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Opera now provides you with both Free & Pro VPN solutions for serious data protection and powerful online security

Six years ago, Opera became the first major browser to offer a free, unlimited, no log built-in browser VPN service. Now we are expanding security features with the new VPN Pro subscription service, a premium device-wide VPN that can also be used without installing a separate application. The new VPN Pro service is available for Opera for Android users. This makes Opera the only major browser with both a Free VPN for the browser and a device-wide VPN Pro solution, providing an additional level of data protection and powerful online security. 

Choosing between Free and Pro VPN solutions 

Opera’s Free VPN is a built-in, unlimited and easy to use solution that protects you when browsing through Opera. When active, the VPN hides your physical location, making it more difficult to track your online behavior. The Free VPN is a no-log service, which means that the VPN servers do not log or retain any activity data, further protecting your privacy. However, the number of locations and servers to choose from is limited, and the protection is available only when you’re browsing through Opera. 

VPN Pro satisfies the needs of those of you who are looking for increased protection. It provides security to the entire device and protects up to 6 different Android devices within one subscription. Your data stays safe behind a wall of next-generation encryption, no matter what application you are using. Just like Opera’s Free VPN, VPN Pro is a no-log  and built-in service. It offers access to 3000+ private network servers in over 30 locations around the world, allowing you to download files and browse the web securely with a speedy VPN connection and unlimited bandwidth for their Android devices. There is no need to sacrifice speed for better security, since VPN Pro gives access to high-speed servers, so you can browse faster than ever. Additionally, you can run the data-saving mode alongside VPN Pro to ensure you never go overboard on your data. 

How to get started

VPN Pro can be used on Android 6.0 and higher, by installing Opera for Android version 69. To enhance device security and safety, subscribe to Opera VPN Pro directly inside the Opera Browser on Android, following 5 simple steps: download the latest version of Opera for Android; upgrade to VPN Pro in the menu; choose the type of subscription; follow the payment steps through Google Play Store; enjoy a seamless and protected connection to the web! 

With Opera VPN Pro, existing Opera users can easily subscribe using their Opera account, without the need to download another app or create another account. 

VPN Pro is currently available in the majority of markets around the globe. There is a 7-day free trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The release also has a limited time offer pricing of $5.99 for one month, $2.99 per month with 6-months subscription, and $1.99 per month with 12-months subscription for VPN protection. To discover all the benefits, visit the dedicated VPN Pro page. For those wishing to protect their entire device with VPN Pro right now, a subscription is available here

If you ever need any help with the service, Opera’s team of industry-leading experts are always available to assist. Support can be easily reached through the Help Center or by Chat & Email support, both available here.

VPN Pro coming to all Opera browsers!  

Opera is currently developing the VPN Pro service for its other browsers to ensure that users get serious data protection and powerful online security no matter which device they use. The new VPN Pro service is already available in the Developer version of the Opera browser for desktop. Read more here!

Happy and safe browsing!

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