Opera 106.0.4985.0 developer update

Dear Opera users!

Opera browser has been constantly evolving to provide users with a seamless browsing experience and has now released new developer update – 106.0.4985.0.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable tasks from the changelog and how they contribute to enhancing the user experience:

  • Windows Scrollbar Behavior: The fix for the inability to scroll by moving the cursor to the right edge of a maximized browser window and dragging the scrollbar ensures consistent and responsive scrolling behavior on Windows.
  • Active Tab Color in Dark Mode: In Dark Mode, the active tab in Tab Island now features a distinct color, improving visibility and providing users with a more intuitive tab management experience.
  • Crash on Closing Tab: The occurrence of a browser crash when closing a tab with a detached video conferencing pop-out has been resolved, ensuring a more stable browsing experience for users.
  • Glitch on macOS Arm: The glitch experienced when opening a new tab in dark mode on macOS Arm has been rectified, contributing to a smoother and visually consistent browsing experience on this platform.
  • Tab Dragging Behavior: We improved the tab dragging behavior, which ensures smoother tab management and reduces potential user frustration.

As these improvements are implemented, users can look forward to an even more enjoyable and productive time spent exploring the web with Opera.

Know issues:

Due to a rendering issue that we recently discovered, we’ve temporarily stopped auto-updates on Windows until it is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that our team is working diligently to fix the issue.

Here’s the link to the full changelog.

Happy browsing!

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