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December is a special month of the year, so take a look at what we’ve prepared for you in our weekly developer update. πŸ™‚

Something completely different

You have been spending quite a lot of time with us on this blog, testing the latests builds, providing feedback and also helping us shape the product. The creative process is never easy – it requires lots of time, effort and brain power to provide the final product. Those who are responsible for product development will nod in agreement. However, it’s always a team effort, and we thought that a unique, limited edition t-shirt might be a token of our appreciation for your support. All you need to do is to sign up here.

Edit: List filled up in less than half an hour and we have signups from more than 20 countries.

This week’s highlights

  • Check out our new Santa emoji in Snaptool
  • Few sidebar extensions fixes added

Chromium version 64.0.3278.0

The changelog.

Installation links

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Maciej Kocemba

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