Over the past few years, we’ve been reading in article headlines and community discussions that email will die out by 2020, entirely replaced by social networks, messengers and team-collaboration tools. However, it’s possible these reports of email’s demise could be premature. Here’s why:

Billions of emails, and counting

According to a recent research by the Radicati group, 205 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. The overall number of registered email accounts exceeded 4.3 billion in 2015. This is 6% higher than last year. After all, it seems email rates are growing instead of dying!

Mobile email on the rise

In all, 50% of emails are opened on mobile, reported Litmus, a company specializing in email analytics. Compare this to 2011, when the mobile email share was as low as 8%. I think this growth is well synced with the smartphone boom and the need to stay connected on the go.

How to manage email better - tips from Opera

How to manage email better

Since email is still kicking, here’s a recap of some simple tips that help me manage it better. They might be especially handy if you extensively use email at work and want to prevent inbox chaos.

1. Leverage labels and filters.

As the incoming emails pile up in your inbox, it gets harder to find the important stuff. An easy and practical, but often neglected, solution is using labels or folders (for example, by topic, by sender, etc) and setting filters for messages matching specific parameters.

2. Mark the most important emails.

As a part of the previous method, I’ve also created a special label for the most important emails titled “Attention required”. To make it easier to find these email threads in my inbox, I use color-coding, too. See if it works for you.

3. Follow the 1-minute rule.

If I see that replying to an email will take less than 1 minute, I do it without postponing. This helps me filter out questions with lower priority and avoid losing some small questions in my workflow.

4. Give no mercy to non-informative emails.

Another tip that prevents my mailbox from growing out of proportion is deleting non-informative or irrelevant emails right away. Sometimes I do it even before opening the message – for example, when I clearly see it’s a promotional offer I’m not interested in.

5. Save time with email extensions.

If you check email in the Opera browser, you can save time with some useful extensions. For example, Gmail Notifier will instantly show you when a new email lands in your inbox, whatever site you’re currently browsing. With the Gorgias extension you can use templates to write emails more quickly. Find more by searching for “email” in Opera’s add-ons catalog.

6. Turn emails into tasks.

Here’s a tip for those of you who want even more organization and order for your email. Some to-do tools, such as Wunderlist and Todoist, allow you to automatically convert important emails into tasks. You can schedule them and get reminders about these action items.

How often do you use email? Do you check it in your browser or in an email client?

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  • Lacedaemon

    “How to manage email better”

    Easy, bring back M2 mail integrated into your nowadays cross-platform browser. You ‘ve ditched it 3 years ago only to find out today how important mail is?

    • Yea , actually there is no need to make a such long article…Just one reply we need = OM2

      • Opera Mail desktop app needs bug fixes (I know of 2 crashes, I have sent in crash reports)

        • They do not develop it anymore and no need to fill bug…

          • I know (it came from the Presto Mail part), for me it last rebuild the data base w/ version 10

  • Jeff

    Is anyone still working on Opera Mail? It’s been stagnant for quite some time now.

    • Lacedaemon

      No, they ‘ve abandoned it.

  • Ronnie Smith

    nice tips , cheers


  • isiprinter
  • Many don’t do mobile email, because the mobile data cost are to much and the plans many have are very expensive per KB or MB

    • Great Dude

      Well, I have some advices I hope they help :
      1) You can use an email app like K9
      2) Use filters and let it work only for specified folders (or except specific folders)
      3) Let it work each 30 minute or 1 hour
      4) When you open an email, don’t press on “show pictures”.
      5) Use “Quite time” to let the app stop between specified time
      6) By using Opera Max the bandwidth would decrease

      • Not everyone has a smart phone, many are using basic phones (sometimes called flip phones) (they have data access but it is expensive)

        • Great Dude

          You are absolutely right on that point.

  • Niklas Poslovski

    I check my emails every day but I nearly never write one.I use Whiteout Mail.It’s the only mail client for Chromebooks which isn’t a converted Android application.

  • Master Azam



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  • Ismail Bayar

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  • BlackHouse

    I loved My Opera Mail, sadly that you have shut down this service. But i must say that Vivaldi Mail has a good chance to be a very good replace when they work on it.

    I can only recommend it: https://webmail.vivaldi.net
    Register first here: https://vivaldi.net

    @Opera Software: Do you plan to bring My Opera Mail and the client back ?

  • I was the person who checks emails in M2. By the way, you might not know, it was the best email client built in Prestopera. Check M3 in Vivaldi. It is the new version of the M2.

  • I don’t think e-mail is dead or the word processor either because you need them if you’re an author it’s a vital part of publishing and working with Submittable. Opera if you notice the word processors that are emerging for working on a laptop and Google Docs has feature for writers to voice type so I doubt e-mail will die out because you have gmx.com who emerged and able to send large files and what not.

    • BrianKeene

      GMX banned you from using their service, Nicky, because you’re a predator (as anyone who Googles your name can see).

      • I got it working and it took 12 hours to get it fixed.

        • Formal DeHyde

          You forgot your password … again?

        • BrianKeene

          Yes, I know. Someone else logged into it this morning… 😉

    • RLB

      You are not an author, editor or publisher. You use your emails to join adult oriented websites, or harass women or minors.

      • YOU Plagiarized me monkey remember.

        • BrianKeene

          He plagiarized your monkey?

          • Formal DeHyde

            I was wondering the same thing. His simian must be far more literate than he is.

          • BrianKeene

            Maybe Nicky refers to a part of his anatomy as his “monkey”? But even then, I don’t see how someone could plagiarize it.

        • RLB

          Wow that’s nice and racist, and your comment has been reported.

  • I do not think the future of the mail will be like that. Business world will need it in the future too. Some of us don’t like reading mails because of spams and unnecessary mails. But it is still usefull for us and it will stay like that.



  • Lubomir Kompik

    E-mail nie je mŕtvy, ale treba ho poriadne zabezpečiť: