Signup for Opera GX macOS is closed – stay tuned!

Opear GX for MacOS - the test build is here
Opear GX for MacOS - the test build is here

Hello again,

The signup period for the Opera GX for macOS test build has finished. Those of you who managed to sign up before the deadline will soon receive an email with information on how to get the test build and start enjoying Opera GX – the fist gaming browser on macOS.

We appreciate any feedback you give us. Please let us know what you like or if you have any issues or problems. You can send us direct feedback within Opera GX (no logins needed) by clicking one of the feedback buttons in the browser.

You may also use the Opera forums (please clearly mark that it’s about the macOS version).

For those of you who didn’t sign up, don’t worry. We’ll be launching Opera GX for macOS soon.

Happy testing!

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