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Opera GX wants you to pimp your browser with new Mods feature

Rapper and TV show host Xzibit displays his newly-pimped browser.

Hey all!

Get excited – the new era of deep browser customization has officially begun with the launch of Mods in Opera GX. With GX Mods, you can pimp your browser and make your online experience as unique as your gaming setup, personalizing the entire browser from the keyboard sounds to how webpages look.

To usher in this new era, Opera GX has partnered with none other than world-famous rapper and host of the classic car modification TV show Pimp My Ride, Xzibit, who has gone from customizing cars to customizing web browsers. “The customization game has up and changed. It’s time to pimp your browser,” said Xzibit. 

To do that with Opera GX, no crew of car mechanics is needed. Instead, all you need to do is turn to GX Mods. Every Mod comes with a mix of elements – including unique looks (animated wallpapers and themes), sounds (keyboard and UI), and shaders (GPU-driven effects that render in real-time while browsing the web). You can even customize how webpages look when browsing. How these Mods all work together is completely up to you, giving you total freedom to create something completely unique. 

But should you want some examples to start with, you can turn to the new GX Mod Store, which features dozens of pre-made Mods each inspired by either a game or gaming culture. Our preset Mods take cues from specific interests and moods, and create totally unique looks, sounds, and shaders. Available Mods include Cyberdeck, Anime, LoFi Chill, Blockified, Drive-by, and Legendary Rift – as well as, of course GXzibit, a Mod inspired by 2000s hip hop music created exclusively by Xzibit himself.

How to use GX Mods

Interested? We know you are. Mods can be accessed from the sidebar in Opera GX, and installed from the new GX Mods Store. In the Store you can browse through all available Mods, whether they’ve been created by Opera GX or the community. All Mods are free, and highly modular – meaning you can mix and match elements from different Mods to create new versions, or even build your own and upload them to the store for others to download.

So get modding! Pimp your browser by downloading Opera GX today at

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