Opera at SnykCon2020 gets DevSecOps Award

At SnykCon 2020, Opera received the DevSecOps All-Star Award for leveraging Snyk to bring a complete and fully automated DevSecOps process into a secure software development lifecycle. 

Opera was represented by Wojciech Podgórski, Web Services Security Leader, the key person behind the integration of Opera Web Services SDLC with Snyk. The award was presented by Peter McKay, CEO of Snyk, and Lindsey Serafin, Head of Customer Success at Snyk. 

Static code analysis is one of the security controls that every piece of software in Web Services must go through before deployment. This is particularly important for the open source dependencies used by Opera. Snyk helps automatically review and assess changes in the entire stack to prevent vulnerabilities from becoming a problem in production. 

Opera’s AppSec program involves multiple security controls, both manual and automatic. Our last line of defense is a bug bounty program.

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