News on Speed Dial comes to Opera developer; Instant Search and Flow join from stable

Today’s update for Opera developer comes packed with three features, including News on Speed Dial, Instant Search and Flow. News on Speed Dial is an expansion of our personal news reader, while the two were part of our big R2 release, broadcasted live on April 25. Take a look below to learn more:

News on Speed Dial

Catch up on the latest news and headlines directly from your Speed Dial. News on Speed Dial provides the most popular news articles from the web according to the languages and regions of your choosing. Scrolling down below your Speed Dial folders will open 50 news dials for you to peruse. Click on an article dial to open it in a new tab.

Multiple categories can be selected to filter the content you wish to appear on your Speed Dial, as seen in the screenshot above. Select “All” to receive news from every topic, from news to sports, travel, business, culture and more. You can choose multiple languages and regions in the settings button found in the cogwheel icon on the far-right side of the categories bar.

We introduced the personalized newsreader in August 2016 (Opera 39). This is available in your sidebar and allows you to handpick RSS web sources and languages or to also read a region’s Top 50 news articles.

Instant Search and Flow

Speaking of news, we had some major headlines of our own from our live launch event, R2. We unveiled two new features called Instant Search and Flow for our surprise Opera stable update, which is now active in today’s developer update.

Instant Search expedites the way you conduct searches on the web. By pressing Alt + Space on your keyboard, a new search box will pull up over your current page, and your new search will load in a floating window over the page. Now you can search for something on the web without leaving or losing your current page.

Flow is a feature where you can send and store web content you wish to keep for later reference in an end-to-end encrypted space. Flow is also available on our new mobile browser, Opera Touch, allowing you to share web pages between your computer and phone with ease and resume your desktop browsing on mobile, and vice versa.

For all the details on our major announcements, check out our press releases here, or rewatch the R2 live launch event.

To read more about these features, check out our last post.

Here is the link to the changelog.

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