Opera 54 initial beta release


Opera 54 enters the beta stage today with features to help you stay current on both world headlines and browser updates. This version of Opera is introducing news articles on your Speed Dial and a new Opera menu called Update & Recovery. Read on to learn more:

News on Speed Dial

Catch up on the latest news and headlines directly from your Speed Dial. News on Speed Dial provides the most popular news articles from the web according to the languages and regions of your choosing. Scrolling down below your Speed Dial folders will open 50 news dials for you to peruse, and clicking on an article dial will open it in a new tab.

Multiple categories can be selected to filter the content you wish to appear on your Speed Dial, as seen in the screenshot above. Select “All” to receive news from every topic, from politics to sports, travel, business, culture and more. You can choose multiple languages and regions in the settings button found in the cogwheel icon on the far-right side of the categories bar.

We introduced the personalized newsreader in August 2016 (Opera 39). This is still available in your sidebar. There, you can handpick RSS web sources and languages or read a region’s Top 50 news articles.

Update & Recovery section in the O Menu

For Opera 54, we wanted to make updating and resetting your Opera browser easier and more visible for our users. To do this, we’ve added a new Opera menu page called Update & Recovery.

When a new version of Opera is available, you’ll be informed about it with a red dot (as it was before) on the O Menu icon for Windows and Linux. Opening the new Update & Recovery page from the O Menu (or from Opera in the menu bar for Mac users) will provide details on the your current version number.

When an update is ready, press the Update now button to refresh the browser with its new version.

You can reset your browser to its default state under Recovery in the new page. Resetting your browser can help it to perform better. When you press the Recover… button under Recovery, you will be presented with two reset options:

  • Keep your data and reset the rest of settings. This will revert your search engine to its default, remove pinned tabs and rest browser settings. It will also disable all extensions and clear temporary data, such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not be cleared.
  • Reset all your data and Opera settings. This will revert your search engine to its default, remove pinned tabs and reset browser settings. It will also delete all extensions, bookmarks, history, saved passwords and clear temporary data, such as cookies.

A link to our bug wizard is listed in the menu should you experience problems with updating.

You can find the changelog here.

Chromium was updated to version 67.0.3396.18.

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