Hello from Oslo,

We are ready with the first Opera 19 developer build. Why don’t you give it a go and see if you like it? Your feedback is always appreciated.

There is a new option ‘Advanced settings’ under opera:settings-> Browser. It controls ‘Use hardware acceleration when available (requires Opera restart)’ under System and ‘Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximized’ under User Interface.

More options for power-users will be introduced over time.

Have a nice day! 🙂


  • OS X Mavericks fixes
  • Stop Adobe Flash from blocking accented and Cyrillic characters input when executable is called opera.exe
  • Ported chrome.proxy API
  • Other bugfixes

Known issues

  • Mouse gestures do not work properly
  • Renderer crash on a polish site (http://www.wykop.pl)
  • Facebook is scrolled all the way to the top when click on any picture/video post
  • Speed Dial extensions not displaying content

Full changelog


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  • It seems we will go on here anymore. I hope it is good decision…Let’s see 🙂

  • Leonardo Gomes

    New blog page? Interesting, hope it brings cool features and facilities.

  • ayespy

    Now that the same blog is in two places, how will we keep track?

    • Frenzie

      My guess is they’ll quit updating the other one sooner rather than later.

      • ayespy

        We’ll see…

      • Ruarí Ødegaard

        This is a correct assumption.

    • ossen


    • My Opera is being phased out, so everything will take place here.

  • Confucious Monkey-kin

    There’s too much white space between segments compared to the old blog.

    • FreeBSD

      yeah, they assume ppl have short attention span or something?

  • One thing that still bugs me about Opera Blink is that every time I start it up, my computer starts a high-pitched buzz like a fan or hard disk is spinning faster or something.

    The buzzing stops as soon as I close Opera Blink, and doesn’t happen with the old Opera, neither 11.64 (my default), nor 12.16.

    Firefox 25 also does this, as does SRWare Chrome Iron, but IE10 does not, and nor do other software applications.

    My hardware is a Novatech Life NTA25


  • bgh251f2

    Well still no Linux and taking that most new sites(like MEGA) doesn’t work with opera 12, I’ll just have to get used to Firefox and Chrome. And as more I get used to them more I think I’ll never return to Opera, unless it became a very awesome thing(that i don’t even have how to know if it will ever do because I use Linux most of my time, so no testing, and as the last oficial information about a linux version was on http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/09/opera-18-developer-stream/ or 18 blog posts ago and was limited to “There is no Linux version of Opera available yet. ” I’m starting to take for sure that a Linux version will simply never exists). Bye Opera hope to see you again if I ever return to the blog…

  • Dark Magician

    I have problems with using Disqus on Opera, so I’m writting this in IE11 RP. X’D

    • You’re probably having trouble with third party cookies.
      Go to cookies>make an exception, and add excpetions for “opera.com” and “disqus.com”.

      • Dark Magician

        You are right. Thanks.

  • David Santos

    I’m starting to get scared that Opera won’t be coming back to Linux.

    Sure, developers say that it will… But they say that every since version 15. Now version 19 is already in Developer, and no Linux version in sight. You know what? Actions speak louder than words. I’ve seen the words that the new Opera will be coming to Linux. Where are the actions to back those words up?

    • At least Ruari is back from his paternity leave (has been for a while, actuallY). He’s our main Linux guy 🙂

      • David Santos

        That is good news. Although people have been saying that Opera is now another Chrome, I have been using Chrome on Linux and Opera is already better, from what I saw the last time I used Developer 18 on Windows.

      • Actually we wait him and probably linux will born again with him.

        • Ruarí Ødegaard

          I would love to give you some timescale for Opera for Linux Desktop but it is dependent on various internal factors. If I suggested a date and we did not make it, I’m certain I would only annoy people more.

          Nonetheless, I will reiterate that we have not changed from our current plan to release a version of the new Blink-based Opera for Linux. I know this is not exactly news and I agree that actions speak louder than words but it is all I can give you right now.

          In the mean time, 12.16 is still a fantastic browser and IMHO at least, it is better than the current Linux competition.

          • Of course it is a really fantastic but we use both at the same time and users want to see maybe some early-early developer edition for Linux. At least you can gave us some screenshots 🙂 in order to persuade people that yes they work on will bring us some nice Linux builds..

            Actually, our time schedule is end of the year t osee a dev. version and I am pretty sure you are working on it. But you should understand people…

          • bgh251f2

            Yeah, but Opera 12.16 doesn’t open MEGA and other sites like it so how can I use it?

          • Cqoicebordel

            I don’t think that what it frustating for us is to not have a timescale so much as to be left in the dark.
            Why specifically is it hard to produce a version for Linux ?
            Will the future version be at par with other platforms ?
            And why, why is it hard to produce an Opera Mail for Linux version, knowing that it’s a stripped down Opera 12, which was *already* on Linux ?

            We can be patient, but not without meaningful informations.

            (BTW, there were talk about open sourcing Presto 6 months ago. Where are we on that ?)

          • bruce lawson

            “there were talk about open sourcing Presto 6 months ago. Where are we on that”

            We’re not anywhere with it we’re still shipping products that use Presto: Opera Mini, Opera TV and a new product in China called Sphinx.

          • Cqoicebordel

            Thanks for the reply.
            I’m surprised you’re shipping a new product with Presto. It seems weird since I thought the development of Presto was over. Wasn’t it ?

          • bruce lawson

            A partner company, Oupeng (co-owned by Opera and another company), have used Presto to make a gaming engine. We aren’t developing it any more.

          • Cqoicebordel

            I’m saddened by that :
            I understand the point of view of Opera Software. It make sense to cash on Presto and use it while it can be. And it’s still a good and useful core.
            But from the point of view of the humankind/human knowledge base (for lack of a better word), I think it’s a missed opportunity : when it will be open sourced (if…), it will be so outdated that it won’t be worth it to take care of Presto. And all past work on it will be lost.

            Anyway. I know I won’t change anything. I think I’m just depressed to see what will become of a beloved piece of software.
            Thanks again for the answers. I really appreciate them.

          • bruce lawson

            “all past work on it will be lost.” but it’s not lost, as it’s running and shipping now!

          • Cqoicebordel

            Yes for now. And in five years from now, when Presto will be wildly outdated for lack of support ?
            I’m talking about the long run here, because that’s what really matter for us.

  • FreeBSD

    the old opera is dead, long live the new opera? let us see….

  • Dark Magician

    Remove Google from Speed Dial. And we want per tab private browsing.

    • I think the whole google search bar is more important than per tab browsing. I was under the impression that they wanted everything to be done in the address bar, which is why they removed the separate “search bar”. Removing the google bar only helps their cause.

      I mean, isn’t it just as simple as removing an element from an html file, given they chose to code it in html rather than the way they coded the speed dial in presto?

      • Ruarí Ødegaard

        In more recent developer builds this is now possible. Removing search from speed dial I mean

  • I’ve just noticed, at the bottom of the “blog subscriptions” page of my.opera, it says

    (i) Users of the Opera Web browser can also add a special side-panel to view their news quickly.

    Any chance of panel-based things like bookmarks or the download manager?

  • сддф

    Fix text selection of links!!! It’s awful!!!

    • They would need to fix Blink for that. Text selection in links was one of the coolest features of Blink!

  • L33t4opera
  • Deme Tamás

    Any news about a usable download manager w/ open only, per tab private mode and customizable mouse gestures? These are the only things keeping me from switching from 12.16 🙁

    • bruce lawson

      we’re working on improving the download manager (what would you like to see different?). Private tabs are replaced by private window. Customisable mouse gestures to be determined.

      • Deme Tamás

        Well I can live without private tabs, but charge requests:

        – Private windows need more distinctive features from normal ones. The pair of glasses as a favicon doesn’t do much.
        – Download manager needs an option to open a separate page by default, and disable the button. Also I want to be able to “open only” things, so I don’t see them in the downloads later.
        – Mouse gestures are extremely important for me, also I don’t think that implementing custom commands like it was before would be so hard. Just look at my toolbar 😉 http://cl.ly/image/2E433s0x0X22

        Other minor stuff:
        – ability to put “find in page” box where it is in the screenshot. (or next to the address bar)
        – Trash can button for tabs

        I hope you can implement all these, so I can finally make the switch.
        An avid Opera user & evangelist 😉

  • f4nkyy

    As soon as important functions like opera-link and bookmarks + sidebar are finally implemented…
    please add:
    – customizable mouse gestures that i can set “gesture Up = close tab” which is very useful. I like to be able to quickly open and close tabs this way.
    – tabs resizeable with thumbnails + closed tabs list/trash
    – SAVE SESSIONS!!! (no, “stash” is no alternative)
    – “send tab to opera mobile” and vice versa
    – ability to merge multiple opera link accounts because i had to create two new accounts when opera mobile 12 didn’t sync them anymore unless i deleted the “create search engine” shortcuts and some bookmark entries…
    – old (opera 12) download-manager functions (re-download, paste download link) and an option for a better list-view when we have a lot of entries, the old one gave much more overview. also an option to show kb/s instead of mb/s and let the final download rate stay (useful for internet speed tests with big files)
    – the lovely designed FTP listing from opera 12 🙂
    – ability to quick-edit the html source with live-preview and save function without the need to launch the dragonfly-like editor
    – a quick “block content” feature without the need for an addon
    – right click option for w3c-validator on current page
    – customizing icon positions, add/remove icons, and so on…
    – will there be a shortcut for login (ctrl+enter) again?

    Well, opera 12 was so perfect with all these functions, i really hope there will be a power-user option or an enhanced opera version for power users, which will bring all these functions back, time after time. Because these are the reasons why i choosed Opera back then. It gave me the possibility to use the web and work with the web REALLY FAST and efficient, therefore Opera was the fastest browser for me. Exactly as you advertised it back then 🙂 Unlike the other browsers where you have to bloat the sh.. up of it with add-ons for every tiny little function…

    Please give us our efficiency back – we will give our thankfullness back and continue to recommend opera to our friends 🙂

  • Frosted

    Opera 18/19 is totally inconvenient for me until it can have custom buttons (or built-in ones for features I use constantly). For me, the most important buttons are: +10%, -10% and 100% for zooming, full screen, stop/reload, run in Firefox, and kill (for deleting stuff I don’t want to print to pdf or on paper). Also a button to show a list of closed tabs, for reopening, and a check box for turning cookies on an off. If it weren’t for this custom “control panel” I would have moved over to FF or Chrome long ago, because of frustrating print problems in prior versions of Opera (hopefully fixed in 18/19 (I haven’t tested this thoroughly).

    Also, a button for getting my homepage is crucial — I have a custom cascade of homepages instead of bookmarks.

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