Opera 79 Stable

Hello everyone,

Today is the initial Opera Stable 79 update. Here’s what it includes:

Local Pinboards

We hope you love the Pinboard feature as much as we do. Now you will take it live in one click. When you create a pinboard, it’s saved locally. Then, when you want to share it with others, just hit the Share button and your pinboard will be uploaded for sharing. Let the world see your creativity! 

Use Downloads folder for listing downloaded files

Easy Files are even smarter now! You can set it to show not just recently downloaded files from Opera Browser, but from the downloads folder for your computer. Easier and easier!

System theme matching

The best we’ve saved for the end! On Windows 10 and macOS, Opera can now match your system theme. You can find this feature in the Easy Setup panel, to the right of your address bar. For night and day themes, Opera will smoothly change to match those of your computer.

Opera 79 is based on Chromium 93. All changes are available in the changelog

Happy browsing!

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