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Opera adds a Music Player with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music to the sidebar

Opera Player Spotify Apple Music YouTube Music
Opera Player with Youtube Music, Apple Music and Spotify

Hello there,

We have some good news for all the music buffs out there. Today, we are adding a new Player feature to keep your favorite streaming services always at hand. The new Player in Opera lets you log into Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music directly from the browser’s sidebar. 

With a big chunk of our lives happening online these days, music streaming platforms have become more popular than ever. But managing separate streaming apps or tabs can be tedious: we all know the pain of music continuing to play over a video we want to watch. We have fixed this with the Player feature.
The Player in Opera pauses whenever you start streaming a video or an audio file in a tab, and automatically resumes music playback once it’s over.

Easy playback control for distraction-free browsing

The new Player feature can be accessed in the browser’s sidebar, beneath the messengers section. To play, stop or skip a track, you don’t have to leave your current tab or even open the Player: playback can be controlled with the standard playback buttons on your keyboard or by hovering over the Player icon in the sidebar, where a mini playback control menu will appear. The ultimate music and podcast buffs among you can remain logged in to all three streaming platforms and alternate between them.

And what if you aren’t interested in the feature? Well, you can easily switch it off in the browser settings.

Opera lets you access all your favorite things in your browser

Earlier this year Opera introduced built-in Instagram and Twitter, allowing you to chat with your friends and loved ones with the comfort of a standard keyboard and display, and without the need to ever leave the browser. The new Player feature brings this seamless experience to all podcast and music lovers, meaning you can now stream and browse without having to manage multiple devices, tabs or apps.

Especially when working from home and spending a lot of time online, it’s important to surround yourself with the things you like. Opera lets you do that in your browser by giving you access to your favorite music and podcasts, Instagram accounts and social messengers

The Opera desktop browser is free and available for download from It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Happy browsing!

Full changelog is here.

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