It’s been a while since I posted here, heh?

Spring is coming at an impressive pace in Europe: last year we still had snow in April, but this year we probably would be able to start the swimming season in less than three weeks.

But enough of swimming plans. Here’s something more important we’re keeping pace with – our release cycle. Today we’re updating Opera Stable stream.

This updated version includes stability fixes and a Chromium update to 33.0.1750.149.
You can read more about the update on our Security blog

Happy surfing!

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  • Mister

    Please, make settings of gestures of a mouse, opportunity to create the custom buttons & to sort buttons on panels, and bookmarks like in the Opera 12. It everything that is necessary to return former experience with the Opera

    • Maselli Luca

      Vote before message for show it at everyone!

    • what would you put as a custom button there? What would it do?

      • Mister

        Lock page, Close all, Close all than the active one, History.

        • you can do it know from context menu or shortcuts, so it is even faster. No reason to make a christmas tree from your browser.

          • Mister

            no, the reason is. it gives comfort. for you the browser will externally remain the same.

  • Liviu Vasut

    opera for linux? You must have a general idea about when a release will be available. Weeks? Months?… never?!

    • They deliberately don’t specify a time scale to avoid accusations about failing to deliver on time. “When it’s ready” is the only meaningful answer to give.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        True. Of course, this being the software world, the only meaningful response to _that_ in turn is “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    • L33t4opera

      The third option, I mean “never”, this should never happen, please have a look here, if you would like to read more.

      • Liviu Vasut

        Thanks for the “never” link, it does please me. As for running opera under wine…. thanks, but no, thanks. Actually I’m not even sure I want this new opera, too many missing features… It’s just sad…

    • bruce lawson

      We can’t say, yet. Because we don’t know. But, as we’ve repeatedly said, we’re actively working on it. (I’d love to be able to say, “it’ll be ready at 7.39 a.m. on Wednesday 3rd September”, but software development rarely works that way, If ever. Plus, my boss would taser me. Again.) I promise, though, when it’s ready, we’ll let the community know.

      • Kurt Zon

        Hmm – 3rd September does indeed fall on a Wednesday this year – the next time is in 2025!!

        (Sorry I just couldn’t resist!!)

        • bruce lawson

          hah! Arbitrarily chosen example (wife’s birthday)

      • Piotr

        Your statement about 7:39 a.m. on 3rd of September reminded me my personal opinion about every software development process: there is no such deadline, which cannot be postponed. And yes, I am software engineer 🙂

  • Cryio

    I hope this update fixes all the crashes, hangs, poor loading of pages.

    I don’t think it’s an Opera’s issue, since Chrome and Maxthon are having issues too.

    Maybe this core update fixes the issues.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, and info Aleksei 😉

  • Creech

    So, here is the Adblock fix. Not important for me, but I would appreciate, if the complaining here in the comments will stop

    • Magnus

      What are you talking about? It was an extremely important fix, browsing without adblock and without having your browser set to click to play plugins is full retarded nowadays, enjoy being part of the botnet.

      • Creech

        That’s nonsense. The ads are this way, because of the adblockers. If a webpage wants to bomb me with flashing ads and pop-up, I’m not coming back. It’s as easy as it sounds. So the only point I’m seeing in your comment is the better protection from drive-by-downloads. My solutions are sandboxes and rights-management. That’s not perfect, but at least I’m not stealing from content creators by blocking their ads and ruining their businessmodell.

        • Nonsense is explain there are stupid pop-up and flashing ads because of ad blockers.

          I’ve been in the internet since IE started to kill Netscape and on that time there only exist those type of ads and I totally doubt there was any kind of ad blocker on that time. There had so many of those ads that AVs and other big corporations created their own “pop-up killer toolbars” to help the users. (Can it be called ad-blocker?)

          The numbers also show the same, ClarityRay (a tracking company) made a really nice and accurate study showing that barely 9% of all internet users use ad-blockers. Even if you add 10% it’s still a mediocre number to justify such ads exist.


          The real truth is that those ads exist because they want too much money, and that they are killing themselves. More and more people will start using ad-blockers because of intrusive ads. I maintain ExtendTube and I know of lot of people that don’t use ad-blockers, but that love the in-video ads killer. And you know why? Because it’s an intrusive ad. If the ad were in another area they would never hide it, but it’s exactly over the video, this makes people mad.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Thanks for the link, very interesting!

            I’ve been using ad-blocking software since dial-up times. I remember how mad I was after I had discovered that one local popular site (cinema, exhibitions, and events news) had useful-data-to-ad size ratio of around 1:12. It just wouldn’t load at all though my modem. A firewall had put an end to this. Recently, I’ve even disabled AdBlock because I don’t see ads anyway, with my firewall and my own css hiding ads from Facebook. 🙂

          • Creech

            Sorry, I haven’t made myself clear. I’m not saying these ads were “invented” because of the adblockers (I think, I started browsing the Internet with an IE on Win3.1). I’m just telling, somebody has to pay for the costs, the adblock users are generating. They need the same bandwidth because they are getting the same content, but they aren’t paying. One of my favorite sites here in Germany is offering a subscription model to pay for an adfree version of their side. So I’m paying about 3€ per month and they can pay their writers and editors. Even in the Internet some people have to earn money, one way or another.

            I’m understanding why the adblockers are used, I just don’t think it’s the right way to deal with the problem.

        • Magnus

          You’re talking bollocks, sandboxing is never perfect, it easy to get infected from legitimate ad-networks.

          Time to find the content creators new business model if the old one is not working, or host the ads on their own, which the default adblock filters wont filter anyway.

          And no thank you, I don’t want to be tracked through out the web and my info being sold to others.

          • Creech

            So you want an Internet full of paywalls and subscriptions? Someone has to pay, if it’s not the ad-business (i.e. Google) then you will have to. I would pay for two or three favorite sites, but I’m not willing to give up all the others.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Well, i never used an ad blocker and never blocked any address except for some little tests.

  • Thanx for passwords patch! I love Opera again! )))

    • As far as I can see this is not mentioned in the changelog. So can someone please confirm that the login issues of the first stable version are no more?

  • Magnus

    Millions thanks for the AdBlock fix!!!

  • Lazare Inepologlou

    Why Opera “Next” is actually older than the stable version at the moment?

    • Bikoz it’s a future )))

    • esp3tek

      i’ve uninstalled it for that reason

    • bruce lawson

      because the development cycle goes: add things and release it as Opera Developer. Repeat and test. When we’ve decided what’s bug-free and of sufficient quality (UX-wise, bug-wise, design-wise), we release it as Opera Next, which is feature-complete (but still buggy). When Opera Next is bug-free, it’s released as Opera Stable. This cycle lasts about 6 weeks. (last one took longer, due to extra time needed to wrestle Aura into the binary.)

      We recently updated Stable, and Opera Dev. However, Dev isn’t yet in a state to be “promoted” to Opera Next, so the current Next hasn’t been updated since the last cycle.

      • Lazare Inepologlou

        I run Opera Next as my primary browser in order to get new features sooner (and potentially help you fix some bugs). However with this development cycle, half of the time Opera Next is behind Opera Stable. Would it be very difficult to merge code changes in both release channels while waiting for the next Dev version to be promoted?

        • bruce lawson

          I don’t know. I’ll ask; it’s a good question, and something I run up against, too

          • Destruction Preventer

            It would indeed be nice if code changes can be merged.

          • Jorton

            I support!

          • @lazareinepologlou:disqus,
            First of all Hi, because it is my first comment here.

            Secondly, thank you for being brave enough and use Next as main browser. That helps us a lot.

            All in all, stabilization happens on Next, that means all the important fixes go through Next to Stable. After Stable is released all the critical fixes go through Next, so it is always ahead, not behind Stable.

          • Destruction Preventer

            Next is uses an older version of Chromium than Stable, this version of Chromium is several security updates behind!

      • So there won’t be O22 Dev until O21 Dev is promoted to Next?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep. It wouldn’t make sense to have two different version numbers of.the same stream at the same time.


    DNA-16648 Adblock not working properly when opening pages in new tabs

  • esp3tek

    BOOKMARKS in a side panel please!

    • Creech

      Yes, they will definitely introduce this feature with an update to the stable stream. Maybe the next one. Keep hoping.

    • Mox

      And Tab-Bar too… like it was in old Opera. It was very convenient.

    • bruce lawson

      Out of interest, why do you say “in a side panel”? I assume that you have many bookmarks – too many for the bookmark bar or for Speed Dial folders. But why specifically in a side panel? If you let us know the problem you’re trying to solve, we can consider it. But I don’t understand what problem can *only* be solved by bookmarks in a side panel. In short: use-cases are much more useful than feature requests.

      • NoName

        Let’s say you got 21 sites you visit each day to check news.
        Having a sidebar, its almost like a vertical tab-bar. You change sites on the go, without even switching tab/window, or opening a bookmark menu to continue to the next site.
        The current tab-bar implementation can’t contain many links.

        I don’t use this myself. But I can see why some might find it useful.

        • bruce lawson


          • Vux777

            Addition to NoName…

            Bookmarks are natively tree organized (nodes in subfolders of folders of folders…)
            Three ways to access them:
            – in one popup list that expands when needed (most bookmarks extensions work that way)
            -bookmarks bar
            -side panel (not currently available)

            (SD drops out of the list, can’t contain subfolders, plus ….it’s annoying to jump from one folder to another …close one, open another huge-all-screen-covered folder…blah)

            Many ppl have aversion to Bookmarks bar. That annoying thing on top of their screen. And vertical space thingie… First version of QAB was bad… Only when BB was able to keep menus after click and continuously open folders on mouse move, I started to using it… I like it now, but that’s just me
            Bookmars bar have one huge advantage over ext. popups… it is constant through tabs. It’s always there, with fast access to subfolders. Popups don’t have that…

            But sidebar have all. Tree organized, simple list that expands through whole screen height, opened when needed, easily targeted – you just need to click somewhere far left, not targeting toolbar icons etc.
            And if needed, it always stays on the side, no matter if user opens page in active or bg-tab…

            That is huge advantage over any other solution, and makes surfing least for me

            this applies for notes and other “stuff” from presto sidebar

          • Onaj Tamo

            And some more:
            Let’s look at it from a gui design perspective.Most of us on desktops or laptops have widescreens,therefore we have much more horizontal space than vertical.Sidebars use horizontal space and save vertical space which is a big benefit for widescreen users.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I just realised that indeed, I’ve got a left side bar for daily news. It’s the RSS aggregator in Outlook. As for the few remaining non-RSS news sources, I visualise them in my head as thumbnails/cards arranged on a desktop, so Speed Dials are the thing most close to that.

      • esp3tek

        Sorry for my english, when i say in a side panel, i’m refering to the Opera’s 12 tab bar. With the bar we can manage lots of bookmarks and we can hide it when we don’t need it

        • bruce lawson

          thank you!

          • Simon Gosc

            Hi Bruce.

            Of course we shouldn’t specify that a future bookmarks manager must be in a sidebar as that might exclude some other cool way of doing things. However, I’d be really interested to know what alternatives there are to a sidebar that would be functionally better. Pretty much every application I use that needs to display a tree structure of some sort uses a sidebar for it. eg Visual Studio uses sidebars for its Solution Explorer, SQL Server Management Studio uses sidebars for its Object Explorer, Windows Explorer has a sidebar for its Navigation Pane.

            The benefits of a sidebar are that it can take up nearly the full height of the screen to display its tree and that with modern widescreen monitors there is usually a lot of spare space to the left and right of the browser window but not much spare space at the top or bottom.

            From the discussion in this thread it sounds like one issue that might need to be resolved is whether a pop-up is acceptable for a bookmark manager or whether it should be in a pane that can be pinned so that it is permanently visible. Personally, using bookmarks for work, I find I’m using bookmarks many times a day so I just leave the Opera 12 bookmarks manager visible all the time. I like the functionality in Opera 12 where I can leave it visible or retract it if need be (this is also very similar to the functionality in Visual Studio where I can pin the sidebars for permanent visibility or unpin them so they retract to a very narrow bar on the edge of the screen).

            Perhaps the biggest problem Opera has, I feel, is not on the technical side but a lack of communication about future features. Some sort of road map to give us an idea of when, or even if, a feature that we’d like might be added to Opera Blink. Not a hard-and-fast schedule but more like “we’ve got these features we want to implement in this order over the next year or so”. It’d give some users hope rather than the current uncertainty. For example, no-one at Opera has ever said, to my knowledge, “Yes, we will eventually implement a bookmark manager, check back in six months for an update” or “No, we don’t think it’s necessary so it definitely won’t be implemented in the next year but maybe we’ll revisit the decision in 12 months”. Either answer would give users that are looking for a bookmark bar an idea of where they stand.


            PS: Thanks for being willing to stick your head above the parapet in these comments. I appreciate your willingness to post here given that it can’t be all the pleasant, with all the negative comments.

          • bruce lawson

            No thanks required; all feedback (well, nearly all) is useful and welcome.

            I hear you about communicating better. The trouble with saying “we will have a version for Linux” is that people – naturally – ask “where is it?”. (Readers: it’s cooking; we’ll tell you when it’s ready).

            The trouble with saying “we will never build feature X” is that we might discover in 12 months’ time that suddenly people really want feature X and then be accused of being hypocrites/ liars/ directionless. (I occasionally get comments on my personal blog if I say something that contradicts a view I expressed in 2009!). But we are working to give better snapshots of our current thinking, with caveats that these may change (of course)

          • jackson

            bruce lawson, can you or the devs at least acknowledge that the old Opera was super awesome, and that you guys like it better than the new one just like we like the old one better than the new one, so that at least we know that we are not completely insane? Thanks!

          • guest6666

            This post will stay only in gratitude? We’re waiting for concrete actions.

          • bruce lawson

            “This post will stay only in gratitude? We’re waiting for concrete actions”

            Indeed. It’s 18 hours since I said “thanks”, and I’ve been asleep for 6 of those.

            “waiting a position about Opera for Linux”

            it’s cooking. When it’s ready, we’ll announce it and post a build.

          • guest6666

            Many Linux users have switched to other browsers and are getting used/liking its, so give me a reason, just one reason, for them to return to Opera when Opera for Linux is released. “it still lacks many basic features. Almost one year passed, and still no bookmark manager, still no solution to prevent 3rd-party craps to modify the search settings, still no proper download manager, still no session manager, still no site-specific settings access via context menu, still no shortcut and mouse gesture customization, still no vertical GUI elements… Should I continue?”(Nekomajin42) I add that to run Opera minimally we need tons of extensions. Shoud I indicate Opera(Windows) for my friends and acquaitances? On second thought, I should, yes, I shoud indicate Opera to them (like grandma or grandpa who take cake recipes on the internet) for download Internet Explorer, and they will struggle to find the folder where the file was saved…:(

          • maciek

            current download manager drives me insane…

        • doblecero

          Forget it, they have builded this pathetic copy of Chrome and old features will never come back.

          Once upon a time Opera was the best browser ever built, today is just a disfunctional and skinned copy of Chrome.

          Opera Software please Take back Opera or close the doors forever.

        • guest6768

          While this screenshot is awesome I can’t stop thinking… have the current (new?) developers ever used the old Opera? Does one really have to explain something so trivial and already existant in the previous version (widescreen optimized) so that devs get a clue for their… own product?

        • You probably will get this extremely hard to build feature like in 100 years wait only 2 years has passed so 98 years left and to go… Who knows… but probably by then wee all will forget Opera…. They say feature like Notes are already dead in the new Opera so what will be next to go dead ? Probably Opera to ? When they realize that killing all there old features is like you will Kill Opera to… Well who knows we will see in the future if they know that feature are what makes Opera the best. You Opera workers have forgot this already ?

        • guest6666

          And, oh my gosh, the waste of space on my monitor widescreen 22″. Bookmarks in a side panel would be a good idea. 😀

      • disqus_HE4U07vEyE

        For me, it’s not actually a problem but a matter of ergonomics.
        My monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio which means I have white bars on either side of most sites. Having a side bar was one of the best things I liked about Opera… “Making use of the wide screen”.

      • ahoj1234

        just do a side panel and API for it 🙂 that could be enough for a start… a lot of extension developers would do a lot of work (instead of you).
        why side panel? – wide screens. Space.

        Time to time I’m just wondering WHY YOU DO NOT BUY FROM THEM (extension devs) THE CODE (if it’s not belong to you already – I did not read extension terms) AND DO NOT INTEGRATE THESE EXTENSION TO OPERA?? – like SMART RSS (by another Czech guy) etc… Maybe it’s not that easy to rebuild extension to a nature (Opera) feature…
        maybe it’s all just a bad idea but I would live to see some realy good extensions to be integrated… YOU ARE NOT CHROME, YOU ARE OPERA! do not be afraid of be different…

      • Inquisitor

        Opera now has three ways to store ‘bookmarls (Speed dial, bookmarks bar and Stash, but none are really good when you have a lot of bookmarks. A drop-down menu with folders and subfolders, launched from a button on the address bar would be great.

        Like so:

        • Dmitry Kirin

          The extension Neater Bookmarks does that. It also remembers the position in the bookmarks and node expansion state, which is even more convenient than the dropdown menu.

          • Inquisitor

            The drop down menu is O12 is much more convenient: You click the menu button once and the folders open when you hover your cursor over them, You don’t have to click on them, and each subfolder opens a new menu next to the ‘parent’ folder. No scrolling required.

            In Neater Bookmarks, you have click on each folder and subfolder to open them, and they open in one long list, which means that you have to scroll down to find your desired bookmark. All that clicking and scolling is Inconvenient and time wasting.

            I don’t understand why Opera decided to drop their neat, convenient and effective bookmarks feature and replace it with the impractical ‘Stash’ or ‘Bookmark Bar’ or relegate ‘Bookmarks’ to inferior extensions.

            Off my soapbox and back to O12.

          • Vux777

            there is one even better called vBookmarks (fork of neat bookmarks, just like neater bookmarks is)
            it can create folder and subfolder, rearrange them etc… I think all others lack of that (at least creating subfolders)
            But it’s not on google web store, and have one bug…if user removes it from extension, it stays in custom search engines (as extensions feature)…that’s not big deal, but still
            home page

          • Darrien Lambert

            How to add new bookmark in vBookmarks? I don’t see any “Add” button or context menu…

          • Vux777

            right click and there is a context menu for adding bookmark

          • Darrien Lambert

            Oh right, it’s because I don’t see full context menu here – it’s drawn behind the tool bar:
            Not sure if it’s Opera of Extension issue.

          • Vux777

            that’s probably because bookmarks list is html page enclosed in popup environment/dimensions. Try expand that lower folder, and then right click on it, so that context menu have more space…

          • Darrien Lambert

            The problem is – i’ve just installed it and there’s no bookmarks added in it.. So there’s nothing to expand in those two items… Kinda makes it impossible to start adding bookmarks… 😡

          • Vux777

            That extension (and many other, I think all) can’t import bookmarks. They just read native bookmarks from Opera/Chrome.
            If you having problems importing bookmarks, the shortest way is to import them into Chrome (or any chromium) and copy bookmarks file from Chrome profile folder to Opera profile folder (they are compatible).
            That is, if you have Chrome already or willing to install it.

            there is also way to import them from old Opera…. with shortcut command line switch (if they didn’t been imported upon new O15+ installation)

      • I use the same mail account for the supposedly no longer existent MyOpera, and Facebook, but I can’t use it to sync and select FB because Opera says I have an Opera account and that I should select that option. That service should be gone by now.

        And I deleted that account for many reasons, like a month ago.

        So either the service still works (in which case tell when are you going to finish migrating everything and deleting all inactive stuff), or it was a lie and you didn’t delete my data, which is very annoying.

    • Crysta T Lacey

      Hi Folks,

      I have started my quest for a more up to date browser than Opera 12.15 by installing Opera 20.0.1387.77 update.

      I agree with most of the suggestions I see here. I am sorry but this vintage of Opera, just isn’t ready for prime time for the reasons I have always stuck with Opera, which 5 years now. The mobile Opera’s are also wanting with cloud sync for Bookmarks, so now I have to Manually use Belt! If this isn’t going to change as has been suggested here, I am going to have to go to another Browsers for my default(Definitely not IE).

      I had a video playing in 20.0 that I could not find to shut off. The tabs that were open came from this browser and it is not playing here. At times I couldn’t even C&P, so I came back to 12.15 to post this.

      I sure hope this lag in feature renew is due to difficulty, not because the Opera experience we have come to know and love is history???

      Best Regards,


  • Steffen D

    Hmm, all my speed dails are gone after applying the update?? And I’m logged in with my Opera Link user…

  • VladdSerbia

    Thanks for the update. When Adobe Flash player pops up error message with “dismiss all” and “continue” buttons, clicking any of those 2 crashes Opera process almost every time and kills flash in every window that has it. Is that “normal”?

    • VladdSerbia

      Adding more details: using latest version of flash with debugger. WinXPSP3.
      Crashes stopped appearing in 95% cases since I disabled debugger error messages. Now opera process crashes there only occasionally.

  • yhagger

    One of the things that matters the most for this community of Opera fans is to get back the features from opera 12.16. Why can’t Opera listen to this? And of course Opera for Linux.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They are listening buy they also take in count that there a same amount of people that don’t want and/or like the features people are asking for, although they don’t comment here.

      • bruce lawson

        What Leonardo said. There are millions of Opera users that we try to listen to via blogs, facebook, twitter, email and focus groups. We strive to meet their needs, too. Inevitably, they have different priorities. Often, they have conflicting priorities.

        • LoverOfLife

          Their prioritys should be what most of the peoples say, i think. And a simple bookmark manager it’s a need, and we ALL want that.

          • bruce lawson

            Well, lots of people on this blog do. Not all. But even if there were 1000 active commenters on this blog, all of whom asked for Bookmarks *as their top priority*, that would be 0.001% of a million people, and many millions use the product. And we know that fewer than 10% of Opera Presto users ever used bookmarks.

            I’m not dismissing your request, just indicating that there are many other requests to balance it against.

          • LoverOfLife

            Ok, maybe a poll should be made with users requests. In these days all major (even less known) browsers have a bookmark manager, actually it’s not a request, it’s a must have. Thanks for your answer

          • Nekomajin42

            This is a good point, but it can be reversed. 90+% of the internet users don’t want anything else just an address bar. Every browser knows that, so the question is: why should they choose Opera? If my neighbour tells me to recommend a browser, why should I recommend Opera? At this moment, the new Opera offers only one unique feature: the off-road mode. (Which is, let’s face it, quite awesome, but still it’s only one.)

            On the other hand, it still lacks many basic features. Almost one year passed, and still no bookmark manager, still no solution to prevent 3rd-party craps to modify the search settings, still no proper download manager, still no session manager, still no site-specific settings access via context menu, still no shortcut and mouse gesture customization, still no vertical GUI elements… Should I continue?

            I was really patient from the very first build, told the other on MagyarOpera to wait, it will be good. But almost a year passed, and the problem is not only the missing features, but I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. For example, you teased an awesome tab handling feature month ago. You said, no need to multi-row tab bar, because this feature will rule them all. Where is it? Why don’t you just implement the basic stuff and release a strong, good browser, then try to reinvent the wheel? Why do we have to wait for the basic stuff while you try (and fail) to present a few new feature?

          • Maselli Luca

            hello! Was you forgetting 90% Presto users that use always bookmarks?
            It’s very impossible continue surfing internet after years using old opera. Old opera is very usable, for example .. a man walk with your legs for all life but after accident he lose his legs and now is on wheelchair. Old users opera feel the exact emotion. You have cut our legs with this new opera!
            Sorry for my English.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            If i remember correctly, 90% never added a single bookmark according to Opera ‘s statistics.

          • Vux777

            that’s highly unlikely… they never precisely explained what that 90% represent
            I can understand that huge amount of users never opened that new tab “Manage Bookmarks”, but to never used bookmarks… 90%?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, the percentage is probably exaggerated, but i guess that 50% never added a bookmark.

          • Fhury

            Common Bruce, stop fusing about: full bookmarks is the most requested item since release of the new Opera. The way Opera is struggling with this is becoming more pathetic with each release.

          • RX-3200

            we do not need of your statistics
            we do not need to talk about the mythical millions users
            you mentioned “1000” – that’s all you have in this blog
            and it seems that it’s all anyone is still interested in opera here
            and we really need all the features of Opera 12 in new Opera

          • ryofurue

            Hmm, so, what are those 99.9% of people are requesting? (1K/1M = 0.1%, not 0.001%.) Recently we see a good development in tab resource management, but do those people use so many tabs that the resource management matters? I thought the feature is for us power users, who tend to use a lot of tabs.

            My related, long-standing puzzle is why 1M people choose O15+ over competitions. Looking around me, I observe that average users use IE on Windows and Safari on Mac and are never interested in other browsers. Some a bit advanced users go for FireFox or Chrome. So, I may well be wrong, but it seems to me that only power users are attracted to Opera.

            Or, those 1M people may be actually power users who are happy without bookmarks! which is unconceivable to me but again I may well be wrong.

          • jho

            How can I simply manage my booksmarks which I collected over the years. I need them once in a while but not frequently.

            Booksmarks maybe not used so much by the average guy but I would guess that 95% of the users which are reading this blog are using it. And these people are the ones who helped Opera to be what it they were meant for.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i don’t.

        • That’s why you have added, for example, mouse gestures? It is fature for power users. But gestures in new opera are poor, non-editable, so power users are not satisfied. For example missing “open link in new tab”.
          So now it is feature for no one.

  • Krzysztof Pogłódek

    It is so lame that community have to beg for such a simple thing for such a long time. Opera from best of the best became the most backward browser form them all!

  • LoverOfLife

    Favicons still missing, after clear cache with Ccleaner… Why in the stable version ? In Next i have no problem

    • blackcoder

      That could also be simply a bug in CCleaner. For example hardcoded parts of paths in CCleaner. No idea if there where changes to the folder structure or filenames between stable and next.

      • LoverOfLife

        Ok, i’ve made a test without using ccleaner. I’ve cleared history and cache like this:

        And after a restart, the result is this:

        • blackcoder

          Weird, I just wanted to agree with you, but I decided to give it a try with stable, too.

          I can not confirm this issue with stable, next and developer.

          • LoverOfLife

            This happens for me in Stable, in Next there is no problem. I’ll stay on Next for now, thanks anyway

  • Destruction Preventer

    Has Opera next been discontinued? Now there is only Stable and Developer.

  • please help me. in opera when i press “x” key in address bar, the opera is crashed. i tryed to disable all extensions but it’s not helped me. and when i delete (temporary) my opera user data folder then key “x” work normally in adress bar, but i can’t delete really (not temporary) my userdata folder because i have many passwords, speed dials etc…

    maybe anybody know how to delete user data folder without my passwords and speed dials? something like reset opera settings but not user data

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Just a letter ‘x’ entered anywhere in the address bar crashes Opera?
      A few guesses:
      – disable opera://flags/#stash-suggestions. If that helps, there can be something wrong with stash.db.
      – start with a clean profile and add files from your working profile one by one, to see which one breaks it. Start with the history-related ones: History*, favorites.db, and stash.db.

      • thanls for answer. crashed only when addressbar is cleared (if “x” will be a first letter)
        Я попробую твои советы и отпишусь =)

      • ae! thank you, after deleting history* files all work ok! thanks!
        ps. by the way, before deleting history files i try to clear all hostory from opera hostory page (ctrl+h) but it’s didn’t help me, only when i delete this files

  • Jakub

    Guys your updates are getting strange every version. How can be stable Opera with higher version, than Next version?

    Current state: Opera 20, Opera Next 20, Opera Developer 21
    Should be: Opera 20, Opera Next 21, Opera Developer 22

    You should maybe slow down a bit or speed up the developer and next channel 🙂

    • IllusionMH

      In fact there are no 20 Next ATM (it was moved from Next to Stable). There are only 20 Stable and 21 Dev.
      Just last link to next release is for last 20 Next release

    • We should already have 21 Next and 22 Dev.

    • ayespy

      Each version is like a car on an assembly line. It spends time being worked on in each stream until it is ready to graduate to the next stream. When it graduates, the stream it leaves sits idle until it receives a new version.

      Now that Stable is ver. 20, Stable is the only stream that will get ver. 20 updates. The Next stream will not be updated until it receives ver. 21, and then the next update Dev will get is when it is updated to 22.

      ONLY the most mature stream of a given version gets that version updated.

      After a version number migrates to a more mature stream, the next update the prior stream gets is to a new number.

      This has always been the case. It’s not difficult to understand.

  • Alex Sable

    wow! saved passwords are entered automatically, again!
    Thanks a million, guys!-))))

  • devirto

    What causes the changes of Google search design in this update. Before this update Google search looks classic like always.The font has changed, the underline has gone …

    • IllusionMH

      Maybe because google changed design of results page? 😉

      • devirto

        no … the same happened to the previous update but I re-install it (clear install) and everything get back to normal … should I do this again … no I think it is not necessary to do this after every single update

    • Vux777

      Your language settings…
      if you left them on English, you’ll get new design
      If you switch to you local language ( and restart), classic result page will come back

    • bruce lawson

      “You may have noticed that Google Search on desktop looks a little different today.
      Towards the end of last year we launched some pretty big design improvements for Search on mobile and tablet devices (mobile first! :-). Today we’ve carried over several of those changes to the desktop experience.

      We’ve increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights. This improves readability and creates an overall cleaner look. We’ve also brought over our new ad labels from mobile, making the multi-device experience more consistent.”

      • devirto

        OK let it be so.Thanks!

        • bruce lawson

          no problem; glad to help. Especially when I can legitimately pass the blame to someone else. I’m sure some enterprising person will come up with an extension to over-ride the new design!

      • So these are a change. I thought I broke something lately :D.

  • LoE

    And still the default search ‘w’ uses the computer location instead of the language to determine which language to use for Wikipedia. Completely idiotic!

    • rpsgc

      Tell me about it… they refuse to even discuss it.

  • Onaj Tamo

    Don’t worry be happy!

  • aminiesta

    Why I still can’t change my default search engine to DuckDuckGo?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For thé same reason that has been given before.

      • aminiesta

        I’m so sorry. But what is that?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Security. They will allow it only when they find a way to avoid third parties from hijacking the default search.

          • aminiesta

            Thanks. But it is really annoying me to type ‘d’ before the search.

  • Андрей

    Когда уже заработает синхронизация по-нормальному? У меня синхронизируются только плитки Экспресс-Панели. А пароли, закладки, настройки браузера и расширения не синхронизируются. Уже так долго доделывают :(((((((((

  • Yes always remember to make more angry new users and pls don’t give them at all the bookmarks or the notes. So this way you will build more Opera new angry users. 🙂 And Opera will be perfect at this…. Keep it up and I think you need to add more 100 new features to Speed Dial… I still don’t use it at all 🙂

  • xen

    Cookie storage still behaves like it did in the previous release and unlike it did in v19 and before.

    If expires flag is not set, it’s lost at the end of the session even if max-age parameter is present.

  • In Google Docs in Excel arrows don’t work. fix it ASAP

    • Kornelia Mielczarczyk

      It’s a know issue. The fix is already in Developer and Next branch.

  • guest6666

    Looking the negatives posts and likes on profile of Opera on Facebook about Opera for Desktop, is very impressive. Until Opera 12 = large amount of likes and compliments each post. Now the situation is critical, after Opera 15+ = few likes and many many criticism each post, excluding likes and compliments for Opera Mobile. Opera Desktop Team, the numbers do not lie, you guys are on the right way, good lucky…;-)

    • guest6666

      BTW, I had my post deleted, the thuth hurts? LOL 😀

  • James Hamilton Jr

    Still no menu bar? As soon as you put the menu bar back I will make Opera my default browser. Must. Have. Menu. Bar… PLEASE!!!

    • ayespy

      All modern browsers (and software in general) are moving away from menu bars, in favor of a single menu button. I doubt Opera will ever have one again – which doesn’t bother me, as I hid mine on Opera as soon as I was able, and have never had it visible since.

      The menu bar on a browser is kind of like the human appendix. It’s an anachronism.

      But maybe someday someone will write a menu bar extension.

      • dallasthemaster

        It is a matter of preference. Some people prefer the menu bar because it offers more commands, and it is more organized and easier to use. It is a matter of preference.

  • UMaster 7

    download button disappears right after clicking on it:

    shouldn’t till you close the download drop down menu 😉


  • xen

    OK, found a site that exhibits the undesired cookie expiration problem. And it’s none other than youtube. If you have multiple google+ accounts (like one from your previous interactions and one created from your youtube account, which many people do), you will have to select one every time you launch the browser.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, not happening here. YT remains connected to the same account i’ve used before.

      • xen

        Yes, I may have misled you (and myself) on this one, and this may have been a youtube issue which they fixed within a few hours.

        The behavior still changed (from what I have seen, it ignores max-age if no expires flag has been set) but the only site I can see this new behavior is our internal one.

      • xen

        After several days and even upgrade to .82, youtube does, in fact, prompt me for login every day or so. Just not immediately after closing the browser.

        There are 2 session cookies with unintelligible names but the rest expire in at least 20 days.

  • Adentoh

    Please help..
    After update to Opera 20/77, my font turns into bold and not good for looking..

    • iutu

      that’s helvetica font issue. delete and it will be fine.

  • Destruction Preventer

    Will there be an update with chromium 33.0.1750.154 soon? It contains important security fixes such a full sandbox bypass @pwn2own

  • dallasthemaster

    Things I would like before switching to Opera as my primary browser:

    1. REAL Bookmarks.
    2. better customizability (being able to move all of the buttons around)
    3. Skins. (and not chrome’s LAME EXCUSE of a skin system. a REAL skin system like the old opera one, eventually having the ability to skin menus.)

    Two and three above would get rid of the major versatility/customizability drawbacks I associate with Chrome. Some things I would really like to eventually happen:

    1. Panels, and an extension API for them. (I consider this one of the biggest features of Opera)
    2. The awesome MDI that old opera had. (I also consider this one of the major features of Opera)
    3. a visual UI for the mouse gestures like in Opera 12. (it makes them much easier to use than having to remember each one)
    4. Status bar (possibly optional). I really liked the fact that Opera always held on to the status bar, and I would really like to see it come back in a future release. (I consider the status bar to be a major part of any browser I use, especially tabs-on-top browsers that have less space for add-ons)
    5. toolbars, a easily-accessible menu item for enabling/disabling them, and an extension API for them. (lets face it, toolbars are a major part of browser versatility. It was dumb for Chrome and Firefox to remove them.)

    By ‘eventually’, I mean I would you to confirm that they will eventually be coming back in some (not yet defined) future release, because they are not already confirmed, and they were major features of Opera for me.I have the ‘eventually’ items in order of how much I would like them implemented.

    I was about to put seperate search bar, but I realized how awesome your new-and-improved omnibar (or whatever you folks at Opera call it) is. One minor drawback in it… Is that you are unable to set a custom search engine as the default.

    One thing I would like to be added in the search, while I am on the topic, is the ability to set a search-suggestion provide from the UI. (You currently have to close opera and edit some text file in the appdata, which seems like too much for simply adding a search-suggestion provider)

    Just some constructive criticism. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that one day I can switch back to using Opera as my primary browser! 🙂

  • Colder Winters

    Enclosing a picture of what I need in the newest Opera, the picure is Opera 12.16 configured the way I like it, I have tons of bookmarks so I need the standard bookmarks like in the picure, I also need the menu Items, fix these two Items and I’ll install the newest Opera, otherwise I’ll have to pass

    • Colder Winters

      I ask that this post be deleted, I made this post while logged on then deleted it, but apparently it didnt get deleted and came back as posted by guest, thank you; Colder Winters

  • Colder Winters

    Enclosing a picture of what I need in the newest Opera, the picture is Opera 12.16 configured the way I like it, I have tons of bookmarks so I need the standard bookmarks like in the picture, I also need the menu Items, fix these two Items and I’ll install the newest Opera, otherwise I’ll have to pass, I can tolerate some limitations on my phone or tablet, but why would I on a desktop computer.

    • Joana Silva

      YOU need? The new way of Opera now is what ordinary and newby users need, so don’t expect anything orienteted particularly to YOU. IF Opera has the good will to construct something in their browser, it will be guided solely in accordance with the interests of the Opera Desktop teram. Previously (Opera 12) was the user, who chose the UI according to your taste, but now Opera is choosing which is best for you, do you understand the new’s Opera policy?

  • taneli

    Can someone tell me, how to find new posts on this Disqus thing? Sometimes it updates me with “1 new unread message below” and such, but mostly it doesn’t, it’s impossible to keep up with new comments (if they are answers to other comments, that is, which i am most interested in), i can sit on this page for a few days without it telling me anything, then after refreshing the page … 100 more comments, but it wont’t mark them, have to read every single comment to see if i already read it… tiresome.

  • Why don’t you do a survey to know what things needed on opera? (srry my english)

    • guest6666

      They don’t do because the priority now is what thing$ the shareholders of Opera ASA need in their pockets.

      • Dude, several people complain about the new version, ask for several things, but because he never asked our opinion on an survey?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Because a real valid survey would cost money that, i guess, they would prefer to spend on the browser.

    • bruce lawson

      we read all the comments here, opinions posted on other forums, and run focus-groups.

  • Aerisot

    I personally would love the Tab thumbnails back, it was one of my favorite things about Opera, is there a way to make this happen in 20.0 that I am not aware of?

    • ayespy

      No. There’s no code for that in the new Opera yet, at all.

  • Opera did not use remote DNS lookup while using proxy, HTTP/SOCKS is the same. This made my browser useless, this is stable version right? Mac OS SL 32bit.

  • mina saher

    i have 2 problems here,
    the first is i cant choose arabic font for arabic displaying pages because the default font is too bad and too small for my eye, i wish there is a font control like that of old opera or like that in firefox,

    the last probelm is the tab transition time, it takes a few seconds to really move on from tab to another,

    why don;t the off road mode tells me how much it saved, like in opera mobile & opera presto ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Settings > Webpages > Display. You can change font size among other things.

      • mina saher

        thanls Leonardo

    • bruce lawson

      1) Settings > Website > Display > Customise fonts
      2) can you give us more info on your setup?
      3) we’re looking into enhancements for Off Road Mode.

      Thanks Leonardo for answering Q1, earlier

      • mina saher

        thanks bruce for replying 🙂
        about the font thing i knew this but i want an option to choose a font for arabic language that is different from english, i tried a chrome extension but it didn’t work, and the font option don’t apply on pages that chooses it’s own font, like facebook.

        the setup that i use is win7, 32 bit, intel atom n2600 …

  • Vux777

    sometimes I can’t select the whole text (it’s not about links)
    example page

    same thing in latest dev build

  • alex primak

    I have in the configuration request save folder before downloading the file. When I clicked on my network to view the movie, I get the question of Opera where to save the .asx file. Can you make that video opened without prompting to save .asx file?

  • Guest


  • Joana Silva

    One question: the RAM memory is fastest than a simple HD(not SSD), this everyone know. How to set a Ram disk for Opera’s cache? This really improve the loading/browsing of Opera?

    • The purpose of a RAM disk is work as a HDD, to actually install the software there.

      Tab Hibernation will be a huge improvement when O21 arrives.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’m using ImDisk, configured to load a disk partition upon Windows startup. (One can set it also to persist the partition to disk upon shutdown.)

      Opera launcher shortcut contains the options to redirect the cache to the RAM disk, --disk-cache-dir=X: --disk-cache-size=160000000.

      I also moved session(.db, .dbak, .db-journal) files to the same RAM disk and in the profile, I created symlinks to them. So the largest amount of writes goes to the RAM disk as well. I can’t feel any performance improvement compared to SSD. I only made this because of the extensive disk writing.

      • Joana Silva

        How set this parameter “–disk-cache-dir=X: –disk-cache-size=160000000” in Opera launcher shortcut and what this parameters means? For example, the SoftPerfet RAM Disk will create a virtual RAM disk “H”, so how to set the parameters to redirect the Opera’s cache to it(in my example disk “H”)?
        Could you explain in more detail or indicate a link with detailed explanations? Thanks in advance. 😉

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Okay, the options tell Opera that it should use the folder and the cache size limit specified. Substitute the values with your path and size. Right-click the launcher shortcut, choose Properties, and add the options, like this:
          "C:Program FilesOpera Nextlauncher.exe" --disk-cache-dir=X: --disk-cache-size=160000000
          See the detailed description of Chromium command-line switches here: (note that not all of them will work in Opera).

          Edit: If you can’t locate the launcher shortcut, run Opera, right-click its app button and choose Pin to Task Bar, close Opera, right-click the pinned Opera button, choose Properties, …

          • Joana Silva

            –disk-cache-dir=X would be in my example

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Yes, –disk-cache-dir=H: (with “:”). It will create the folder Cache there and create the files there.

    • Vux777

      I’m using SoftPerfect RAM Disk
      and my whole Opera installation (as USB) is on it.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Cool, got their file recovery utility as well, thanks for the link. 🙂

  • For 16:9 screens, side tabs, side bookmarks, all make sense. Hoping and praying 🙂

  • Chas4

    ” update un our” should be update in our

    un to in ? in the blog post

  • Mariusz Strzelecki

    Where can I find cleaning option (history, cookies …etc.) on exit program?
    In previous versions it was – now missing!

  • Javier.

    Besides bookmarks in side panel, what about the use of the context menu (javascript – right click) like in Opera Presto and Mozilla Seamonkey?

    Aparte de los marcadores en el panel lateral, ¿qué hay del uso y configuración del menú contextual (javascript – botón derecho del ratón) como en las versiones Opera Presto y en Mozilla Seamonkey?


  • Amr Bamaea

    cant access my opera , opera link , blogs opera . the only website i can access is . I believe my country (Saudi Arabia) has blocked all of your sites because of (off-road mode) the only possible way to write here is ,by using hotspot shield

    • Vux777

      – my opera is shut down (blogs too), there is a new forum now
      – Opera link works only with O12 still, new Blink Opera have Sync (still in development)

      • Amr Bamaea

        what i mean is this site is blocked
        also opera link for opera 12.16 also doesn’t work anymore without hotspot
        i still use the old opera and the new

        • Vux777

          oh sry… I thought you trying to access old MyOpera and blogs, and Link from O-Blink

  • Rafał

    Opera have a lot of problem with rendering pages, even using Blink engine.

    1. – site in mobile version (still!). Google Chrome on the same engine – doesn’t have problem!
    2. – the same, site in mobile version. In Google Chrome – works correctly.
    3. I can’t open new window from context menu of popup window on taskbar.
    4. Very buggy working YouTube. Display windows of yt movie is crappy (GPU support bug?). Google Chrome works perfectly.

    Windows 7 HomePremium SP1, Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce 3X, newest drivers and updates.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      If a site incorrectly redirects to its mobile version, it means the site authors have implemented the browser detection incorrectly. Rynek Kolejowy is opens its mobile view if entered without www, and the desktop one, with www. It’s really wrong, as the DNS records are quite normal: CNAME A

      • Rafał

        So, why is Google Chrome interprets it correctly?

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I think it’s not Chrome or IE that interpret anything, it’s what the site does after it has detected the browser. Most probably, it sees the ‘WebKit’ string and believes we use a mobile device.
          Edit: I disabled JavaScript, and it’s still redirecting, so it’s a server-side redirect, nothing to do with the browser.

    • bruce lawson

      What Dmitry says below. Those sites are doing browser sniffing, which is as inelegant and shameful as it sounds, and concluding that Opera is a mobile browser. I’ll ask my chums in our Polish office to contact the sites directly.

  • Scribe_uk

    This site is STILL rendered incorrectly, and zooming in only increases the text size – not the image.

    I cannot use this browser until there is an option to do updates manually. Some people only have an unlimited data allowance at night so need to be able to choose when to do them.

    After many years of only using Opera, I’m really starting to lose patience, with all the missing features – proper bookmarks, zoom slider etc………

  • lyle fairfield

    I’m in the process of uninstalling Opera on my several windows and boxes.
    No Linux means no common app across various OS boxes.
    Windows version does less than IE, Firefox, etc.
    Feel deceived re Linux. Certainly I feel you implied that there would be a timely release of a Linux version.
    I was very loyal and hung around for along time thinking, well, it’ll be (Linux version will be) here shortly but not any more.
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
    I am not going away mad, but I am going away.

  • Colder Winters

    Update, reinstalled Opera 20, still not gunna be my main browser, I use SRWare Iron which is the best incarnation of Chrome, also Firefox, Opera 12 as well, Tidy Bookmarks seems to be the best extension concerning bookmarks, but it still doesn’t group all the folders together perfectly like Opera 12 does, but then Firefox, SRWare Iron and Chrome doesn’t either, Also Tidy Bookmarks will list every bookmark you have, no matter how many you have and works similar to previous Opera bookmarks with cascading listings, you can set Opera 20 for your homepage to open when you open the browser, but theres no Home button to go back to it, so just bookmark it in the bookmarks bar, works as good as a Home Icon, as for the menu items, no biggie

    • Colder Winters

      Not sure if Opera 20 will become my main browser, but I seem to be using it more now that the bookmarks problem has been solved thanks to “Tidy Bookmarks”, and solved the Home Button problem.

      • Colder Winters

        One small gripe I have is that I use Ixquick or Startpage as my search engine and that Url Search area wont let me change the default search engines to anything other than whats listed, Need to make it so you can change it to ANY search engine you want

    • L33t4opera

      but theres no Home button

      Hi Colder Winters, for that purpose, you can install the “Homepage in New Tab” extension, then right click the extension button on the toolbar, and then click on the “Options”, enter your Homepage URL, and then you can also tick the checkbox on the left of the “Reuse current tab” option, then press “SAVE” button.

      • Colder Winters

        I like having my start page or home page, whatever, linked onto the bookmarks bar, it’s too easy, one click and your there, same and easy as having a home button

  • Colder Winters

    Not bad so far

  • Stelios Koukos

    I want to share this page via Twitter/FB…Nothing shown under SHARE IT (using Win7)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      No problem here in Next or Dev, Win7: a popup div appears with a choice of social networks.
      Have you tried disabling the extensions installed?

  • My custom searches stopped working. Every search gives results as, “%s”. Anyone knows how to fix this?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Do you remember when it started? What do you see in the search urls, search engine edit dialog? Are there possibly any double %% signs there?

  • Fajar Vashra

    I dont know what developer had in head….theres so many request on bookmark manager, boring ui thing and feature like 12.16 , instead of listening they just propose new way and not very efficient [dissapoint] ….it make me think , are opera’s developer or anyone who include in opera developer listening to this….but even if they are listening they kept their mind close, so no its the same as not listening. Really I still use old opera till now, now chrome. Since new opera base on chrome, im stick to google which first developed it, and its more stable and little have good UI n theme. Opera didnt walk forward n leading tech in browser anymore like it used to be. Please.

    • bruce lawson

      “are opera’s developer or anyone who include in opera developer listening to this”

      Yes, we are. But bear in mind that only 10% of people ever added a bookmark in Opera Presto. So we need to balance the needs of the 90% of those who don’t need bookmarks (and for whom the extra UI elements would be bloat – at best, useless, at worst, confusing) and the needs of you and other people who do need a bookmark manager. Note that there are numerous extensions for bookmarks

      • Nekomajin42

        Are these statistics public? Can you post a list of the 20 most and less used O12 features?

        • bruce lawson
          • Nekomajin42

            OK, but it was not what I’ve asked for. I’d like to see a list of the top20 and bottom20 O12 features, if it is possible. On one hand, I’d like to see what can we expect in the near future. On the other hand, I’m just curious.

      • kq

        Can you tell us how many Opera users use mouse gestures (less than 1%) or even extensions (10%)? And why have you implemented those features to the new version of Opera when nobody use them? (according to yours logic of course).

      • jho

        but Bruce, honestly, how can something be superfluous when everybody who is writing here wants that. Almost everybody. Or make a poll to see how many wants that. When you get your 90% when it is ok.

        • MikeN92

          Because those that don’t need bookmarks don’t need to say anything about them since most likely they didn’t even notice they weren’t there anymore. You really think the people bitching here are so many? This post has a little over 200 responses, Opera has 200 million users. The majority that post here are power users, that like all kinds of options unlike normal users who look for a clean and efficient web. I only use Adblock Plus and haven’t used bookmarks since Firefox(about 2 years ago). Would always sacrifice options for speed.

          • jho

            If opera wants to be a fun browser then it is fine. But if you want to use it for work then you need a possibility to store your 100+ pages.
            Maybe we should stick to vanilla Chromium.

        • bruce lawson

          “honestly, how can something be superfluous when everybody who is writing here wants that”

          I didn’t say that. I said they would be superfluous to the 90% who don’t use bookmarks.

      • Colder Winters

        Doesnt Firefox and Chrome have bookmarks ? How is leaving features out going to make you the best browser ? Your target users are the people that go to maybe 3 websites daily ? What would it matter what browser they use, probably IE anyway for those people, Besides no one has even heard of Opera besides us power users

      • icetom

        you sound like a broken record quoting your intransparent statistic over and over again.
        The thing is, it comes down to one thing: The users here who need bookmarks care and are happy if you build them in. In fact, you will lose some of those people if you dont add bookmarks.
        The ones you seem to service by not adding bookmarks will not care anyway whether you put them in or not.

        Easy to understand that bookmarks would help Opera, but you dont seem to understand.

      • Cqoicebordel

        Or 90% of Presto’s users didn’t understood/saw the bookmark function. It doesn’t mean that 90% of users didn’t need bookmarks, it means that they didn’t know how to use it.
        So seeing this stat, your first priority should be to build a tutorial to use a web browser. (And seriously, I think it’s not a bad idea, and would allow a better discoverability effect).

      • Colder Winters

        How do we know, as well as how does Opera know how many people use bookmarks, Iv’e probably never ever heard one complaint about a browser having bookmarks in my whole history of computing, Opera just seems to have pulled out of thier Rear Ends the idea that no one needs bookmarks the way they are supposed to be implemented, What good is a browser if you cant bookmark the sites you go to, its actually easier for a newbie to type in the url everytime or search google for it? I dont get where not having bookmarks makes it easier for people, lets go back to the stone age i guess is thier answer

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        I suspect that a large majority of the users of Microsoft Office never use the version control functionality in the suite either, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a critical functionality for the people who _do_ use it. (Contrariwise, even if a functionality is used by a majority of the users that doesn’t necessarily make it critical. I’m looking at you, animated transitions in PowerPoint.)

  • Quack

    I’m using the developer version on my tablet Asus T100, but touch to change between tabs doesn’t work. Why is that? I can close tabs and open new ones, but selecting another tab does not work.

    Other than that, these new dev builds are now splendid on touch screens. Thanks for that.

  • L33t4opera

    New update of Opera stable: 20.0.1387.82.

    • icetom

      weird, started the Autoupdater and nothing happened. Finally, the setup worked.

    • rpsgc

      What secrets does it hold? Oh wondrous joy, let’s find out!

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Probably a Chromium update.

        • rpsgc

          Gee, thanks for the spoiler!


  • escruting

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone home?

    Opera has become comfortably numb…

    • bruce lawson

      Hi! What can we do for you?

      • escruting

        Just put more meat into the fire. The current development process is quite stale/uninteresting and is not very rewarding, i think there should be a meaningful opera update at least once a month (by meaningful i mean something we can feel, touch,..i’m sure you know what i mean).

        The developer stream needs to…develop more. If you’re working on a stash version where we can right click items and copy the link, or rearrange items, just put it there for us to see and work with. If you have a bookmark manager in alpha/beta stage, just put it here. The same goes for almost everything, just put more meat into the fire (or more sauce into the meat). Right now it seems A) you’re too scared to become like the old opera by putting useful tools for us, or B) there’s not a lot of people working at opera desktop team and theyre focusing working on a very small number of things at a time.

        Right now it feels you’re starting every major opera dev version already fixing bugs and not delivering something real for the user. You can fix the bugs, but put something else there too…Right now almost every blog post is empty, the highlights section has technical things that should be in the full changelog put they’re in the blog post just to fill space…

      • escruting

        It’s been four months since you launched the first experimental Opera Link version and you havent mentioned Syncing since then. Its in the same state four months later.

        The same for stash. It’s been 9-10 months and it hasn’t changed a bit. Just the preview thumbnails are sharper now. I’m sure you don’t think stash is completely perfect, so i don’t know why it has not changed in almost a year.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, why Stash should change? It sounds good the way it is.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            What about grouping Stash items? What about changing place in Stash items? If Opera Software are trying to make the best browser, why are you thinking that features I wrote is not needed?

            I hope you understand me 😉

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I just see Stash in a different way. For me it’s more of a replacement (or a tentative at least) for the “remember content on visited pages” with a snapshot of the page, so things like folders, reorder/grouping of itens and so on don’t make much sense for me.

            But i’m not against them.

          • escruting

            It would be good if we could right click stashed pages to, for example, copy the link address. Also it’d be good if we could rearrange the order of stashed pages. I know stash is one of the things thats almost complete, but there could be some tweaks. It wouldn’t take too much time to code, surely not 10 months and it wouldn’t take a lot of time from other things.

  • Desenvolvedor Lucas Rafael

    @disqus_N3U5uNyGvZ:disqus, I’m an old Opera user and fan, and i really prefer the stash and speed dial over bookmarks, cause i think its more useful, but the stash… it’s a pain when you can’t drag or organize them as you like. And the themes, it’s just a background image, they don’t “wear” the entire browser like it occurs with personas in firefox, and in some cases it personalize even the buttons, dialogs and other UI things in the browser. I mean, Opera back then in version 12 was way more customizable. Will it be possible now that it’s chromium powered?

    • bruce lawson

      “but the stash… it’s a pain when you can’t drag or organize them as you like” – noted; we’ll look into that, thanks

      ” Opera back then in version 12 was way more customizable. Will it be possible now that it’s chromium powered?” we’re always looking to make it more customisable (eg, behind the konami code so the vast majority of people who don’t want to customise their browser don’t see loads of superfluous options).

    • aminiesta

      My though exactly. I really love stash and I’m using it a lot but I really need it to be more organizeable by my own.

  • Colder Winters

    This isn’t just a browser based on Chrome, it’s a crippled version of Chrome, in fact it’s the most crippled browser you can get, Chrome, Firefox, SRWare Iron, Comodo Ice Dragon, and Comodo Dragon offer way more than this browser does, I’ve even had problems downloading stuff from this browser, it just says download Interupted, then go to Opera 12 and download with no problems. Whats with that ? The best alternative browser to the most crippled browser you can get, not sure anyone else had problems downloading, but I’m hoping this browsers settings isnt tied to IE settings like one other browser is, because I set all of IE’s settings to either highest or disabled rendering IE pretty much unusable

  • Glenn Dozier

    how do you set up the home page button?

  • Yayasan Ponpes Alkarimiyyah

    my group

  • András Pándy

    Why cant i click LIKE on Facebook with Opera ?

  • La Ma

    So. Now I also switched to another browser. Waited for an proper update with all old features like notes, side panel, “about:cache”, and so on long enough.
    Used Opera 12.17 by default, also installed the newer one and checked every few months if something happened. For a long time, the old opera was still better than the other stuff out there, it was THE browser, even it was already outdated and only updated the last time when the heart-bleed bug occurred.

    We all used opera not because it looked good (which it did indeed), but because it was the user friendliest browser out there with tons of beautiful inventions which enriched the web experience. Not to forget, at least as I remember, Opera was the only browser, which passed the acid3 test for a long time, which was great, it was beside the beautiful little special things like autosurfing to the next page by hitting the spacebar, using right+left click and so on the reason why I brought it to all of my friends and they loved it to!

    I can not understand what is going on here. Every time i bought a new computer or installed a new OS, Opera was the first thing which was installed. I neither like Firefox nor Chrome, but at the moment in which the old 12.17 becomes to old to use, i have no choice but changing to Chrome, which is a sad thing and a big downgrade in my opinion.

    Arrgh…. I’m not a sentimental guy, but because of this, I could cry.