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Save the date: Opera’s R2 launch event is coming on Apr 25, 10 AM CEST

Opera R2 launch event April 25, 2018, 10 AM CEST

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, we announced our R2 event some time ago without revealing too many details. Now we are starting the countdown and coming to you with a date.

Opera R2 launch event April 25, 2018, 10 AM CEST

We will be hosting our big live launch event online on Wednesday, April 25, 10 AM CEST at Make sure to tune in. We realize life can get busy, so if you sign up on our website, we will send you a reminder just before the event. You can also follow our product manager Maciej Kocemba on Product Hunt and join our Facebook event for the R2 launch. Once the event is over, we will also be hosting a Q&A session.

But what is R2?

We can’t tell you yet – just a few more days to go! Let me just say that this is just the codename of our event, not the actual name of the product. We have been crazy busy at work and are really excited to be able to share the details at our big launch soon and to get your feedback right after.

By the way: this is just a part of the great team that worked on this new thing we’re launching. You’ll soon find out more about their exact roles on this project.

See you at the event!

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