Opera 65.0.3467.24 beta update

Hi everyone,

This is a fresh beta build for Opera 65. It contains two important improvements.

Technical and usability improvements to the start page

The new start page is faster than ever. It loads instantly when you open a new tab, even if you already have a lot of tabs open in that session. Interaction on the start page is also improved—scrolling is smooth, regardless of how many speed dials and news items you have.

The new start page optimizes your browser’s memory usage, as it is now one instance, no matter how many start-page tabs you open. This feature is still under development and if you notice it causing any problems, it can be disabled via opera://flags and the shared-start-page feature flag.

Please take a look at the comparison between how the start page loaded before and how it loads now with the new mechanism. Note that this comparison was made on a very slow Windows machine.



History panel in the sidebar

We’ve changed the design of the History page in your sidebar, which now opens in a panel. From that panel, you’ll be able to easily get back to previously visited websites, clear your browsing data and reopen your recently closed tabs. There’s also a search field on top to help you find the exact page you’re looking for. Choosing the Show full History view at the bottom will take you directly to the internal History page.

You can see all the fixes in the changelog.

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