Introducing: This Week in Privacy

This Week in Privacy, provided by SurfEasy, is a curated report of the week’s top news stories relating to your privacy, prepared just for you. We know that our Opera and SurfEasy users are privacy-conscious consumers, and we feel that an important part of protecting your rights is to help you stay informed of news related to your online security. We’ll be covering the biggest stories in privacy and presenting them in bite-size chunks, with links to the full articles.


With that introduction, here’s a roundup of what happened, this week in privacy:

US House introduces bill to repeal the Patriot Act

Congressional representatives in the United States this week introduced the Surveillance State Repeal Act, which would effectively end the NSA’s domestic data collection and spying practices.

CISPA’s successor being fast-tracked through the US Senate

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, a bill that would expand the powers of the NSA, will likely be voted on by the end of the month.

UK government admits its intelligence services allowed to break into any system

GCHQ can legally hack into any phone, computer or communications network anywhere in the world, even without a suspected threat to national security.

Amtrak misleads customers about police use of passenger data

Released documents show that Amtrak is giving U.S. police a dedicated user interface to mine passenger data – and lying about it to customers.

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