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Opera meetup Ahmedabad

  So, with much gung-ho and hype, we landed in Ahmedabad city for our first Opera meetup in the vibrant state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad, the land of fafdas and theplas? Nah. Ahmedabad, the city of tech-savvy folks. Yes, we are looking at you, Opera users. With the ever-evolving technological environment, the need to break through...

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If you’re from Mumbai, you are familiar with the “one hour buffer”. It’s one of those unsaid things. Events, meetings, even a casual evening with friends, are planned with a one hour delay in mind. And, on the heels of Christmas, you’re probably ready to become more generous with that buffer. If you see people...

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Opera Meetup

Getting user feedback is very important to us at Opera. That’s why we love hosting meetups, where our top executives, including our CEO, and product managers are always available to interact with Opera fans. Here are the top 3 reasons our recent Opera Meetup was an awesome event for us and everyone who attended. 1....

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