A billion thanks for a billion downloads!

Opera browsers exceed 1 billion downloads on Google Play!

There are two kinds of browsers in the world. The first ones come as default, pre-installed on your computer or phone. The other group is chosen, downloaded and installed, after you’ve carefully considered all the alternatives. Opera is proud to be the browser of choice more than one billion times over!

Today, there is increasing demand for better browsers than the default one, and we are humbled that the mobile versions of our browsers have exceeded one billion downloads from Google Play. This means that more than one billion times, people who already had a default browser on their device took the initiative to download one of Opera’s browsers in order to get the best online experience. We see this as profound validation that we are on the right track. 

To all of our users who took it upon themselves to reach past the default, and to personally choose browsers that work for them – thank you. Thank you for trusting our browsers a billion times – we are flattered and thrilled, and will repay your favor by continuing to innovate and build the browsers you go out of your way for.

About Opera browsers on Google Play

Opera has multiple browsers available on Google Play, which are each tailored for different needs. 

The Opera browser for Android is the mobile version of the popular Opera desktop browser. It’s lightning fast and has a free unlimited built-in VPN, as well as ad blocker, crypto wallet, and many other unique features typically not found in default browsers.

In November 2008, Opera Mini became the first alternative browser available on what was then called the Android marketplace. Today Opera Mini for Android is the trusted choice of millions of users, especially in countries where internet access is pricey: it’s the browser that rules over all other browsers when it comes to data savings, with a compression rate of more than 90 percent. That’s 90 percent lower data costs. 

Launched in April 2017, Opera Touch for Android was created for those who love cutting-edge design, with browser navigation moved to the bottom of the screen for easier use on smartphones with large displays. Opera Touch has won the Red Dot award for its UX/UI interface, as well as the IF Design Award Gold.

Opera GX Mobile, released in June 2021, is the world’s first mobile browser designed for gamers, with their tastes and preferences in mind. Beyond its unique look and feel as well as standard Opera browser features, Opera GX provides access to the unique GX Corner with the latest news and deals from the gaming world.

In addition to these, Opera has several beta versions of the browsers available for download on Google Play. 

About Opera

Opera is a leading global web innovator with an engaged and growing base of hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Building on over 25 years of innovation that started with browser products, Opera is increasingly leveraging its brand as well as its massive and highly active user base in order to expand its offerings and business. Today, Opera offers users around the world a range of products and services that include PC and mobile browsers, the AI-powered newsreader Opera News, and recently launched fintech and classifieds apps. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). 

Once again, our biggest thanks to all those who made this possible! We remain committed to continue to build better browsing experiences as we head out for the next billion downloads!  

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