Opera 65.0.3430.0 developer update

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Today’s Opera 65 developer update delivers a lot of news on the items we’ve been working on most recently. 

Redesigned suggestions 

This past spring we released Opera Reborn 3, introducing a redesigned interface with features like light and dark themes, so that your browser can be adjusted to your mood and help you focus on your browsing. Today we are continuing the R3 design with a new dropdown list for search suggestions in the address bar.

The new dropdown list is displayed over the page with an overlay mask for visual clarity. A suggested list of visited websites from your History, Bookmarks or Speed Dial includes different icons, bolded titles and parts of links, so you can easily recognize what you are looking for.

Today’s Opera 65 developer update delivers a lot of news on the items we’ve been working on most recently. 

Bookmarks in the sidebar panel 

We are also working on a brand-new look and layout for bookmarks in the sidebar panel, which we believe will be more accessible when browsing. You’ll be able to quickly and easily get back to saved websites or, if you’re not a bookmarks fan, those you frequently visit.

When you click on the heart icon in the sidebar, which opens the panel, you’ll see a layout that reflects exactly what’s in the standard Bookmarks Manager view. In this sidebar panel view, you can easily edit or delete bookmarks or folders.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

When someone types a website address, like, the browser has to translate it to a url code on the Internet, such as This is done through DNS, one of the oldest surviving parts of the Internet. By today’s standards DNS is too trusting, so various ideas are being tested to see what can be done to make it more robust.

The two main ideas are DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT). Both have pros and cons so it’s still uncertain which the Internet will eventually use but we’ve decided to give DoH a go.

In this developer release there is a flag in opera:flags (opera://flags/#opera-doh) that enables DNS over HTTPS (DoH) through Cloudflare’s server. It is still experimental but please turn it on and let us know about your experience. Note that if requests can’t be handled by Cloudflare, we will still fallback to your local DNS server. This is so you can still use Opera on internal networks or behind firewalls.

The option is available when flag #opera-doh is enabled.

Note that there is no macOS builds.

The full list of changes is here.

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