Introducing Opera 102

Greetings everyone,

We’re happy to unveil the initial release of Opera 102, packed with a host of improvements to elevate your browsing experience. This version delivers a collection of fixes and enhancements that refine your interactions with Opera Browser. Let’s dive into the highlights of what’s in store for you:

Chromium Update

We’ve kicked things off by updating the Chromium engine to desktop-stable-116-4880, version 116.0.5845.97. This ensures that you’re benefiting from the latest under-the-hood advancements, resulting in improved performance and compatibility.

Enhanced Stability

Say goodbye to unexpected crashes! We’ve addressed a crash issue associated with the crash_reporter::(anonymous namespace)::AbslAbortHook function (DNA-110040). This fix guarantees a more stable and reliable browsing journey.

Smoother Alt Key Navigation

No more surprises when pressing the Alt key! The issue of the O-menu opening unexpectedly on websites that have actions for Alt key presses (DNA-110315) has been resolved. Enjoy a seamless navigation experience without any hiccups.

Polished Tab Display

We know that details matter. Visual inconsistencies caused by tabs with oversized favicons (DNA-110440) are now a thing of the past. The tab favicons are now neatly cropped to fit perfectly within the tab size, ensuring a harmonious visual display.

Refined Tab Icons

We’ve also tidied up tab titles! Mute icons will no longer overlap with tab titles (DNA-110510), offering a cleaner and more appealing interface.

Polished Tab Bar Alignment

A subtle but important fix—tabs now align seamlessly with the address bar, even when the tab group is placed first (DNA-110526). This small adjustment adds a touch of elegance to your browsing layout.

For our international users, we’ve included translations for Opera 102 (DNA-110892), making Opera Browser more accessible and user-friendly across the globe.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as we continue to refine and innovate to make your online journey smoother and more delightful.

See the full changelog for this release. And happy browsing!

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