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Opera GX teams up with TikTok for the #GamingForAll challenge feat. BlindWarriorSven, challenging gamers to defy their limitations

Gaming ForAll Challenge Sven van der Wege

Hey readers!

Do you like playing video games, challenging yourself, and helping others? Well, do all three at once by participating in the #GamingForAll Challenge! Opera GX and TikTok are teaming up to benefit AbleGamers, a non-profit organization dedicated to using gaming to foster inclusive communities and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The team behind Opera GX – the browser for gamers – is on a mission to enable everyone to pursue their passion for gaming, no matter what their goals or abilities. That’s why we’ve partnered with the inspirational BlindWarriorSven, whose visual impairment hasn’t stopped him from becoming a Street Fighter champion.

Gaming ForAll Challenge Sven van der Wege

Sven lost his vision to cancer when he was just 6 years old. Already a devoted gamer, he was devastated to feel incapable of playing when he returned home from the hospital. But after listening to Street Fighter, Sven discovered that he could hear moves and kicks, punches and jumping, and started playing again. With grit and dedication, Sven relied on his hearing and memory to overcome his challenges, master the moves, and do what he loved once again.

Sven inspired us to launch the Opera GX #GamingForAll Challenge – a unique TikTok challenge in which we dare you to test yourself by playing your favorite game without the use of your sight, just like Sven. For every upload on the platform, we will make a donation of $0.5 US dollars to AbleGamers.*

This collaboration between Sven, Opera GX, TikTok, and AbleGamers allows us to encourage gamers to overcome their personal obstacles, while having fun, challenging themselves, and raising money for charity. Sven is an inspiration to us all,”

said Maciej Kocemba, Product Director of Opera GX.

To go along with the challenge we will also join with theScore esports to hold a live event on October 2nd in Amsterdam. You could have the chance to meet Sven in person and challenge him to Street Fighter V! But if you can’t make it to the Netherlands you can still tune in via a stream at 6 PM CEST on theScore esports’ TikTok channel.

So play along, test yourself, and help AbleGamers bring joy to so many. From Sven: “Game on – see you in Amsterdam!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and all characters and other elements thereof are solely the intellectual property of CE Europe Ltd. and/or related companies (“Capcom”). 

*Donations from Opera to AbleGamers through the #GamingForAll Challenge will be capped at $25,000

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