Opera becomes the browser partner of Yat drop concerts, starting with an exclusive DJ set by Steve Aoki

Opera is yet again partnering with Yat, the company behind the emoji system that allows people to ditch boring weblinks and use emojis instead of letters and words.  

Opera users, who are the first ones on the web to be able to access emoji-only-based web addresses and register their unique strings of emojis as their personal domains, can now listen to exclusive concerts with every new Yat drop. The first one on the roster is a set by Steve Aoki, or 🎂🎵.

The Opera x Yat partnership means that for the first time in the history of the Internet, users are able to navigate the web by entering solely a string of emojis into the URL bar instead of letters and words. They can also highlight them on any website and be taken directly to the link hiding under the emojis.

It’s a major paradigm shift in the way the Internet works. Almost 30 years since the world wide web launched to the public and a day after Internet Explorer was laid to rest, everyone can use Opera to tune in to the Steve Aoki set using this link: https://y.at/🖖🆕📦. Why does it matter? Because before Yat entered the space, there hadn’t been much innovation in the weblink space: people still include .com in their URLs. Through the integration with Yat, Opera users are able to ditch .com or even words in their links and use only emojis to be directed to websites. It’s new, it’s easier and more fun.

Today, we’re taking our partnership a step further: Opera is becoming the first browser partner of Yat drops, usually celebrated with a spectacular, exclusive online set by a renowned artist. The first one on the roster is Steve Aoki, the Grammy-nominated electronic dance music DJ, producer, and entrepreneur, known for his high-impact, experiential live performances.

Tune in to the Steve Aoki set at 3pm PT / 6pm ET on June 16, 2022 at y.at/🖖🆕📦

Ditch your boring weblinks and use emojis right now. Do it.

And if you fall in love with Steve Aoki’s sets, make sure to use Opera’s built-in player feature in the sidebar that lets you listen to Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and others while carrying on with your online life.

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