Opera 106.0.4998.6 beta update


Opera browser has released a beta update – 106.0.4998.6 packed with fixes and enhancements. Let’s delve into the key changes brought by this update:

  • Import Bookmarks and History: One of the significant issues addressed in this beta update is the non-functionality of importing bookmarks and history. This functionality has been fixed, allowing for a seamless transition from other browsers, such as Chrome.
  • Extension Icons Display: Another issue tackled in this update is the disappearance of extension icons upon browser restart. With this fix, users can now expect their extension icons to be displayed consistently, ensuring easy access to their favorite browser extensions.
  • History Section Display: In this beta update, Opera has addressed an issue where items in the history section overlap with the favicons of displayed pages. With this fix, users will experience improved readability and a more organized browsing experience.

Opera’s beta update brings a host of fixes and enhancements that aim to improve the overall browsing experience for its users. You can find the complete changelog for 106 here.

Happy browsing!

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