Opera 67 developer update comes with an experimental new workspace feature

Hello there,

Today we are updating Opera 67 with a new feature that you will surely find useful.

As you probably know from personal experience, many of us open numerous tabs throughout a day of browsing, and end up getting lost between those related to work and those for side projects such as shopping, home renovation or which movie to watch. 

We are fixing this issue with our new Workspaces feature. Accessible through the sidebar, it allows you to simply create two separate areas, letting you open tabs related to a particular concept or project in one group, called a workspace.

This lets you separate all of your tabs related to work, for example, so you can switch back and forth quickly. Being able to smoothly transition between contexts not only puts an end to the uncomfortable managing, reordering and digging through tabs, but also helps you focus on what you’re doing by allowing you to compartmentalize the information you choose.

In the future, the Opera browser will allow you to create multiple workspaces and to choose icons for them. 

On top of the new context-specific workspace, Opera’s desktop browser already features a search in tabs feature (Ctrl+Space) that lets you find a tab by typing part of the title or url. With such features, we are aiming to simplify your navigation flow by removing micro-frustrations, helping you enjoy content rather than micromanage your browser.

Opera 67 also includes a sidebar improvement which enables you to add extension such as Skype into your sidebar for easy access. 

Happy browsing!

For more details, see the full changelog.

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