Device-wide Opera VPN Pro now available in beta version of Opera Browser for desktop

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Looking to protect your online data as you swap apps and devices? We have some great news! For all you security-conscious and avid online perusers, we’re happy to report that Opera’s device-wide VPN Pro service is now available in the beta version of the Opera Browser for desktop (version 89 on Windows, Mac and Linux). After the recent launch on Opera Developer, we are ready to unveil a new, upgraded version of VPN Pro on Opera Beta, taking online privacy and security to the next level, without stressing about which device or app you’re using.

Back in the day, Opera became the first major browser to offer a free, unlimited, no-log built-in browser VPN service. This attractive feature accessible to everyone brought many people to Opera Browser, where they discovered a new standard of web browsing, more secure and conscious of your data. 

Fast-forward six years later, and our free VPN is still a top choice for those of you wanting to protect your browser traffic. Now however, you can extend protection to your entire device (up to 6 of them actually) no matter which app you use. The new VPN Pro provides a premium device-wide VPN service straight from the browser. 

One VPN Pro subscription protects up to 6 devices

Our new VPN Pro satisfies the needs of those of you who are looking for increased protection. It provides security for your entire system and protects up to 6 different devices (Windows, Mac, Linux or Android) within one subscription, so your data stays safe behind a wall of next-generation encryption, no matter what application you’re using. 

Just like the Free VPN in Opera Browser, VPN Pro is a no-log, built-in service. You get access to 3000+ private network servers in over 30 locations around the world, so you can download files and browse the web securely with a speedy VPN connection with unlimited bandwidth for your Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. There’s no need to sacrifice speed for better security, since VPN Pro gives you access to high-speed servers. 

What’s new on Beta: refreshed Opera Account for easy VPN Pro, Sync and Pinboards access

You can now access and subscribe to VPN Pro through the refreshed Opera Account, and address-bar icon. Our talented designers and developers have taken strides to further personalize your browsing experience, which includes a new section in your Opera Account that puts all of your Opera services in one place for easy access and simple management. So now, whether you’re using Opera Sync, have a VPN Pro subscription, or just want to share a couple of Pinboards – it’s all just one click away. 

Just click Sign in on the Opera Account page (or create an account instantly). Once you’re signed-in, you’ll see a new icon just next to the address bar that gives you direct access to all Opera Services. 

Moreover, we have been working on fixing an impressive amount of bugs and modifying the interface to make the user flow more intuitive and the signup process even smoother. 

How to get started

With Opera VPN Pro, existing Opera users can easily subscribe using their Opera account, without the need to create another account. If you don’t have an Opera Account, create one instantly here.

If you aren’t an Opera user yet, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Download the latest version of Opera Browser Beta for desktop
  2. Log in or create your Opera Account via the new popup pictured above.
  3. Select VPN Pro in the popup and choose your subscription
  4. Follow the payment steps 
  5. Download the VPN Pro client and enjoy a seamless and protected connection to the web! 

If you are already subscribed to Opera VPN Pro through the Playstore follow these simple steps to activate for your Desktop:

  1. Download the latest version of Opera Browser Beta for desktop
  2. Access the settings in the side panel
  3. Inside the “Basic” menu scroll down to Synchronization and sign in to your opera account
  4. Scroll down to VPN Pro in the same settings menu
  5. Download the VPN Pro client and enjoy a seamless and protected connection to the web!

*Please note that users subscribed to Opera VPN Pro through the Beta version of Opera for Android do not have access to Desktop subscription

VPN Pro is currently available in the majority of markets around the globe. There is a free 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The release also has a limited-time offer of $1.99 per month with a 12-month subscription to VPN protection. 

To discover all the benefits in detail, visit the dedicated VPN Pro page. For those wishing to protect their entire device with VPN Pro right now, you can subscribe here. If you ever need any help with the service, Opera’s team of industry-leading experts are always available to assist. Support can be easily reached by Chat or Email through the Opera VPN Pro Help Center.

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