Opera 102.0.4880.51 Stable update

Hello again,

This release is packed with updates and fixes that promise to enhance both security and user experience. Let’s take a closer look at the key changes in this version.

Fortified Security with Chromium 116.0.5845.188 (CHR-9416): The cornerstone of Opera 102’s security enhancements is the integration of Chromium version 116.0.5845.188. This update addresses crucial security issues, including CVE-2023-4863, to ensure your browsing sessions are safer than ever. Staying current with Chromium is fundamental for security in today’s digital landscape.

Aesthetic Tweaks (DNA-110216): Straight lines have been replaced with rounded corners, lending a more elegant look to your browsing experience.

Enhanced Stability (DNA-110539, DNA-110656, DNA-111417, DNA-111440): This release addresses several crash-related issues, ensuring your browsing sessions are as smooth as possible.

User Interface Refinements (DNA-110669, DNA-111034, DNA-111035, DNA-111177): The user interface has received some refinements, including eliminating duplicated hints on system buttons, improving the appearance of dynamic icons, and ensuring the correct restoration of dynamic icons when custom images are removed. Additionally, readability with light wallpapers on the Start Page has been enhanced.

See the changelog and happy browsing!

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