Opera 59 codenamed Reborn 3 reaches beta stage


Today, we’re happy to bring Opera 59 forward to beta! Opera 59 puts web content at center stage. We have achieved this through the introduction of many design improvements, including a more minimalist look and two distinct themes: light and dark.

Our new beta browser also features Web 3.0-functionalities, including our Crypto Wallet. We will, however, discuss them in more detail once Reborn 3 reaches the stable stage. Today we would like to show you the changes in the browser’s interface, which enhance your browsing experience.

The browser is your frame to the Web

The main function of a frame of a picture or painting is to enhance the viewer’s experience of the work it houses, not to distract from it. We believe a browser should provide such a frame for the Web

With R3, we put Web content at center stage. We’ve removed dividing lines between sections so you can browse without borders and unhindered by unnecessary distractions. And, just as no one frame is effective for every picture or in every lighting, we’ve given the browser two distinct themes, light and dark.

Light and dark theme

The design of each of these themes was inspired by high-key and low-key lighting photography, where the goals are to maximize or minimize the amount of light in a photo while still retaining contrast. Depending on your mood, your setting or the content you are viewing, you are in control of how you frame the Web.

With light theme, your entire browser, including the sidebar and tabs area, is bright and clean. To us, this evokes a feeling of openness and optimism. We designed it to spark productivity and lift your mood.

Dark theme signifies to us a certain sense of elegance and focus. It turns the browser dark and subdued, almost mysterious. But, on a practical note, it’s also soothing for the eyes.

It comes down to what works best for you – we’re giving you a choice to frame your web browsing in a way that works for you.

Minimalist design in a powerful browser

We believe that minimalism is more than a look; it serves a specific purpose. It’s easy to achieve a minimalist design by stripping down features, resulting in a cleaner looking but less functional browser. This was not our goal with R3.

There is no other browser that comes close to Opera in terms of features and functionality, and we didn’t intend to make any compromises. What we’ve done with R3 is to refine our features and place them in a way that they are fully accessible without getting in your way. Our vision of minimalism is such that your browser is more functional for your daily use, not less.

R3’s design changes

By rearranging some of Opera’s key functionalities, we believe that there is nothing to distract you from your content.

Tabs have been designed to elicit a visceral response. Whichever tab you have open, it feels physically open and stays on top of other tabs.

Easy Setup and snapshot were moved from Opera’s sidebar to the address bar, where they are better placed for convenient access.

The snapshot tool, which lets you take screenshots of a website, has been placed next to other web browsing functionalities such as “Send to My Flow” and bookmarks. This means that all the key interactions you can have with a website, such as adding it to bookmarks, sending it to your “Flow” or taking a screenshot, are in one place.

The Easy Setup panel has been moved from the browser’s start page to the toolbar area to keep the browser’s basic settings always at hand. This makes it easier for you to adjust the theme and wallpapers and to switch on some of Opera’s crucial features while you browse.

There’s also a small change to the sidebar. From now on, if your sidebar is unpinned, it won’t be visible on the browser’s internal pages, including Speed Dial. You can change its visibility in Easy Setup.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

In this Opera 59 R3 beta version, you’ll also find an integrated Crypto Wallet sidebar feature which lets you browse Web 3.0 while signing crypto transactions with Opera for Android on your phone. To use Opera’s Crypto Wallet, you have to pair the crypto wallet in Opera for computers with your Opera for Android browser.

To get the latest updates from our team, make sure to visit our Reborn 3 page and sign up there.

All changes are listed here.

* They include a small change to the sidebar: from now on, if your sidebar is unpinned, it won’t be visible on the browser’s internal pages including Speed Dial. You can change it’s visibility in Easy setup.

Happy browsing!

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