Opera GX now available on Epic Games Store

Opera GX on Epic Games Store
Opera GX becomes the first browser for gamers on Epic Games Store.


We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to see Opera GX on the Epic Games Store. “What’s a browser doing in a games store” you may ask. Read on and find out, or download GX and see for yourself what a great fit it is.

Both functionally and aesthetically, GX is a gamer’s browser. It’s got features like RAM, CPU and network bandwidth limiters to help you reduce lag, a unique and customizable gaming-themed look that supports dynamic RGB Lighting Effects on Razer and Corsair peripherals, and tons more details that make it the perfect fit for players in the Epic metaverse. Players also get access to GX Corner, a central locale for gaming news that comes with a game release calendar and notifications for games on sale. 

We at Opera have always been proud of our innovative web browsers. And we’re very thankful for how well Opera GX has been received by the community. In providing an immersive gaming experience, we included built-in Twitch, Discord and social messengers, and it’s the unique features like this that have led to quick adoption. GX’s Discord community, for example, has quickly become the biggest server in the tech category with an audience of 500K members.

Since its launch, the Epic Games Store has become a true destination for online game and software distribution, giving gamers much-needed choice with access to multiple game platforms. At Opera, our mission is to create superior products that people choose to use and install. Opera GX is the perfect fit for the Epic Games Store because of this shared passion to create choice.

Launched in 2018 by the studio behind Fortnite, Epic Games Store connects 62 million monthly active gamers to the titles they want. Now, Opera GX is available to download for Windows and Mac from Epic Games Store under this link.

If you haven’t yet, give it a go and see exactly what makes GX a true browser for gamers.

Happy gaming, and happy browsing!

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