Five apps to use with Opera Max

Avoiding certain apps because of their heavy data usage? Our data-savings app Opera Max finally solves that problem. Here are a few of our favorite (data-sucking) apps that work great with Opera Max.

Vine perfectly demonstrates the power of Opera Max. The user base of this video-sharing app has exploded over the last year. The problem is that these videos will often consume your data plan and, ultimately, cost you a lot of money. With Opera Max, however, you can keep on trucking through those six-second video clips.

The Flipboard app lets you organize the info you want to look at, then flip through it like you would a magazine. It’s a beautiful app that works hand-in-hand with Opera Max.

From the founders of YouTube, Mixbit is a video-app that lets you create, edit and share videos from your phone. Opera Max is the only data-savings app that also compresses video, so go ahead and give Mixbit a try.

To stay up to date, try News Republic. This app aggregates the biggest news stories. (Thanks for the suggestion, Léon McGregor!). For tech news, Appy Geek with its clever user-interface is a good choice.

Opera Max auto-detects expensive data, which means that the app stays out of the way if the data is free. You can set Opera Max to detect when you are roaming or out of your network and prevent apps from using any expensive data.

What apps have given you great results with Opera Max? Let us know in the comments below!

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