Collect, organize and share your ideas visually with Pinboards in Opera GX

Opera GX now with Pinboards

Hello gamers, 

We know that trying to keep track of your favourite websites, images, links and content across a spaghetti of bookmarks, tabs and notes is challenging. Especially when you’d rather use your time online to blast your way through the latest MMORPG. 

But keeping track of your best-loved games, must-have peripherals, favourite forums or awesome in-game content, just got a whole lot easier. Thanks to the release of Pinboards in Opera GX. 

With Pinboards, you have the freedom to collect, organise and share your ideas with others visually. Creating a pinboard is easy. You simply have to post their favourite links to your virtual pinboard and then share them with others. Viewers of the pinboards can then add their reactions with emojis, no matter which browser or which device they are viewed with, and no signup is needed to use the feature. It’s free to use for all!

With the new Pinboards feature, you can choose to grab single tabs, groups of tabs and even screen grabs straight from Opera GX, to easily share with others in a visual format. Whether it’s a collection of links to your most-loved streamers, screengrabs of your ten best boss kills, or even a wishlist of forthcoming games, it’s never been easier to collect and share your ideas. 

Not sure what Pinboards to create? Here are some examples that have been created by us. Take a look – and let your ideas go free! 

A tab hoarder or neat freak – we don’t judge

A browser wouldn’t be a browser without the occasional storm of tabs. A gentle reminder for the tab-hoarders out there, Opera GX has a useful Search in Tabs feature which lets them find a particular tab by typing keywords. Search in tabs is opened with the CTRL+space shortcut, and it searches through both tab titles and page content to find the tab you want.

If you have synced your browsers through your Opera account, Search in Tabs will also display tabs that are open on your other connected devices. And one more addition – if you are having a video conference in one of your tabs, an indicator will show which tab it’s in.

From now on, Opera will also indicate duplicate tabs in the search in tabs feature, which means you won’t find yourself opening the same tab over and over again.

Happy pinboarding!

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