differently to different setups.

    • Sergey Danchenko

      Same here. Cyrillic fonts in this build look different for me. Win8 x64.

  • Wraith

    Ok bookmarks, but how do you import bookmarks from another browser, this is a fresh install of Opera beta 25 in a machine with no trace of previously Opera so I need to import bookmarks from firefox, how can I do it ?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you would like, you can try one of two workarounds (point 3) to import the bookmarks from Firefox – please have a look here.

      • Wraith

        Oh I see, thanks, The only downside is I need to install chrome to make it work 🙁

        • L33t4opera

          Not necessary, as I have wrote above, you can try the second solution (if you are on Windows): download “Transmute” portable (free version), unpack it, and launch it, then select “Firefox 3+” as the source, and select the path to the “places.sqlite” file, then select “Chromium” (or Chrome) as the target, and select the path to your Opera’s “Bookmarks” file, then click “Start” button, and click “OK” (a window will appear with a warning, that all previous bookmarks will be overwritten, but if the checkbox on the left of the “Backup collection” is ticked, as is default, then it makes a copy in the file, that contains the “Backup” word in its name, in the same folder), press “OK”.

          After that, launch the Opera, the bookmarks from the “Bookmarks Toolbar”, should be visible on the Bookmarks Bar (and in the BB folder on the BM page), and bookmarks from the “Bookmarks Menu”, and the “Unsorted Bookmarks” folder, should appear in “Imported Bookmarks” folder on the BM page 😉

          • Wraith

            Oh Wow thanks for that! I will try it….

  • NiceSuperName

    Can’t clean history

  • Lacedaemon

    Please make this work

    You did an excellent job with Keep this up.

    Also, RSS is not working in general in the blog again.

  • rabe85

    Its a good start with bookmarks, but also much to do.

    – What does “select” mean? Ok, i can select some bookmarks. Is that all? I can’t move it together into a folder (it only moves one) or do any other things with them.
    – Why can i create new folders and move them into others, but not create subfolders directly?
    – How can i change the image of the bookmark?
    – Is it possible to save a bookmark directly into a subfolder?
    – It could be easier to go back from the bookmarks to the speed dial or discover page.
    – If i use the menu, i can sort my bookmarks (folder: “imported bookmarks”) alphabetically. How can i do it in the bookmarks manager? There is no right click option :/ And why doesn’t work the sorting for the bookmarks in the folder “bookmarks bar”?
    – Can i rename “unsorted bookmarks” and “my folders” somewhere?
    – Why can’t i save bookmarks directly into the “my folders” folder?
    – If i save a bookmark which is already in the speed dial, the button and right click menu should show “remove from speed dial” instead of “add to speed dial”. The function works, but the text is wrong.
    – Is it possible to show the bookmarks (by default) in the order “old -> new”, to get the order like i have bookmarked them instead the actual solution (newest = first).
    – I can’t remove the bookmark with the heart icon.
    – I can’t change the bookmarks title while adding with the heart menu.
    – I can’t open all bookmarks of one folder at the same time (with one click). Not with all subfolders and not without them (which i would prefer).
    – I can’t add a bookmark manually, if i know the url.

    Some other things:
    – Opera doesn’t load local pages if i want to open them with an ip address. My router support page loads if i type “” into the address bar, but not if i type “” into it.
    – FTP pages are ugly 😛
    – I could agree with the new speed dial, if you add the option to have only xx columns, the icons where bigger with less columns and have an option to choose between favicons, text and page screenshots.
    – An address bar dropdown button would be nice. There is actually no way to see the last typed urls.

    • al_ghul

      try popular windows’ shortcuts to moving/copying/removing [multiple]items in bkm manager. check for that in previous post’s comments.

      • rabe85

        Thx, it works 🙂

  • JZA

    So where is this beta channel?

    • al_ghul

      at links at the end of the above post;), or, as I think, by auto-update in opera next. opera beta is a newer name for a previous opera next, and NOT for Opera developer.

  • sgrandin

    Changing text size has no effect here. Medium, small and very small are all the same.

  • AlexBrtn

    This best up-dating during all the time. Thanks!

  • Raylan Givens

    Guys, did the name “Opera Next” has been changed to “Opera Beta”?

    Also, why on Intel HD4000 ( got HD4400 ) Dirext3D 11 is not supported? On Firefox beta 33 is being supported normally. Also, on Direct3D9 I see black spots when you fast minimising/maximising the browser. This is an old bug that all other browser have managed to fix it.

    Needless to say I love the new icons on Speed Dial when you set internal pages on; like settings,flags, gpu etc. I guess Opera 26 stable is finally gonna become my main browser. Well done, team!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Guys, did the name “Opera Next” has been changed to “Opera Beta”?

      Yep, as said on the post.

      Also, why on Intel HD4000 ( got HD4400 ) Dirext3D 11 is not supported?

      According to opera:gpu:

      Using D3D11 causes browser crashes on certain Intel GPUs: 310808
      Applied Workarounds: disable_d3d11

  • Darklycan51

    I’ve been spreading the word to my friends about Opera, i just hope that you guys enable themes like old opera used to have someday (not just some background for start page)… that’s the feature i miss most.

    I already got some long time chrome users to switch.

    • Thanks for your effort 🙂

      I can tell you though that themes for the whole browser are not on our list. IMHO full app theming seems to be something of the past. I can’t think of any Application that is doing it anymore.

      • Gloriam

        Then could you at least provide us with more colors other than ‘grey’?
        Not asking for full on Opera 12 styled theme’s, but some color options would be nice.

        • I don’t see that happening.
          1. IMHO it’s good be as native as possible on every platform, this would potentially break it.
          2. I can’t imagine this request being very popular, most people wouldn’t even be able to figure out that they can change the color

  • TheXerox

    A step in the right direction, but still inherently flawed.The bookmark list shouldn’t take up a sizeable chunk of the screen, the old drop down bookmark list (you know the one with just text and folders) worked fine for myself and a lot of other people. I’m sure these graphical bookmarks work well for the ADHD crowd, but many of us prefer simple text and folders – can you at least give that to us as an *option*?

    Also, I *REALLY* do not like searching from the address bar, the omnibox concept is one which Google uses to track our searches for their monetary gain and nothing more. Please give us the option to turn it off as well as a convenient and easy to use dropdown history option which has been in browsers since Mosaic and Netscape.

    Finally, a way to turn off tabbed browsing, speed dial, and enable a basic “File, Edit, View, etc” menu.. I really don’t get why you must copy Chrome in this regard and dumb our browsing experience down to where the user has little to no control over how *their* browsing experience looks. You guys used to be the innovators in this regard, YOU set the trends that the other guys would only start to follow years later, what happened?

    • I basically stopped reading after you said “ADHD crowd”. Please refrain from talking negatively about other users.

      • TheXerox

        Two things:

        1. I am a parent of a child with ADHD, it isn’t meant negatively, but when you have to deal with it as often as I do then it does work its way into your vernacular. Apologies for any offense.

        2. Your comment of “I stopped reading after…” is a sign of the problem with nuOpera – you are simply not listening to your base of longtime users who have some very legitimate issues with the overall look and feel of Opera. When you do choose to listen you then tune in long enough to find some petty reason to justify not listening to us. Please go back and read my comments again. These are featured which were central to the Opera experience and you have now abandoned them in lieu of going along with everybody else. I remember when Opera called itself “The Renegade Browser”, where did that spirit go?

        • 1. Okay then.

          2. That is a bit unfair to say, I told you exactly why I didn’t read your comment. I am a “normal developer”, I don’t get paid extra or are required to read and answer to comments. I only choose so because I am working on bookmarks. I encourage you to read through the comments. Most people are simply not polite and rather unnice towards developers. It’s a lot to ask of us to go through comments that seem to start with prejudices and then even develop features based on that.

          Opera is free to download and use, I would say it’s rather unusual that we provide such a blog and actually answer a significant part of the questions. It wouldn’t hurt to be nice when you ask us to develop a feature you want.

          • al_ghul

            unusual blog – well, personally I am really happy and appreciate that You do this:). IMHO that’s exactly the way it should be – following users are often the software force:). of course, there’ll always be some nasty users, but I think it can be also resolved somehow…I wish You won’t do that developers (abandon) 🙂

          • SuuperTommy

            Ignore those, thorbenb, and answer those who appreciate your work. It’s a lot of people here who are constructive and giving valuable feedback, and those who are rude should just get their posts removed.

          • plague

            I think whats frustrating alot of people is the silence towards questions related to if feature X from Opera 12 will return in some form, and the uncertainty of the future direction of the Opera browser.

            I can only speak for myself though, so here goes:

            I know that you listen and I _absolutely_ appreciate the hard work put into the browser. I’m a developer myself and I know how hard it can be. I also understand that there are NDAs (or similar) and that alot of info simply cannot be given until a certain point in time.

            However, a few questions remain, that should be answered in my opinion (any way allowed/possible and if for no other reason than for your own sanity and to shut people up 😉 ).

            When the move from Presto to WebKit/Blink/Chromium was announced, it was said that it was mostly an under the hood kind of thing and that most people probably wouldn’t even notice the change.

            That’s obviously very far from what actually happened, as Opera 15+ is absolutely nothing like Opera 12 or below.

            It looks way different, and I’d argue it looks far better for what it’s worth. 🙂

            But it lacks almost everything that separated Opera 12 from all other browsers (customizability, lots of integrated functionality like DragonFly, M2, RSS reader, an IRC client, BitTorrent client, etc, into a footprint that was still smaller and a browser that was still quicker than any other desktop browser).

            Some features have begun to trickle back, in one form or another, into new Opera, and it was said early on that most functionality of Opera 12 would find it’s way back eventually.

            However, lately (the last 6-8 months or so) that has been put into question as there are now mixed messages on whether that functionality actually will be reimplemented or not. When users try to get an answer to that question, they are met with silence.

            It was also said the change away from Presto was to be able to focus on innovation instead of patching Presto rendering. However, Opera Presto was constantly leading the pack when it came to innovation, so that’s some big shoes to fill and so far, Opera Blink doesn’t provide any new features that can’t be found in other browsers, or through extensions, except for some cosmetic features. This ofcourse worries people, since they don’t have any info on future features.

            When you mention that you want to be careful to put too much options into the browser, for fear of bloating it, that scares the living crap out of some Opera Presto users, as options was what Opera Presto was all about, yet Opera Presto never felt bloated. It had everything and the kitchen sink and _still_ felt smaller, nimbler and faster than any other desktop browser.

            You absolutely _don’t_ owe the users _anything_, but it’s understandable that some users feel left out and ignored when they are only met with silence after they give feedback or when they try to find some answers to calm them.

            I personally want new Opera to be the most innovative browser on the planet. It should be leading the pack on all fronts, like it always did, not follow closely behind Chrome.

            Opera invented most of what we take for granted in a browser today, and alot of what we take for granted on the internet for that matter.

            It introduced MDI/tabbed browsing and for a long time was the only browser with proper tabbed browsing.

            It introduced speed dial.

            It was pretty much the only browser with complete ui customizability.

            It was the first browser to completely focus on W3C standards compatibility.

            Håkon of Opera was one of the inventors of CSS.

            Opera was first to support some form of SVG.

            Opera invented and proposed the html element in february of 2007 (waaay before anyone else thought about video on the web without nasty plugins like flash).

            etc, etc.

            This level of innovation is what alot of people expect from Opera and I sincerely hope we’re still just going through the foundation steps of new Opera and that the glory will follow soon ™. 🙂

            Anyways, thanks for all the hard work and for taking time to read through this wall of text.

            I really do appreciate it, and I’m quite jealous as working on Opera would be one of my dreamjobs. 😉

          • AshenTech

            or, you know, you could consider peoples opinions and respond to the most common complaints/requests/suggestions, and no, its really not that uncommon for devs of free or even paid software to read or interact with their users via a blog or forums, some use their own software, many team up with an established forums/site like techpowerup, guru3d, neonet, ect.

            im not attacking or insulting you or any of operas dev team, but, I do think whoever is making the decisions as to whats important/matters to opera users, such as bookmarks and a way to easily import/export them.

            the ability to custimize the UI as with old Opera was something important to many of us, most of my friends had started copying my layout with the addy bar/nav bar on the bottom and shortcut bar at top, with the side bar hidden mot of the time.

            I get that it can take time to implement things but, Opera has had quite a bit of time to get on this, and to many of us long time users and fans, it feels like, opera is more concerned with blink then with their own users user experience.

            I think many of us are just upset that it seems like our feedback(That opera claims to want) dosnt seem to matter much/at all.

            if you wish to abandon the community and feedback to avoid reading people pointing out problems/flaws of your product, feel free, but keep in mind, the moment you do that, you will loose alot of users who will just do what a number of my friends have done, and move to chrome beta builds that offered things like bookmarks/favorites, as well as easy ways to backup and sync sessions and such.

            hell, that would drive even myself, an opera user since the windows 95 days to dump opera and move to chromium/chrome beta channel, since it would just be confirming what quite a few now former opera users have voiced across the tech related forums I frequent, that opera nolonger really cares about their users opinions.

            meh, anyway, im add/adhd, and i dont find @disqus_l1oEsYMS41:disqus comments to be offensive in the least, his description of society today is spot on, I suggest you watch some old tv shows from when you where a kid, then watch some from today, people talk faster, and they try and always have somethign going on, this is for 2 reasons, they can have longer commercial beaks-up to 5 min per 30min show more commercials then when i was a kid.

            we appreciate that its hard, and opera fired a large part of their dev team when they moved to blink….that dosnt mean somebody from opera couldnt take the time say once a month to sit down, read comments, compile some of the most common complaints/questions/requests, and bring them to the team, get answers, and present them to us.

            infact, one developer im beta testing a game for(sorry NDA cant say what game/dev) actually does this weekly (they have 3 people whos only job is to brows the forums/blog posts/ect and compile this info and provide community feedback and interaction with the dev’s without having to take time out of the devs busy days reading forums/blog posts/ect.

            it works out well, infact, they have totaly replaced the UI 3 times and are now doing minor tweaks to it to make it look and feel rite, so far this beta has been one of the best i have been in for being able to tell the devs what i like, dont like, and think needs tweaking, hell its gone so far, one of the dev’s in his own time is working on an external tool so users can create/mod the UI using addons(they only added addons because the community asked for them)

            again not attacking or belittling anybody, i just think it would help alot if we could get some more detailed feedback to users concerns AND possibly a timeline for features that are being worked on/considered/implemented/ect.

    • al_ghul

      well I think the simpler the better – as in chrome, maxthon – bkm list first should be readable – bold fonts+ vertical lines+broad top bar make it opposite. IMO chrome and maxthon do it much better…

      • TheXerox

        If that is what works for you the great. My problem here is that we aren’t being given a choice at all and are being forced to go with the Chrome look and feel whether we want it or not. Comodo ses to do a good job of putting out two broswers – one like Chrome and the other like Firefox, all while keeping them up to date. It can be done, why can’t Opera not do the same?

        • al_ghul

          I just didn’t want to write again and again that I agree with most of Your quiestions, bro:) simple I understand ‘simple’ as ‘simple as possible’ with options which are necessary. I’m rather on Your side:) I also want a choice, especially to those JS(?) IMO really overbloated special effects which make my mobile 4-years old laptop work slower and slower from every update. that’s why it made me recently to seek for another alternative, still checking new opera development versions.

          well, IMO opera has to small crew to do that fast development (that’s why already built engine), but IMO they’re sometimes focusing too much in some new ‘wow’ trends and effects rather than in some standard funcionality, like if they’re thinking whatever they procejct, it’ll be always innovative, cuase it’s called opera;) and trying to be always different from chromium…

          and chromium? well, today a was amazed by their bkm manager which is really great with that tree-like structure. SRWare Iron has also similar one. simple, functional…well, there’s enough wailing and complaining…end of that!

          • AshenTech

            the worst part is, when all this came out, they made it sound like they where just gonna swap the rendering engine and such but keep the UI and features the same…..and now, after how long? they still look like a skinned chrome……i mean they added bookmarks so feature wise its closer to chorme then it was……but still….if i really had wanted to use chrome skinned or not, i would have downloaded chrome….

            note: im still using operas latest builds, i just find the lack of some features to be depressing….specially when old opera had those features and more……

  • becool

    Спасибо разработчикам за то, что похоронили Оперу и за создание этого “хромого” инвалида/мутанта. Исключительно благодаря вам я благополучно перешел на Firefox (к сожалению…)!

  • klara

    I like the new start page very much, thanks! I had a lot of web pages in speeddial that didn’t show the preview very well (because of flash for example), or not at all, which didn’t look good. Now it is much nicer. It would be cool to be able to adjust the background colors of the tiles (e.g. the tile for has purple color on my start page, but it would be nice to have it blue instead, since the web has blue skin). I appreciate that the colors were rendered the same on both of my machines.

  • oic

    anyone getting youtube playlist shadows bleed into the video? This is an old bug that resurfaced again but was fixed in last dev version

  • – Replacing Stash with Bookmarks was smart. I found nothing about Stash that made it more useful or desirable over a basic bookmark management system.
    – They layout of the new start page is fine, but I do not like being locked in to using the favicon images for the speed dial images. If the new speed dial could allow you to choose the image in the same way that hitting the heart to create a bookmark will allow you to choose alternate images, then that would be a great improvement.
    – The bookmark manager is nice looking and a step in the right direction, but lacking in a lot of functionality. Navigating is clumsy and requires you to “click around” the side panel area to figure out where you’re at if you have nested folders. I would hope a tree view in the side panel is in the works, but at the very least a navigation bar showing a list of folders you can use to click back up through the folder hierarchy would make navigating much easier.
    – It would be nice to be able to change the bookmark images while in the manager, rather than just when the bookmark is created. It would also be nice to have the opportunity to edit the title of a bookmark during creation.
    – The manager doesn’t integrate with the start page like the Speed Dial/Stash/Discover page do. I’m assuming that will be coming in the future based on the look of the new start page and the look of the manager, but having to hit the Back button to return to the start page is noticeably annoying.
    – I’m not sure what the point of having a built-in native PDF viewer is in Opera when the Adobe plug-in seems to work just fine. It’s fine to do, but it’s not a feature I’d give much priority, unless there’s something harmful about Adobe’s plug-in that I’m not aware of.
    – I’m extremely happy to see Opera becoming available for Linux users again. I don’t use Linux very much anymore, but it says a lot about a company when it’s willing to provide it’s product on that platform, in positive ways.
    – I’d really like to be able to turn off Discover entirely.

    • “a navigation bar showing a list of folders you can use to click back up through the folder hierarchy would make navigating much easier.”
      There should be a breadcrumb navigation above the title of the current folder

      • Breadcrumb navigation, that’s the term I wanted, thank you.

        When you start in “My Folders”, there’s a full trail. When you start in “Imported Bookmarks”, the breadcrumb trail doesn’t start until two or three levels into the folders. I didn’t notice there was different behavior because “Imported Bookmarks” was where all my relevant bookmarks were at, so I didn’t look hard at the folders under “My Folders”.

    • Ra-Mon

      >”I found nothing about Stash that made it more useful or desirable over a basic bookmark management system.”
      Stash store url, title, visual snapshot AND A BIG PART OF TEXT CONTENT of the bookmarked page !
      Opera bookmarks store only url, title and a little image…

      • That’s true, but that didn’t make it more useful than a solid bookmark management system.

        Had Stash saved the actual -state- of the page in real time, then I could see the argument in support of it. But it didn’t. Even if you removed and re-added a page into Stash, it would simply save the original page state again without regard to where you were at on the page or the state of the page at that moment.

        Given that, the Stash ended up being merely an alternative bookmark method that had no capability to sort and manage what was placed there. Having the text content might have made searching the Stash for your desired page more effective (I don’t know because I never had enough things in Stash to warrant searching, so I never tried), but that’s not enough to consider it a viable replacement for bookmarks, in my opinion.

        • Ra-Mon

          I agree Stash wasn’t more useful than a solid bookmark management system 🙂 But it was sometime more useful that the very basic “things manager” offered by Opera 25

    • I followed up to a comment this morning about the Bookmark Manager navigation issues, but those comments seem to have disappeared. So just to clarify:

      When you click on “My Folders” on the side panel and navigate those folders in the main window, the bread crumb trail at the top behaves as you would expect it to, with “My Folders” as the parent folder at the top of the trail.

      The “clumsiness” and the seeming lack of a “bread crumb trail” I encountered is restricted to just the “Imported Bookmarks” section. When you click on “Imported Bookmarks”, then click on a folder in the main window area, the “Imported Bookmarks” folder is not part of that bread crumb trail. If you click on a folder in the main window, it makes -that- folder the parent folder at the top of the trail, not the “Imported Bookmarks” folder. The only way to get back to the top is to click on “Imported Bookmarks” on the side panel again, which is confusing and not how you would expect it to work.

      The Manger should act the same way as it does with the “My Folders” section, and make the “Imported Bookmarks” folder the top level of the bread crumb trail when navigating that section of the bookmarks. This is especially important for new users whose bookmarks will all be in that folder when they start up a fresh Opera install. Navigating that folder will be one of the first things they do and first impressions they have of Opera, and having it behave as expected should be considered important.

  • w0ndr

    Do you plan to keep the current speed dial style together with the new one in the future? Would be great for me 😉

  • Ste Was fine on Opera 24, now i Cant navigate by mouse on 25 beta ;/

  • New speed dial looks good, but lacks export/import (for backup!) and CUSTOM PICTURES!
    It is very annoying when too many bookmarks are the same color!

  • Janghou

    First install of Opera Beta on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) through Synaptic, two issues.
    1. Opera asks for adding a (second IMHO unnecessary) repository for automatic updating. But Opera-Beta is already available in a repository, when Opera Presto/Developer is installed.
    2. First start of Opera-beta was not starting/hanging on high CPU for Gnome Keyring, Had to kill Opera-beta. Did start second time.

  • Pim

    I bet it’s already on your to do list, but ‘add extension’ should be removed from the speed dial context menu.

  • Janghou

    How do I get old PDF behaviour? Prefer to use Mupdf -> better navigating.

    BTW not all PDF’s open in Opera.
    Try this page:
    You can’t even open them directly, only download is possible. ;(
    That is a regression IMHO

    • opera://plugins → PDF Viewer → Disable

      • Janghou

        Thx, but now all PDF’s are downloaded, never directly opened.

        I prefer the old behaviour, a dialog to choose between `save` or `open with` option and a checkmark to remember.

        Now we can choose between:
        1. opening some pdf’s in Opera and download others
        2. download all pdf’s to download folder

        And I miss a `open with` dialog in the Download panel.

        Is there an equivalent for the old `preferences -> advanced -> downloads` settings in the new Opera or is that another sacrifice made?

        An `open with dialog` next to the `show in folder` option would be helpful in the download panel BTW

  • nathanh752

    * when the current site is already in my bookmarks, clicking the heart icon should have the option to remove the site from my bookmarks.
    * When viewing all ‘bookmarks’ ( on opera://bookmarks/ ), I can’t seem to create subfolder directly in that screen.

    * If I click on ‘list view’ and then click on a folder, it switches back to the ‘thumbnail view’
    * When I haver over the button(s) to switch between list view and thumbnail view it says ‘toogle list view’

  • Grzesiek

    Linux and bookmarks… Opera, I’m back!

  • Fritzt79

    Is it a known bug that when I tried the new speed dial view, some sites started loading their mobile version?

    • al_ghul

      not here, but it occurs on my old presto version;)

  • rufu2

    Ceterum censeo: Side panel, configurable default search engines, please!

    (Sorry @Aeyoun:disqus , but this is not so much a customization and support post for the forum, it’s more of a a polite reminder of a feature wish)

  • Philip

    please let me choose the image to use on the new speed dial just like I can choose the bookmark image. Otherwise, the new speed dial is really useless for some sites (for example, I have multiple sites on on my speed dial and they all look the same in the new speed dial).

  • al_ghul

    well, developers – I see most of posts are often multiplied by users which don’t know or didn’t read in comments on what you are currently work or not. IMO it would be better for reducing comment number, moaning, wailing etc. that you show somewhere in blog simple list what things are actually, or will be in future under development:). those thing IMO shouldn’t be write only in comments by mods, because lot of users couldn’t see this and start again begging for this and that;)

    • escruting

      Yes, and also maybe when Opera updates itself to a new version it should open a tab with the blog post explaining what happened, you know, because things happening without the user knowing anything are never good…

      • al_ghul

        I agree! – quite good solution:)

  • opera123

    How can I uninstall opera developer 25? Thanks!

  • I think that before going to stable you should warn the users of the missing Stash or provide a way to migrate the links in Stash to the new bookmark system.

    • rufu2

      Actually, the stashed items should show up in “unsorted bookmarks”. They did for me, IIRC. But someone else reported that it did not work. This needs to be sorted out before stable.

      • For me it didn’t happen: neither for Opera 25 developer nor for Opera 25 beta.

        • al_ghul

          here the same. unsorted bkms are empty.

        • That would be a bug. If you give us more details, we will try to fix it.

  • On my Windows 7 64 bit machine there is still a little bug in opera 25 beta:

    1. you open a speed dial page
    2. open another speed dial page
    3. go back to the first speed dial page

    the font changes from a sans-serif to times new roman.

    It happens for every new speed dial page you open.

  • Little bug here:
    When I open two Speed Dial tabs and go back to the first one the fonts changed on that page.

  • Alex Parker

    Also bring back Speed Dial icon next to heart, so we can add a site to Speed Dial with one click, WITHOUT having to add it to bookmarks.

  • gtgtyg

    Opera beta: The best browser to download Opera Stable.
    Opera Stable: The best browser to download Opera developer.
    Opera developer: The best browser to download Opera beta.

  • The Best Speed Dial si the one that has customization all over it :))))

    • There’s a big deal of customization in the current SD, not sure I even need more, but having options is never too much.

      • Yes for a start it will be good if we could have a option to show up the image of the sites in SD…

  • This is looking great! The new bookmark feature, however, would –needs– sync. How is that coming along?

    • We area actually very busy working on Sync. And a few other surprises 😉

      • SQL

        Hello, may i ask you one thing i’ve been wondering about for a while? 🙂 How much do you remove items from the changelogs? 🙂 Someone said that you aren’t showing us everything that was actually added (fixing build issues etc) but could you expand on what else gets filtered away? You’ve said many times that sync is being worked on (and i surely do believe that) but we nearly never see sync specific changelog items.

        So are you either adding sync things together with other commits (a bookmark commit includes sync changes in itself?) or are they filtered out of the public changelogs (like you did with Linux before it was released) or are you not integrating your sync patches with public versions until it’s in a stable and working condition?

        I’m just theorycrafting here, i don’t even know if you know how this system of yours works or if you can tell but i’ve been wondering about it for some time now.

        • As far as I know there is nothing filtered out in the changelogs. You have to keep in mind though that Sync is very Server heavy and doesn’t require so much client side code.

          • SQL

            Oh, thanks for clarification! 🙂 Just found the comment i was referring to:

            “The changelog is already not showing every single thing that happened internally.”

            I’ve thought that sentence means you fix a build failure internally (commit a separate fix for that) and then just filter it out of the public logs. 🙂 Maybe i was wrong after all, but thanks for your answer! 🙂

          • The changelog only shows work packages that actually made it into the final product. For the Linux version that also meant you didn’t see any work packages until there was a final product 😉

      • The suspense!

      • Herr Pietrus

        A few other surprises?!
        Gosh, I’m getting scared…

  • JensE


    As nice as it looks, it’s a pain in the ass for me, because I need a treeview with collapsing subfolder/entries usable via keyboard.

    It’s everything about keyboard usage in my opinion. Mouse usage should be possible but not needed so much!

    Additionally I’m not able to switch positions of folders and/or entries via mouse.


    I should be want to be allowed possible to disable the discover page.


    How I can see how much of the web-site is loaded and how fast?!

    Tab options:

    Where I can change the behavior of tab creation (least important thing)


    Where I can filter all links of an page.

  • escruting

    Bookmarks manager bug, steps to reproduce:
    1. Go to bookmarks manager and go to a folder where you have enough bookmarks to scroll down.
    2. Go inside another folder inside that folder where you also have enough bookmarks that you can scroll down.
    3. Scroll down two or three times with the wheel or keyboard/mouse
    4. Go to the parent folder
    5. Now you are in the parent folder and the page is scrolled down the same height as you scrolled down in the subfolder you entered before.

    This should not happen, the view should be at the top and not remember the scrolling inside another folder.

    I hope the instructions are clear enough, a bit of an Inception deja-vu…

  • BS-Harou

    Wish: Could you make it so that when I drag a bookmark folder from sidebar far enough to the right it would get deleted?

  • Yowan

    Any ETA for the win64 builds?

  • pidgin

    Super embarrasing to read all the whining comments here

  • franmart27

    An import and export bookmarks html function would be welcome.

  • Dark Magician

    Features missing
    -Tab stacking
    -Per tab private browsing
    -Dialog for download files Open/Save

    YT window in HD mode is not 720p anylonger, but is on FF and IE. I don’t know what did you change, but since two updates ago it is smaller.

    All of the above is something I need everyday.

  • Eric

    What will happen to all of the trolls after Opera gives them all the features they want? Only time will tell!

    Or they might just keep complaining about things that don’t matter.

    Great Beta, I can’t wait to have it go live.

    • al_ghul

      trolls? so their wailing for features were meaningless, right? so why this ‘no matter’ bkm manager and many others are present today? certainly they were ‘not matter’?

      GOOD beta:)

      and You resemble me an another different side troll;P

      good product always is developing, other side – it’ll be dead soon. we’re wailing on bkm manager, then wailing on other ‘not matter’ things to make opera better and more comfortable to GREATER and gerater amount of user, which are still using opera.

      • Eric

        Actually, I’m upset that they’ve spent their time on a bookmark manager. I don’t use bookmarks and haven’t for years. This is something they saw in user data. It’s trolls that have steered them back to committing precious developer time to it.

        • al_ghul

          You see…You don’t need this. this is also a NEED:) they, well I also, do. all of us can present our view in comments:)

        • Of course, the time that you personally spend using each feature determines exactly how important it must be for the devs to devote their precious time to it. If you don’t use it at all, working on it is obviously a waste of time.

        • cgebhard

          I think they didn’t just satisfy the request of a few trolls here. As I see it they created a solution that satisfies some users and creates opportunities for other users that might then consider using it:

          bookmarks + selectable pictures + sharing those collections = some kind of integrated “pinterest” (and there’s a lot of people using stuff like that)

          So basically they hit two birds with one stone and that’s not a waste time then.

          • escruting

            Yes, my vimeo videos archive looks better than ever. [pic below]

          • escruting


      • Just pointing this out: If you think about it very objectively, it’s probably not a good idea to take feedback from a certain group of users too much into account. You want to develop a product that will be used by as much people as possible. So you have to ask yourself if the group of people giving you feedback is representative to all potential users.

        Let me be clear: We take your feedback into account. But we don’t develop features solely based on the fact that 50 blog comments requested it.

        • al_ghul

          well, I answered the post in that manner because all users asking for some features was generalized and called ‘trolls’, which I cannot agree. there are certain users’ groups for sure:) my post was little nasty and humourus. so, I agree with You:).

          well, IMO 50 comments requesting some feature tells something in the matter, of course not solely, as You said:)

        • Onno Willems

          Sensible as that might seem, the people that *do* comment here are people that care about the Opera browser enough to come here time after time, check out a new release, read through all the comments and participate (whether nicely worded or not). These are/were your group of loyal customers that promoted Opera. If I were you I would take their opinions rather seriously, especially since relying on gathered statistics about usage does not have been very reliable for you so far.

          And I would also take into account that Opera is no Google or Microsoft. It does not have the marketing power and budget to promote its browser or make the kind of deals that installs it automatically so big market share gains can be achieved. You probable need a loyal “fan” base to spread the word and convince others to dump their Chrome for Opera.

          • I think you are making a lot of assumptions here to arrive at your conclusions. There is not enough public data to prove, but believe me: They are not correct.

            It’s true though that Opera gains a lot from “Fans” promoting the browser. IMHO we are also giving back: we are actively talking and discussing with people here. We treat comments here as one possible input on what to do next. We explain what we are doing. I am not sure many other browser companies do that.

          • Onno Willems

            Your efforts to communicate are of course appreciated and indeed, not many other browser companies do that. Except FireFox of course, that exists by grace of the community.

            I do wonder here why you start of stating I am making a lot of assumptions here. I have seen you replying that to others too, but what assumptions do you think I make in the above reply?

          • Onno Willems

            (I replied earlier but seems to be lost?)
            Of course your presence here is highly appreciated. And indeed, not many browser companies do that, except perhaps for FireFox, which lives by the grace of the community.

            You start with saying I make a lot of assumptions, and I have seen you using that statement in more replies. It makes me wonder: which assumptions do you feel I make in the post above and to what incorrect conclusions do you think they lead me?

          • I had a longer version of the post telling you something about each assumption. It didn’t feel right to do that, there is not enough public data to prove each point.

            I think the meta information is more important: You can come to any conclusions if you make the right assumptions. Be sure that you know what you know and what you assume. There is not much point in debating a conclusion if you don’t agree with the assumptions.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They will always find something to complain about. 🙂

  • Ra-Mon
  • cgebhard

    As a conclusion to the facts that you keep recommending the forum for certain topics and ask for specific feedback on certain features, I wonder if it would help to create a “feedback” section in the forums and within it a thread for each of those features?

    Users might take a while to run into an issue with a feature and if there were newer releases in the mean time, should they post it on the latest blog disqussion or on the one where the feature was introduced? A separate forum thread would be more “timeless” and disentangle comments on completely different topics.
    For opera staff that might be easier to keep feedback organized.
    And here in disqus there would remain issues relevant for the respective release.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For suggestions (wish lists) there is already a suggestion area.

      To discuss issues on Beta and developer builds, i think you can use the “Opera Beta and Developer ” area.

      Or you can use the area for a specific OS.

      • al_ghul

        suggestions case – I understand, well it’s somehow reasonable to post in forum…

        I understand also that on issues, bugs etc. in stable, beta or dev, we can also post here in comments? it will be resonable to do it, because all new version/build has its distinct post. or I am wrong?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t see any problems in posting about issues here. I was just pointing where it could be done on the forums.

          • cgebhard

            I don’t see any problem in posting issues here as well. And I’ve been around the forum and there are indeed plenty of posts about all kind of features, problems, wishes and what not – even problems about this build etc.
            So then what should be posted here and when should we use the forum?

      • Guest

        Of course, the time that you personally spend using each feature determines exactly how important it must be for the devs to devote their precious time to it. If you don’t use it at all, working on it is, obviously, a waste of time.

  • Mouse Gestures not present in Linux, in Windows at least I can open a new tab by right button + down. In Linux it ignores the drag and I get a context menu.

  • I am getting problems with Adobe Shockwave Player, for ex on this page: This started after the latest update. I am using Opera beta, win 7/64-bit. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • cgebhard

      Which problems exactly did you have?

      On my Win8.1 I can play the videos. The only thing I noticed is that tab peek is black, instead of showing a screenshot. (Maybe this is due to the full screen flash application?)

      • I disabled the Adobe Flash player *.159 (i am using the beta version of flashplayer) and just using the peppar flash *.158 (also beta). Then i go to that page and it starts by showing the loading symbol and counting up the %. At about 60% the page goes black and there is a sign that says Shockwave player stopped working. I could see the page in the new opera stable version but then i disabled the flash player and it also made the page stop working. I think i am going to write it in a forum to see if anyone else has the same problem or can replicate it.

  • Jademarisa

    Horizontal! You don’t listen do you?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You are talking about….?

      • al_ghul

        huehuee:D thx for a laugh:D

  • Leonid Sinev

    Wow! I like new design of Speed Dial. Where can i find free site design templates with design like it?

  • old_user

    Linux is not only .deb package. If you can’t prepare sutiable packages to main distributions, then share tar file so everybody could compile it by their own.

  • Tiago

    I started using Opera when I was about 10 years old, it’s been almost 15 years since the first time I used Opera and today I am being forced to use Chrome like it or not.
    To this day I still haven’t seen any browser with more features than the old Opera, I used to use IRC directly by the browser (okay, this is no longer necessary nowadays), read my emails (more than one, thing that many extensions can’t do), speed dial the way I wanted to, manage my passwords, a button to open closed pages, read the news on the perfect rss reader and a bookmark manager with shortcut button in the address bar.
    Now I can only do the following tasks using third-party extensions: read mails, customizable speed dial, manage passwords, button to open and view all pages already closed, rss reader and an bookmarks shortcut.

    It’s so hard to see that Opera used to make a difference among others and today are just one more?
    (I’m sorry for my broken English)

    • taneli

      Yes, Opera has moved to the “make a simple and minimalistic browser with little to no functions in it self”, and you are forced to use a s**tton of extensions to get any functionality back.
      Sadly, their API’s don’t offer enough to get some things working (like an Email extension that’d use POP3/IMAP, ’cause there is no socket support).
      And even the simplest extensions seem a bit bloated, easily eating hundreds of MB’s of memory while sitting idle.

      • Tiago

        Exaclty, the new Opera looks beautiful but WTF, i don’t care about visual style, back in the day firefox used to be much nicer visually than Opera and I didn’t give a sh** about this.

        • Herr Pietrus

          I don’t agree – FF was never nicer than Opera 😉

          • Tiago

            Well ok, but this is not really the point.

  • Vux777

    uhm about search engines and not being able to change default, because malware could took over…
    …well it does anyway
    Today I picked up ShopperPro (came with some freeware, I wasn’t watching carefully)
    It took over my Chrome Canary, Opera Beta (USB), IE11, and old Opera 11.64 (USB) start page. Couldn’t get rid of it with MW anti-malware or win defender (win 8.1). The only browser that was not infected was Chrome stable portable
    I ended up reinstalling whole win :/

  • Tanel

    Will the new square speed dials support extensions as well?
    Oh, and quite many of the new thumbs look crap on a Retina screen :/

  • Opera beta offline installer on OS X the background image for the disk images is missing one O color change (putting it in the applications)

  • Darklycan51

    Hey Opera developers, i’m in love with Opera i still miss the themes from older versions but anyways, this should be a top priority:

    1)I got an old friend of mine (old guy) to switch from Chrome to Opera, set it up with extensions and theme and all… however:

    This website has compatibility problems for some reason:

    When you do a transaction and finish it you can’t click the “print, close, etc buttons” here’s an image of those buttons:

    And two more, first can you guys re-enable a way to stop web page reloading? my friend likes to write long posts on facebook and facebook automatically reloads and fucks up all of his message… or you’re scrolling down and you suddently go all the way up.

    (This is an extra: you guys should ask mega to do an extension for Opera like chrome and firefox have).

  • Raylan Givens

    Still I don’t believe how nice Opera becomes. This version is the most impressive and please, keep the features/design as Windows native as possible. Opera 26 stable is gonna become my default; no doubt.


    P.S. Can’t wait for the 64bit variant.

    • Lacedaemon

      So that “bloated” Opera was really slow and unresponsive right? Right….

  • Biswarup Ray

    When I middle-click on the icons for speed dial, bookmarks or discover on the new start page, they are opening in the same tab not in a new tab which is expected behaviour for middle click.

  • Maniac

    Wow, the text is so blurry in Opera 25. I found the setting for DirectWrite and disabled it, now everything is back to being nice and clear. I don’t know why developers insist on turning on DirectWrite – it has the worst font rendering I’ve ever seen.

    • escruting

      Not happening here, DirectWrite enabled since it was introduced several months ago.

      • Guest

        Example attached.

      • Guest

        Example Attached.

      • Maniac
        • OperaFan

          I actually find that your blurry/not blurry labels are backwards. I find the top example much more readable

          • Maniac

            Did you click on the image to make it full size? The one embedded is scaled and yet, in the scaled version the top looks better, but that’s not how it displays in actuality.

  • afurman

    Something strange with fonts after this update. Look at snapshots
    First – Opera 24.0.1558.61
    Second – Opera 25.0.1614.11

    • afurman

      I found the solution – after disabling DirectWrite everything is OK again.

  • nicodsi78

    ENFIN !!!!! All my congratulations is beautiful ! But can we have the preview on speed dial ?

  • nicodsi78

    A quick review of opera beta :
    – The bookmarks are quite good for me ,just missing to go back to the start page on the bookmark manager
    – Opera Speed dial is nothing without the thumbnails ,please make them back again.

    But i love the design !

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can press Ctrl+Space (or Alt+Home) on Windows, or Command+Home on Mac.

  • Ra-Mon

    Wish: Could you, please, make the title zone, in the heart popup dialog, editable ?

  • Manish Bangera

    Liked this version, especially the Linux, as I use Linux Mint.
    Still the page sometimes takes time to load as compared to Google Chrome, which is faster.
    Please do the needful to load pages faster in Opera, also from behind proxy servers.

    I liked Opera very Much in its 12 version, would love to like it again.

    Good to see BookMarks are back.

    Manish B

  • Janghou

    One of the nice things now is that you can bookmark local PDF files in Opera.
    It would be really nice if you can bookmark specific pages in pdf files:


    so that it opens at the right page.

    And bookmark/link/start searches from the URL:

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Janghou, it seems that you are on Windows, in that case adjust the link as follows: file:///C:/path/books/book.pdf#page=15.

  • Łukasz Darzki

    Okay, a year have passed… when I will be able to set up my own search engine and set is as a default one? Are we still stopped by bad people that are trying to change it to drug search engine? Drugs are not so pricey as they were back in 2013, so maybe it is safe now? And why I can’t search through disqus comments…

  • Inquisitor

    In the bookmarks panel, in order to get some more useful screen real estate and less scrolling, I think it would be nice if the space between the different sections (indicated by the red markings) was made smaller and replaced by a divider line (like the one between ‘My folders’ and ‘New folder’). Please? Thank you. 🙂

    • Nekomajin43


  • Dark Magician

    HTML5 on YT started working for me with enabled YT (don’t know why).
    The dot that follows the video progress is choppy. It’s amazing how Google can’t make HTML5 video work as it should, including player, while Vimeo has long switched to HTML5 completely without problems, even works better on my SMART TV, than YT app, which goes down a lot.

  • Svetlin

    I am very happy with the new release. Bookmarks and notifications were long awaited features IMHO. The new start page looks very nice, although I’d like to customize it a bit by making the bookmarks’ titles always visible.

  • Dimitri Mouflard

    Opera Link and it’s okayy for me !!!!!!

  • Trevor Gough

    There’s no search capability in the new speed dial start page as there was in the old speed dial start page. That’s a regression.

    There’s no way to open up all bookmarks in a single folder. That’s not good. Even the start page can load all items in a single folder in one fell swoop. Bookmarks is inferior to the old start page right now in this way.

    Bookmarks page search is not as good in getting reliable results as is the old speed dial start page search results.

    Stash is missed. It served a good purpose. Why ditch it? I know you can save pages in the “reading list” folder of bookmarks, but it’s more of a convoluted process to do something as simple as a single mouse click to “stash” something away for later reading.

    The old speed dial startup page has better images than do all the options for the new bookmark image options on several of my pages, it seems. Speed Dial images just seemed to get it “right” without any fuss of having to scroll through several images that oftentimes seem to lack that “right”/intuitive image for a page.

    In conclusion, you had it near perfect in version 24 and now are mucking up speed dial and stash for an inadequate bookmarking system. Version 24 Speed Dial was a bookmarking system that is superior to your version 25 official bookmarking system.

    One more thing, the Coast tiles are terrible. Too many sites blend in with others. Too much reading is required. It’s not a good way to go at all.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    I’ve got questions regarding Stash search. As Stash is now replaced by bookmarks, bookmarks are stored in a json file, and only the most basic properties are kept there: name, url, image, and basically, that’s it. I don’t see any contents of meta tags there. Have you abandoned even the meta search feature? It would be sad if so.

    With Stash, my hope was that it would someday provide fast and lightweight search over the full contents of stashed pages. Do you plan to ever implement it?

  • Alex Parker

    I gotta say new Start Page is bad. Bad because in normal Speed Dial I can see the sites, I can see thumbnails. What is the point of pictures if all I can see is site’s logo? If I add 2 pages from the same site, I’ll never be able to tell the difference by looking at the picture!
    And please – don’t do thumbnails on mouse hover. I don’t want to have to hover through all the added sites to see their thumbnails.

    Just for user’s sake, leave the Speed Dial alone. Because new one is terrible.

    • oCircuit

      I love the new startpage. But the bookmarks needs polish…..

  • Raestloz

    Seriously, people? You guys have been whining for bookmarks forever, now that they have something in BETA, you whine EVEN LOUDER! For the love of all that is holy, please do stop and start asking for things nicely

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’d say the whining nowadays is quite nice compared to what’s been before. 😉

  • Alex Parker

    Since Opera Team asks what I think about new start page with tiles – I think it’s SHIT. My screen is big enough to fit good, easy to find screenshots. Keep crappy tiles where they belong – on phones. I want TO SEE what’s on the page I’m clicking.

    • oCircuit

      I think the logos are very cool and practical

    • One of the images that we present to you as a choice in the heart menu is a screenshot

  • OldHickory30

    Still crashing like crazy on OSX 10.9.5!!

    • Check the flags (experiments) I know Mojo is one of them that is not stable right now

      Also make sure your plug ins are updated

  • tehmul

    Linux users get only .deb? No rpm or tarball?

  • Yaroslav Agapov

    fu*k! I use the program where are set some hotkeys like f12, ctrl+f12, shift+f12, etc. Because of the opera update it constantly overrides this hotkeys by nothing. When I close opera the normal behavior is restored but then in a while it stops working again. Fix it and allow me to disable operas hotkeys and rearrange them! And after disabling I think opera has to stop watching for these hotkeyts. And also I REALLY WANT TO OPEN LINKS IN A NEW TAB ALWAYS, especially when I hit ctrl+shift+v. thanks. btw speed dial looks nice. oh and do something with opera link – i need to synchronize my speed dials and bookmarks. and return the recycle bin where closed pages are put.

    • afurman

      Confirm about hotkeys – I use Punto Switcher which constantly loses its hotkey settings while Opera build 25.0.1614.11 is running.

  • Tomáš Procházka

    I’m really sad with new bookmarks. I completely lost any hope that will exist some browser with the bookmarks like Opera 12 has 🙁 At least like optional plugin 🙁

  • Dark Magician

    YT wide player resolution 720p
    Opera displays 854×480 since couple of updates ago,
    IE and FF dispaly 1280×720 window.

  • John Rambo

    Does anyone know, if there will be bookmark folder’s tree? It’s good, that I can sort my bookmark by folders, but some folders can be related and searching one if you have thousands of them in one list can be a little complicated.

    • John Rambo

      ok, I’ve just noticed there is a tree but you can’t put one folder to another from the list, only from the main page and you can’t expand folders on the list, but you have to go to the folder to see, if there is another so you can lost easily. So, does anyone know, if they will upgrade it?

      • ayespy

        Several people have asked for a real tree view, better movability of bookmarks, etc. It’s a work in progress. They won’t tell us exactly how they intend to have it finalized.

  • Anonimo

    Not a sidebar? No html import? Do not want 🙁 This browser is rubbish…

  • stefan

    once it was my belowed browser, now its most hated, you ruined it, well done

  • rabe85

    It’s ok, if you don’t want to blow up Opera and scare people away with too much settings, but please add as much power user settings as possible to give the users the ability to customize the browser.

  • Sakari Rajamäki

    Great that we finally get something new on the bookmark functionality.

    Still missing old Opera’s (v12) bookmark side panel.
    Current Opera’s bookmarks do not allow the usage and administration
    of large bookmark collection.

    My bookamark collection lists 17,287 bookmarks.

    Until New Opera presents something similar to old Opera’s
    bookmark functionality I’m forced to stick it out with
    Opera v12.7.

    Any news or information of futher Bookmark development on
    new Opera?


    • NicolaMantovani

      17k bookmarks? did you bookmark the whole internet or what?

  • pidgin

    New start page is very very cool! I don’t even use the bokmarks toolbar now

  • NicolaMantovani

    Am I the only one with disabled hot corners on W8.1 when opera is the active window?

    • It’s a never-ending story. It’s also known as the “taskbar doesn’t show up anymore”-issue. It’s happening every now and then over here since version 15. It’s driving those experiencing it bonkers, but it’s not reproducible.
      It only happens when Opera is maximized, but that’s pretty much always the case here.

      • NicolaMantovani

        indeed, taskbar is fucked up also.

        one step forward, half a step behind I suppose…

  • zshello3

    After using the bookmarks for a while (starting with the developer channel), I found that the most pressing feature is to un-bookmark right on a page, just like what was previously possible with the stash — remove from stash right on the page. A menu item “Remove from Bookmarks” along with a keyboard shortcut would be great. Please consider this. Thank you.

  • Took a while to load (from Sometimes, what was loaded was a black window (had to refresh to get back to normal)
    Opera beta 25.0.1614.11
    OS X 10.9.5 64-bit

    The opera://about/ should not say Mac OS X for versions 10.8 and up (Mac was dropped from the naming)

    • FoolOfATook

      Does the naming thing really matter?

      • Yes, it looks bad (the change happened over a year ago)

        • FoolOfATook

          Thought it happened a lot longer ago actually. Whatever, I just don’t see it being a big deal, since I mean, how often are you going to be on the About page?

  • Ihab Abdel-Rahim

    Should be any available way to import/export bookmarks?

  • Marian Hornjak

    Sync not working for me “Connection to the synchronization server is temporarily unavailable.Will try soon.”

  • 7thGear

    Please, do Bookmarks with Tags.

    Please, please, please.

  • WL-`

    All Youtube embedded video on other websites are broken. It just shows a black box. It’s fine on other browser. Please fix it.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta: 25.0.1614.18, and the change log.

  • QQ

    I love the new bookmarks! It’s better than the old school bookmarks AND better than Stash! I find it more intuitive and easier to use than the old school bookmarks, and I especially like the visual indicator that a page has been bookmarked (red heart vs grey), it’s surprisingly useful given the way I use bookmarks (never was a big traditional bookmark user, much more of a ‘stash’ing user). I also find it a lot more usable and organized than Stash, since there are folders (I’m very big on folders, the Windows hierarchy approach has seeped deep into my brain).

    Thanks for continuing Opera’s long tradition of UI innovations that make the user experience great. Keep up the good work!

  • Zapruder

    and when you do a new loook to opera in windows 7 basic theme?

  • YourWorstNightmare

    I want the standard left panel which was in Opera 12.16 with Bookmarks, History, Notes and so on. At least it is an improvement with this panel. I might try to upgrade from 12.16 when v25 is released.

  • YourWorstNightmare

    Looks like Opera has jumped the shark with this upgrade.

  • YourWorstNightmare

    Please release something like the firefox plugin “Classic Theme Restorer”, but for Opera 25 so I can get the old meny system back.

  • AwesomeWave

    I like the speed of New Opera, I just can’t get over the loss of traditional bookmarks, it’s madness. I can’t use any of the options you are giving me at the moment.

  • We don’t need performance draining image based bookmarks, we need the old bookmark system back. Please make it so we don’t have to load images for each book mark. Please make it so we can have a text based menu folder like system from the old version.

    I will give an example

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can use the Menu, it doesn’t have any images other that the page’s favicons.
      Or, if you want to use the bookmarks manager, you can turn on list view on your folders.

  • FZ10000

    Can you make it like this?
    Not necessary by default, let it be optional.
    I am sure that this is the way how most of Opera 12 users see it.

    • Emanuele

      They don’t want (or seems they don’t want) panels… I don’t know why but that is

      And, IMHO, it’s even a bit stupid because panels could be used in their other products on mobile platforms… on the desktop we can open them as a simple sidepanel, on mobile as “full page” but with the same user-experience that let users feel always “at home” … imagine this with a full working version of Sync and you’ll get what I’m talking about… a single browser everywhere

      I know, they should make me CEO but who cares 😛

  • Alan

    How do I import bookmarks???

  • darthlenaplant

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE!
    At first I thought I accidentally clicked on the Opera 12 icon, because since the Update, Opera crashes for NO reason. (It even crashed 2 times while I was writing this)
    And it takes up too much RAM and forever to load anything, even with just 3 tabs open. (This is utterly ridiculous)
    It’s definietly NOT my internet connection, because that one I managed to get faster.
    Also, EVERYTHING that @escruting:disqus already said.

  • John Rambo

    “With Opera beta 25 we integrate a fast PDF Viewer directly into the browser so you can keep reading without changing applications.”

  • janus999

    Opera used to be my favorite browser for two reasons – it WAS the fastest and secondly -it had the BEST AND MOST USEFUL SIDEBAR OF ANY BROWSER EVER MADE!. It wasn’t just the Bookmarks – it was the LINKS. You could pull individual links off a page. You could find the REAL page link or item on a page. You also could get comprehensive information about a website, how it was coded, etc. – AND additional information as needed. It was a very deep tool that Opera snatched away from us, kiddy-fying the browser for the “middle market”. Now I only use Opera when my other browsers are acting up. It looks like the Opera team is completely oblivious to how much they hurt Opera making these changes so it can look “sleek” (read; like a mobile app on your laptop or PC…). It is just making people think they are trying to go for a Chrome imitation – which never works because guess what folks – Chrome is free…

    Please give us back the functionality we once had. ALL of it. It doesn’t have to be in a sidebar, but as long as we have it it gives Opera an edge… and no it isn’t the fastest browser in the world anymore, sadly….

  • keiferhelms

    Add these
    sorting choices, please.
    Date Added