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Just this past week we released the newest version of our desktop browser (Opera 71). Among all the updates in this version, we’ve included a feature that is so simple, yet so useful, that you’re left wondering why no other browser has it.

We’re talking about Easy Files.

Think about how many times a day you find yourself attaching PDFs, images, docs or other files to your emails. Or go down your short-term memory lane and consider how many memes you’ve recently copied and pasted into messengers, to both the delight and groans of your friends?

Like us, you’ve probably done it many times today, along with every other day, so our browser is here to make this process easier.

Easy Files centers on an idea we’ve been pursuing for quite a while – that of Supportive Design. Supportive design isn’t there to tell you how to use your browser but, as the name suggests, it supports you in every step.

Ok, to the point Opera! What is Easy Files?

When you attach or upload a file, Easy Files presents those which you’ve most recently downloaded, or the items you’ve last added to your clipboard, in an easy-to-click visual display. And yes, this includes your artwork from Opera’s Snapshot tool.

This means you no longer have to go digging through your various folders every time you want to attach something to an email or a message. Instead, you get a clean display of the three files you’ve most recently interacted with. Now you can attach files in a single click, and move on with your lives.

Brilliant, isn’t it? So go ahead and attach files with wild abandon, and prepare to be amazed!

Happy browsing!

See all the changes in here.

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