Please check out our weekly Opera developer update, as it contains some fixes that may be important for you:

  • DNA-74875 Sync is not working while settings page is open
  • DNA-74926 [Linux] Window buttons (close, maximise, minimise) are not visible in Private mode
  • DNA-73276 [Win] Right click on a bookmark from BB opens new tab next to the active one.

Notification on Opera taskbar/dock icon

From now on, you can see notifications on the Opera shortcut in your taskbar (Windows) and dock (macOS) for unread messages in our supported communicators (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram).

You can turn off notifications by using the setting “Enable notification badges for messengers” in Settings > SidebarManage sidebar.

Chromium version was updated to 72.0.3626.53.

Known issue:

Notifications in taskbar/dock appear also for downloads – this is reported in DNA-75003.

All changes are listed here.
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