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Warning: scammers pretending to work for Opera GX. Fake “Manager of Opera Software” partnership proposal.

Hello there,

We’ve been receiving a number of inquiries regarding the validity of partnership offers being made in our name. From what we have observed, this particular scam is aimed at smaller YouTube creators in an attempt to get their personal information and subsequently get some form of payment from them.

Please be aware that these are scams. The people or companies behind these offers are in no way associated with Opera.

How do I protect myself?

For partnerships with Opera GX, the content creators are contacted via the agencies we work with. So, one way of verifying the validity of such offers is by looking at the email address the proposal was sent from: an email sent on Opera’s behalf should always come from the agency’s domain. If you’re contacted by one of the agencies we work with, they will always identify themselves as such.

We encourage you to also verify the sender of a given email on LinkedIn.

If you’ve been contacted by someone offering you a partnership on Opera’s behalf and have doubts, we encourage you to contact us via: For confirmation, you can find this email in the footer on Our team will get back to you and clarify the situation.

Please also send us screenshots or forward us any emails you get from scammers.

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