Reintroducing Opera Max

*This post is the fourth part of an ongoing series about mobile data usage. You can catch up on the previous posts here, here and  here.

During October, we hosted a Data Horror Stories Contest, where thousands of individuals who have previously been burned by their data plans submitted their tales of mobile-data-overage woe.

Since then, we’ve been helping mobile users understand exactly what their mobile data is and how they can control their usage to make sure they never see an overage bill again.

Now, you might think Opera Max is a cool bottled-water company, due to all of the sweet swag we give away, but it’s actually an app that can help mobile users cut their data bills drastically.

Our super cool water bottles

Our super sweet water bottles

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves

Opera Max is a free, data-savings and data-management app that extends your data plan by up to 50%. With this app, you can easily manage your data by monitoring daily data usage and limiting data-hogging apps to Wi-Fi only. The app also provides data savings by compressing videos, photos, media and more across almost all of your favorite apps and websites, all without any noticeable loss of quality.

With the app, data-overage fees are a thing of the past. Have you experienced data savings by using Opera Max? Let us know in the comments and you could win one of our fancy water bottles!


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