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Eric André and Opera GX bury boring browsers in chaotic rampage

An ax-wielding Eric Andre destroys boring browsers.

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Are you still using that generic, boring, weak-featured browser that came pre-installed on your laptop or device? Then run for cover, because Opera GX – the browser for gamers – and Eric André, comedian, actor and host of The Eric Andre Show, are on a rampage to bury boring browsers once and for all.  

In an exclusive new campaign, an ax-wielding Eric Andre mashes and smashes his way through the most uninspiring, outdated browsers on the internet. Does Eric’s chaotic cull put your current browser in a body bag? Find out in the Bury Boring video.  

Compared to Eric’s body bag of boring browsers, Opera GX manifests a variety of next-level features that would put any other generic browser to shame. These include enhanced customization options as well as features like GX Corner, which provides quick access to gaming news, deals, and releases. From improvements such as faster web loading and the ability to control system resources like CPU, RAM, and network usage, to the integration of apps like Discord, Twitch, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram, you’re afforded a truly seamless multitasking experience free of annoying lags and other hindrances of older, stale browsers. In short, Opera GX takes your current browser and stomps it into the dirt. 

Far from boring, Opera GX allows you to completely customize your entire browsing experience by transforming the way Opera GX looks, sounds, and behaves with various unique and visually appealing MODS with their own sound and video effects. Plus, if you’re ready to join Eric as he bashes and mashes his way through everything boring, you can check out the custom “GX Man” MOD – a unique browser customization based on Eric Andre’s “GX Man” character. Available free on the GX store, the MOD reflects Eric’s unique style and zero tolerance for boring. With his ax and sledge hammer, GX Man Eric is hell bent on burying all that is boring.  

Ready to bury boring and join the Opera GX revolution? Want to bear witness to the destructive final outcome of Eric’s rampage? Visit

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