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Update your browser: Security fixes for latest Chrome bugs

Hi everyone!

Opera, Opera GX, and Opera Crypto Browser have received important updates addressing a number of vulnerabilities and bugs.

Among those are the following important vulnerabilities detected by security researchers, and addressed by the latest Chrome stable update:

High: CVE-2023-4068: Type Confusion in V8

High CVE-2023-4069: Type Confusion in V8

High CVE-2023-4070: Type Confusion in V8

High CVE-2023-4071: Heap buffer overflow in Visuals

High CVE-2023-4072: Out of bounds read and write in WebGL

High CVE-2023-4073: Out of bounds memory access in ANGLE

High CVE-2023-4074: Use after free in Blink Task Scheduling

High CVE-2023-4075: Use after free in Cast

High CVE-2023-4076: Use after free in WebRTC

Medium CVE-2023-4077: Insufficient data validation in Extensions

Medium CVE-2023-4078: Inappropriate implementation in Extensions

Make sure to update your browser to the latest version: Opera browser (101.0.4843.43), Opera GX (101.0.4843.42), and Opera Crypto browser (101.0.4843.43). If you have any trouble auto-updating, download the latest versions of the browsers from our website.

As always, stay safe out there!

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