Opera Privacy Statement Update 2019

This is an outdated article. Please read Opera Privacy Statement Update 2022 instead.

We have recently updated our end-user license agreements and our terms of service have been updated as well. We are also about to update our privacy statement, effective on February 20, 2019, with the intention of making it easier to read and understand.

We have made changes for our users living outside the European Economic Area (EEA) so that they have a different legal entity to issue a privacy policy. The new data controller location for non-EEA users is Singapore, which will also take effect on February 20. Please note that we will continue to develop the same products and follow the same security and privacy guidelines as before.

Making a privacy statement easier to read

Having people’s trust is something we highly value at Opera. As the longest-lasting browser company in the world, we also know how important your online privacy is. This is also the reason why, in addition to having a user-friendly privacy statement, we implement unique features to protect your online digital presence, such as a free, no-log VPN service and native ad blocking and anti-tracking options.

Over the last year, we have carefully studied your feedback and questions regarding online privacy. The result of our observation is an updated privacy statement that is easier to read and understand. In our updated privacy statement, we use common language to explain what we do and what it means for you. We would love to get further feedback on our updated privacy statement via our feedback form.

Regional split of privacy policies

Opera is growing into a global business with hundreds of millions of users spread across all continents. To provide the best service to our vast user base, we have extended our presence in several locations and, to assist us in our efforts to streamline business processes, we will now offer our products to users from more than one company. Our users from within the European Economic Area (EEA) will continue to be served by a Norwegian data controller. Users located in other areas of the globe (non-EEA) will, after this change in regional privacy policies, be served by our company in Singapore. We chose Singapore as this is where we have the largest data centers already storing data. As previously stated, we will continue to develop the same products and follow the same security and privacy guidelines as before.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new statement, which is available here. If you have any questions regarding these changes, feel free to contact us via the privacy request form.

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