First, thank you all for the fantastic feedback from our developer release yesterday. Your feedback is truly motivating for us!
Link to Download Opera developer

We didn’t expect that downloads would exceed those from our very successful ad blocker release last month. But, they did… by 6 times!

Opera Developer

With such high interest, we needed to double the capacity of our servers. Our SurfEasy engineers worked hard to serve these massive downloads, and – despite the challenges – they managed to pull it off.


The U.S. was the country with the biggest number of users followed by Russia, the U.K., Germany, France and Poland. This clearly shows that online privacy is gaining importance in all over the world.

People have also raised some good questions, and we want to make sure everyone understands where things stand with our free VPN feature.

  1. Our VPN feature is still in development. We are currently working hard to implement support for proxying even more of the browser traffic, including WebRTC and plug-ins. Having this functionality built into the browser, instead of as an extension, allows us to catch more situations, such as certificate revocation checks made by the system.
  2. Yes, the VPN feature is free, and we do not plan to charge for it.
  3. Our VPN is something we call a browser VPN. Under the hood it works by routing all the browser traffic properly encrypted via our secure proxies in various parts of the world. It will not route the traffic from other applications – as a system wide VPN would do – it’s a browser VPN after all.

Let’s not stop now! Keep giving us your feedback to help us make the VPN feature even better when it hits the final, stable version of Opera for computers.


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  • Boaty McBoatface

    I would quit using Chrome once the WebRTC is blocked. Also need a portable version with the VPN.

    • BK

      While installing opera, go to advanced, and pick USB mode. There you go, your portable version.

      • Boaty McBoatface

        Was not given that option. I use Ubuntu 16.04 dpkg install. I will check for the USB option on Win10. Thanks for the heads up.

        • You can easily make your own portable Linux version. You can repackage Opera as you want (e.g. Arch Linux does this).

          An easy way is just to extract the dpkg package (not installing it), and making a script where it runs opera with the `–user-data-dir=local_profile/` flag so you can transport your profile with your USB drive.

          So portable with Linux is fully possible, just a bit DIY 😉

  • yigido

    You were selling the SurfEasy extension in Opera. It has free (500MB limited) and premium subscriptions. Now, SurfEasy working on free built-in VPN in Opera.
    Some questions appears,
    1 – What happened to paid users of SurfEasy?
    2 – Will you continue to serve paid SurfEasy plans? Will you promote SurfEasy in Opera?
    3 – You are an advertisement company like Google. To make money and pay the bills. You just integrated a adblocker to your own browser. Where will you make money? Are you chasing our VPN traffic ^^
    I read a comment about your built-in VPN, please see:
    “There’s also a potential privacy issue: when setting up the VPN, the browser requests something called device_id, this is subsequently sent in every request to the proxy and it survives browser restarts and reinstalls unless you also delete your user data when uninstalling. This might be used for user tracking for whatever purpose,”

    Thanks for the answers.

    • Krystian Kolondra


      here are some answers:

      1. SurfEasy offers a system-wide VPN so you can use other applications like standalone mail or torrent clients. It also offers a lot wider range of locations you can choose from. Browser VPN is limited to the browser.
      2. Yes.
      3. Our Browser VPN is no-log – so no, not chasing the traffic. We earn money mostly from search – like most other browsers do.

      As for the last things – I am surprised it was even mentioned in the article as nothing has changed here since Opera 12 – you can read the details in our privacy policy (available at opera://about/privacy). Each installation of Opera – like almost any other software offering auto-updates including antiviruses – has its hashed ID – it is used so we could count number of users using the browser.


      • Hi Krystian!

        The article mentions a device id because it’s probably a different id than what’s there since Opera 12. That id does not seem to be sent to the proxy servers. Instead, there’s a new id, which is generated at the SurfEasy API server when the “VPN” is enabled and the id is then stored in the Opera browser and this id then gets submitted with every request to the proxy server.

        It seems this “proxy” device id is not the same as the hashed Opera device id you are talking about. Technically, it’s a new id and it’s not covered by current opera://about/privacy policy, which says “This unique ID is required for auto-updates of the software and any installed extensions.” The “proxy” device id is not required for auto-updates.

        Care to clarify? Thanks!

  • Paulo Freitas

    Is there any estimated release date for the stable version of Opera 38 (including the VPN system) for computers?

    • Slawek Sochaj

      We have just released VPN in the Developer channel to gather feedback from users. Based on this feedback we will estimate on how much time we need to bring the stable version. Our usual release cycle is 6 weeks.

  • Chafroud Walid

    i’m using windows 10 with the last systeme update .
    i have downloaded web broser opera developer , the first time has worked correctly but i have many cruch and is closed when i opened again , it still cruched 🙁

  • intrnl

    I want a feature where I can select an element to block

    • 1337

      Use uBlock Origin for this.

  • Byambaa

    Hello . Sometimes my opera VPN is not working. still orange color . does not have virtual location choose (canada , us , germany)
    how can i fix that problem . Please help me ?

  • xmp999

    I love the built-in VPN, but….. At first it worked beautifully, back when it was simply enabled in “settings”. But now that the browser seems to have updated itself and the VPN is only available in private windows, it no longer connects. What changed? Any way to fix it?

    • 1337

      They reverted it back in this version.

  • dosondisqus

    This was great for a couple of weeks but since it became a ‘Private Browsing’ only option, I cant get any pages to load any more… 🙁 Edit: The VPN feature is the ONLY thing that would make me use Opera, I’m perfectly happy with Chrome, so if you dont get this working soon you will be loosing me as a user…

    • 1337

      They reverted it back.

  • EagleSeven

    After a few days of perfect working, VPN as an option on Opera Developer 39 is out of function. When use it, a message like ‘site not existing or removed in other address ‘ appears in the screen. This issue was mentioned in detail in Opera forum, but so far no answer or respond from Opera. What happened, guys?

  • Moh

    amazing team !

  • Momen kamal

    please please help me , vpn problem . when i try to connect the vpn in “opera dev 2248” the vpn won’t connect , “orange” (connecting) , and the vpn still don’t work .
    i try to reinstall opera, remove and install it again , restart my pc , but the problem is still shown

    • 1337

      Too much trafic.

  • Edgar

    this browser VPN idea is good. But I face problem with accessing EZProxy server via the VPN. Is that any limitation of the VPN?

  • abhishekchanda

    when is the free VPN planned for the stable release?

  • Andrew Dow

    Opera is my favorite browser, it always was. But I have a huge request if possible 🙂
    Please make a Hungarian VPN server, that would bring at least half million users from around Hungary. Why? Censorship! Yes, in Europe. A lot of hungarians outside the country are blocked from hungarian sites because of pressure from neighboring countries. “This content is not available in your country” is everywhere and millions of people are upset about this. A lot of us are using Tor Browser with ExitNodes {hu} setting, but Opera would be the best and easiest way.
    Thank you for reading 🙂

  • wwbateoad

    Could you pls. tell me if Opera VPN is working with anonymous downloads = Turbo
    Download Manager????
    Thanks a lot for soon reply + best regards

    (what will be at the end of all days)

  • Danilo

    I am using Opera 39 stable, and the VPN in privacy & settings section is currently disable and it is showing (coming soon). when this vpn build will be available for Opera 39?

  • It has been so nice to me to be here. I like the approach of Opera for doubling server capacity vpn. I had very knowledge about it but after reading the article over here I got so many new points which increased my strength about this topic. Moreover all the commentaries are given me a good example what we can do in doubling the capacity of vpn. I would like to thank to all the commentaries over here. I am Diana Jeff from dianabolbulk website. Thanks for all the details about this topic.

  • David

    I downloaded opera 40 today. Cannot access any sites with VPN enabled. Downloaded several times…..same problem. Any fix for this?