Opera is doubling the server capacity after the built-in VPN launch

First, thank you all for the fantastic feedback from our developer release yesterday. Your feedback is truly motivating for us!
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We didn’t expect that downloads would exceed those from our very successful ad blocker release last month. But, they did… by 6 times!

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With such high interest, we needed to double the capacity of our servers. Our SurfEasy engineers worked hard to serve these massive downloads, and – despite the challenges – they managed to pull it off.


The U.S. was the country with the biggest number of users followed by Russia, the U.K., Germany, France and Poland. This clearly shows that online privacy is gaining importance in all over the world.

People have also raised some good questions, and we want to make sure everyone understands where things stand with our free VPN feature.

  1. Our VPN feature is still in development. We are currently working hard to implement support for proxying even more of the browser traffic, including WebRTC and plug-ins. Having this functionality built into the browser, instead of as an extension, allows us to catch more situations, such as certificate revocation checks made by the system.
  2. Yes, the VPN feature is free, and we do not plan to charge for it.
  3. Our VPN is something we call a browser VPN. Under the hood it works by routing all the browser traffic properly encrypted via our secure proxies in various parts of the world. It will not route the traffic from other applications – as a system wide VPN would do – it’s a browser VPN after all.

Let’s not stop now! Keep giving us your feedback to help us make the VPN feature even better when it hits the final, stable version of Opera for computers.


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