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Opera GX Mobile beta is here – Great News for Gamers on the Go

Opera GX Mobile Beta

We’re bringing your gaming style to your phone 

Great news gamers!

Today, we’re releasing the beta version of Opera GX Mobile – the world’s first mobile browser designed specifically for you. The concept has been one of the most frequent requests we’ve got from you since releasing Opera GX – our successful desktop browser used by over nine million gamers.

Fast Action Button with haptic feedback in Opera GX Mobile Beta

The highlights of GX Mobile

Looking beyond the bold, gaming-inspired design and different color themes, Opera GX Mobile comes with some truely unique features. First off, you get custom navigation with the Fast Action Button (FAB) and haptic feedback (vibrations). On top of this, you can easily sync your mobile and desktop browsers with the Flow feature – it lets you share files, notes, videos and gaming content like walkthroughs, tutorials and character builds between your devices. Plus there’s instant access to GX Corner – a one-tap space for gaming news, deals and a game release calendar.

Color themes in Opera GX Mobile beta

GX Corner – easy access to the world of gaming

GX Corner is a super handy feature for us gamers. In the new mobile browser, it sits just below the search bar and speed dial. Give it a tap to see a game-release calendar, daily gaming news, plus deals and links to games on sale. It’s everything you need to stay up-to-date with the world of gaming.

Stylish gaming design and easy navigation

GX’s distinctive and colorful design is inspired by gaming and gaming gear. Generally, mobile browsers don’t have many style options and don’t do much for gamers’ tastes and needs. With Opera GX Mobile however, you can choose from available themes like GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and White Wolf.

Opera GX Mobile Beta

One-handed navigation with haptic feedback

When you browse with Opera GX Mobile, you also get to choose between the Fast Action Button (FAB) and standard navigation. The Fast Action Button is divided into two rows: the menu (bottom row) that lets you search and open or close tabs, and the tabs row (top row). The FAB is always within reach of your thumb and uses vibrations when you interact with elements of it, which is perfect when you’re on the move.

The must-have Flow feature

Everyone who already uses Opera will be happy to hear that GX Mobile includes the Flow feature. It lets you sync your mobile and computer browsers by simply scanning a QR code displayed in the desktop browser using the mobile one. Flow is an encrypted, chat-like space that connects your mobile and computer browsers so you can send files, links, YouTube videos, photos and notes, and access them at any time on your connected devices. You can use Flow to share files of up to 10MB in size, and gamers find it particularly useful for sharing walkthroughs or tutorials as well as character builds between devices. 

Some other great features in Opera GX Mobile that are worth a mention include the built-in ad blocker, and the cookie dialog blocker, which helps you get rid of the annoying cookie dialogs that are always in your way. Also, Opera GX Mobile protects you from those trying mine cryptocurrencies on your device.

Try the Opera GX Mobile beta for free

Ready to get your hands on it? Starting today, Opera GX Mobile is available in beta on Android and iOS and will become available to the wider public in a few weeks. Follow these links to test it out:

For Android –
For iOS –

P.S. iOS users need to revisit the link after installing TestFlight to access Opera GX for Mobile beta.

Now, get out there and browse easily on the go, with complete gaming style.

Happy gaming and browsing!

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