GXC, Gamers, meet Creators,  is a brand new platform that gives you instant access to over 500 games directly from Opera GX. Best of all – you play all of these sometimes very quirky games made with Game Maker Studio for free. By bringing Opera GX and GameMaker Studio 2 together, we want to make creating, sharing and playing games as quick and easy as posting on social media. 

GXC is out now in Open Beta, which means you can hop straight in and try out any of the hundreds of free games currently available. The catalogue of live games ranges from RPGs to classic arcade games and can all be played directly from Opera GX. You’ll also have the chance to take part in challenges with your friends for the opportunity to win weekly prizes.

Opera GX GameMaker GXC

GXC is launching with around 500 games, but it doesn’t stop there, as more will be added every day. We’re going to make sure finding the games you want is simple too, with curated lists and easy-to-search categories, meaning you’ll easily be able to find the perfect game for you. So, whether you’re an Adventure game fan or someone who prefers to blast away enemies in a frenetic shooter, there’s something for you in GXC.

Our curated lists will include sections like trending, popular and higher user-rated games. These categories have been designed to let you find the games other GXC gamers are playing and enjoying at a glance. But, if you are looking for something more “you”, games will also have tags added by their creators to allow you to quickly identify the kind of games you are interested in and want to try with a quick search. 

GXC Weekly Challenges

The GXC Open Beta also launches with weekly challenges: the first one starts on Nov 8, 2021. These challenges allow you to participate in events and compete against your friends and other players on leaderboards for bragging rights. Some challenges will also offer you the chance to win weekly prizes – so it pays to hone those skills! GXC is also partnering with popular influencers to launch their own challenges, meaning you’ll be able to go head-to-head against your favourite creators! 

GXC Open Beta is available for both creators and players to use right now at

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