Opera 60 beta


We’re very happy to announce that Opera 60 is now ready to enter the beta stream. It’s based on Chromium version 73.0.3683.46.

You might be asking yourself, “Why Opera 60 beta if we haven’t yet seen Opera 59 in the stable stream?”

Progress on Reborn 3, or Opera 60, had been going so well that it overtook much of what we were doing with Opera 59. In other words, we decided to merge the two versions into one release: Reborn 3, which will be coming soon to the stable channel.

Opera 60 beta brings a refreshed interface with light and dark themes inspired by high- and low-key lighting photography, respectively.  It will also include a Crypto Wallet in the sidebar.

Check out our Reborn 3 announcement for more details on the new look  of Opera.

Most important changes:

  • We’ve added a lot of new dark themed pop ups
  • We’re improving Reborn 3 UI

We hope you enjoy Opera 60 – please stay tuned for Reborn 3!

Changelog for this version is here.

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