Each year, a number of researchers offer their assistance to help us tighten the security of our wide array of websites. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the researchers and testers of 2014 for their assistance in discovering and reporting security issues:

  • Ishan Anand (Zero-Access)
  • Michele Spagnuolo
  • Christian Galeone
  • Muhammad Waqar (@Muhammadwaqar_9)
  • Muhammad Abdullah (@mahitman1)
  • Abdullah Hussam Gazi (@Abdulahhusam)
  • Koutrouss Naddara
  • Muhammad Talha Khan (@M7K911)

Others have made a number of attempts to find security issues, and pointed to areas of our websites where they think we could improve. Some of these reports allowed us to determine minor security issues, either in our own software or in third party software. These are listed below.

  • Muhammad Shahmeer (Maads Security)

If you have discovered a security issue in one of Opera’s web sites, please report it securely using our bug tracking system (please do not report such issues using blog comments).

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