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Today we’re happy to inform you that Opera 73 is now on the Stable branch, and getting better every day! 

Search Tabs with close buttons

We’ve added another improvement to the Search Tabs feature. Every open tab line in your Search Tabs results now has a close button. The close button is visible when you select or hover over a line, similar to the behavior in the address bar dropdown. 

Clicking the close button closes that particular tab. The closed tab is removed from the open tabs list (since it’s no longer open), and added to the recently closed list (since it has been recently closed).

More workspaces

The workspaces feature has been getting a lot of use, which means requests from its users – like the addition of more workspaces. Previously the limit was 5, but now you can have up to 24 individual workspaces – one for each of the icons.

Full changelog is here.

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