Get rewarded with Opera Points, Opera’s Web3-oriented Cashback expansion

An open laptop shows the landing page for Opera Points.

Hey, Opera fans! 

We have just launched Opera Points, an expansion of our Cashback program that will allow you to collect points when shopping. Currently redeemable for currency like dollars or euros, Opera Points will soon be exchangeable for other products within the Opera ecosystem.    

The feature is now available if you’re located in Spain, Brazil, or Mexico. 

Now, how can you take part in the Opera Points Program

The first step is to connect to Opera Wallet, a feature that lets you store your points and other assets all in one place. 

Once connected, you’ll get a +50% cashback rate boost for the first week. 

This means you’ll earn 1.5 times more cashback on your purchases. As you shop online, you can level up and earn even higher cashback rates. 

And what’s even better: Opera Cashback partners with over 1,100+ websites, giving you a wide range of choices from which to earn cashback. Whether you’re looking for clothes, electronics, groceries, a new travel destination, or even if you want some food delivery – Opera Cashback has got you covered. These essentials and more are available for shoppers in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as Spain, Brazil, and Mexico.

Now you’re probably wondering: how can I redeem my earned points? 

As mentioned, in your Wallet, you have the option to redeem the points as fiat currency (like dollars or euros). Soon, it will also be possible to exchange them for other products within the Opera ecosystem, such as a subscription to VPN Pro, for example, or items offered by our external partners like Amazon.

The company’s next step is to launch a blockchain-based point system that lets you benefit even more from the adoption of web3 technology. You’ll enjoy an unparalleled level of security, and experience a new, web3-based approach to online shopping that combines safety and convenience like never before – and you’ll even be able to exchange your Opera Points for crypto assets!

Learn more about using Opera Points here, and make sure to stay tuned for more! 

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