Opera 84

Hello Everyone!

Today we’re releasing Opera 84. Among the tweaks and fixes, we’ve included a new security feature. Scroll down to read all about it.

Paste protection 

Opera 84 has just made browsing and online payments even safer with our new Paste Protection feature. Whenever you copy-paste any sensitive data, like a credit card number or crypto wallet identifier, you run the risk of it being hijacked and modified by some bad actors who want your money to land in their accounts instead.

Paste Protection protects you from this. When you copy sensitive data in Opera Browser, the data is monitored for changes for some time or until you paste the data. If the data is changed by an external application, a warning is displayed.

Chromium version is 98.0.4758.82. And here is the full Opera 84 changelog.

Happy and safe browsing!

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