We’re starting the brand new Opera 49 line.

Today’s build is light on features but includes a pretty long list of changes, improvements and stability fixes. It is also the first build that comes with Chromium 62.

Here’s the leadoff on changes, fixes and highlights for Opera 49:

  • Link selection doesn’t work in all cases.
  • Site https://read.amazon.com didn’t work as expected.
  • Pinned messengers opens on browser start.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to scroll in snapshot mode.
  • Browser freezes on disabling switch in VPN dialog during page loading.
  • Selecting text on internal pages doesn’t work.
  • Domain name highlight matches in the subdomain part of host.
  • [Dark theme] Messengers’ Title bar doesn’t have same color as active tab bar.
  • [HiDPI] Spinning loading icon is blurred.
  • [HiDPI] Wrong area captured after scrolling.
  • [Win, Linux] Show omitted URL in recently closed list if page doesn’t have a title.
  • [Win] CTRL + W is not closing snap window.
  • [Win] Warning dialog when trying to import from Edge when Edge is running done.
  • [Win] Bookmarks bar folder icon color improvements.
  • [Win] Page crashes in video pop out.
  • [Mac] Popup windows are too wide when full URL is displayed.
  • [Mac] Unable to close a tab with authentication dialog opened.
  • [Mac] Suggested part of URL goes black when you hit Enter to load the page.
  • [Mac] Sliding bar not displayed.
  • [Mac] Cursor moves to beginning of address field while loading page.
  • [Mac] Crash while closing window using shortcut when text is selected.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Black window when reduced transparency turned on.

Chromium updated to 62.0.3175.3.

Known issues

Sync is disabled for 48.0.2679.0 and 49.0.2695.0 versions. There was an issue with sync introduced in 48.0.2679.0 so we had to block those versions for now.

Check the changelog for the full report.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • nanana1

    First Opera 49 Developer build release, thanks !

    • That was quick 🙂

      • Rudric

        Sidebar unification with extension bar?

  • The Legends

    Thanks 🙂

  • Eugene B.

    > [Mac] Cursor moves to beginning of address field while loading page.
    Same behaviour on Windows and it’s not fixed. 🙁

  • Eugene B.

    Why you guys don’t fix this one: DNA-61403 “[WebUI] Custom search engines added twice”.
    I still can reproduce it easily. 🙁

    • I bumped its priority. How often do you add search engines?

      • Eugene B.

        Thanks! Once a week usually. That bug is really annoying. It duplicates and even disappears sometimes… So your devs have to check for that.

        • New search engine each week? Do you use it for some kind of testing?
          Thanks for tip with disappearing, I’ll update the bug.

          • Eugene B.

            Yeah, but it annoys me more, when I make a clean installation of Opera and want to add my fave search engines. I usually do that for my friends who haven’t used Opera yet, but would like to. 🙂

          • Ari

            So you have a new friend every week? you must be popular eh?

  • Eugene B.

    1. Create a folder on Speed Dial with lots of bookmarks (ex. 50).
    2. Try to scroll.
    Works really weird now. There’s a problem with scrolling.

  • Eugene B.

    Two Yandex seacrhes: http://jpegshare.net/b5/ea/b5ea421e8c3c031333bc69892eed3f0d.png.html
    They both goes to yandex.ru. I think it’s a bug.

  • Tratsing

    Jump list options problem still appears after reinstall (only software name, remove it from sidebar, close window).

  • Nekomajin43

    Any comment from the developers about the suddenly reappearing speed dial items (Amazon, etc.) in the latest stable?

    • Kai Ockendorf

      Confirmed! Sorry guys, but it’s very annoying!!

      • Nekomajin43

        I’d rather say it’s outrageous. I am not against a few items in a fresh profile, but once I delete them, I don’t want to see any of them again.

  • Nekomajin43

    DNA-61987 Implement missing general layout features

    Like what?

    • We’re refactoring parts of internal webpages and some of the tasks get peculiar names 🙂

  • Nekomajin43

    DNA-63247 WP2 for removing O46 stable features

    Like what? #2

    • Sounds scary, doesn’t it 🙂 But those tasks are just about feature flags cleanup – functionality is not removed. Once a feature is with us for enough long time we decide to remove those flags. It makes maintenance much easier later on.

      • Nekomajin43

        You really should work on your naming skills in the change logs. 🙂

        • At least we know someone pays attention to those lists 🙂

          As for naming those are raw ticket names from jira. We don’t modify anything, sometimes they are pretty funny. That’s also the reason why I keep on including highlight of things that are worth mentioning in the blog post.

  • LoverOfLife

    Please, can you add more themes ? Or custom colors ? I’m tired already of light and dark.

    • Kai Ockendorf

      It would be awesome if they could add an option to use the desktop picture as a theme as it is in Neon 🙂 it’s really a shame that Vivaldi already has it 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I liked the option to use system colors.

      • LoverOfLife

        Me too 😉

  • Nekomajin43

    What is the state of the option to remove the open tabs section from the tabs menu?

    • Still on the very long list of things requested by user and to be implemented.
      However I think it will rather change into “Make open tabs section collapsable”.

      • Nekomajin43

        I don’t see why you force this tab menu feature. It can be handy for _some_ users, but there are much better ways to handle many tabs (scrolling tab bar or side tabs). For many users, it is just an unnecessary item on the GUI. And since you always speak about avoiding clutter…

        • Right now the “Open Tabs” section is the only one that behaves differently (it’s not foldable) so it makes sense to align it with others. Making it foldable is also the cleanest solution as it doesn’t need any additional UI.

          • Nekomajin43

            Good point, but still, it leaves an unnecessary item in the menu.

            By the way, it would be much better to see the content of the previously closed windows in a submenu or a foldable section under the given window item.

            And one more thing, 32 items is too few for me. We talked about it a few weeks ago, and now I can definitely say that I need more items. I just did a search on a price comparing site, opened a lot of tabs to see the details, and after 10 minutes, I had to restore the search parameters to find a previous item, because it was pushed out from the recently closed list.

  • PakSae

    Please add currency converter to context menu and a option to enable context menu when selecting text.
    I think search pop up must be subset of context menu.

  • Regnas
    • Leonardo Gomes

      Does it work on Chrome 62?

      Also, you don’t really think that something posted on the forums a couple of working days ago would already be fixed in today’s build, right?

      • Regnas

        Doesn’t work on Chrome 62…
        Dev v48 is out for a while now and they should be aware of that bug already.. I just posted that hoping it’s just a reminder, can’t believe nobody in the world noticed that before me…. no one is doing web dev with opera anymore???????

        • Leonardo Gomes

          If it also doesn’t work in Chrome then it’s probably a Chromium issue.

          • Regnas

            Oh sorry, I misunderstood your question, I thought you asked about this new opera dev v49 with chromium 62…….
            So yeah, it works great everywhere….

  • x a

    What has already mentioned regarding the latest 48 beta build, also applies to this dev build on Windows (not Linux!):

    What happened to the colors in GUI and web content? Did you modify a color management component yourselves or has Chromium changed? Appearance of colors has changed in this versions; they are perceived more “washed out”.

    I doubt, no one else recognizes that…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Colors in GUI look the same for me on Windows 10.

    • Jalen Lin

      This is also happened in my Opera Beta 48. The facebook blue is a little become purple. I compare Opera Stable and Opera Beta, and I confirmed this is total different color.

    • Bruno Medeiros

      The released stable 48 build also has this problem on Linux 64bits (Ubuntu 14.04)

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Are there any plans to bring the “Capture full site” feature back to the snapshot tool? “Capture full screen” is not much more than ALT-PRINT.

    • Nekomajin43

      You can even select the whole screen with the rectangle. This feature is trash this way.

  • PakSae

    Currency Converter does not work.


    • Tina

      Works fine for me -> 43,200円 – RUB 23,087.84
      Check your settings in User interface -> Convert currency to.. .

      • PakSae

        Already checked it.

      • PakSae

        After restart opera, it does work.

  • Кostadin

    I use Opera in my day-to-day work and starting with 47 it freezes when I hit ‘Esc’ to close a pop-up dialog window. Normally, I am able to close all three pop-ups with ‘Esc’. (in the screenshot).

    Now Opera freezes after the first ‘Esc’. If use ‘Space’ or click on OK to close the dialog window, I am able to close the remaining pop-ups with ‘Esc.
    Currently works as expected with Firefox, Edge and Vivaldi.

  • alexSuper

    My eye will blind. The bookmark flashes with colorful animation.
    Please change the way it renders.

  • Der Herr Nick

    GUI Bug: This animated loading circle thingy looks quite weird. Occurs on HiDPI with “–force-device-scale-factor=1.7”.


    • Sebastian

      Thanks, reported.

  • Der Herr Nick

    Scrolling behaves unforeseen on Wikipedia (90’s video rental store mode?):
    1. Go to a random page
    2. Scroll down a bit
    3. Open an image
    4. Go back
    –> The WP page is scrolled back to its upmost position.

    Shouldn’t it rather jump to where I left?

  • Kernoz z

    Can you release fixtures pinned tabs opens on browser start.
    It’s very userfull

  • Nekomajin43

    So, no comment on the speed dial spam issue. That’s a comment too. Spammers.

    • icetom

      i have written them about a year ago here, they told me its a bug.

      i believe they get money from the sites and dont tell us. no way they build in that “bug” all the time.

      • Nekomajin43

        They said it a few weeks ago too.

    • Speed dial spam issue? Perhaps I’ve missed this one before.

      • Nekomajin43

        Preselected items (Amazon, etc) appear randomly after updates. This issue was reported several times by several people here on the blog in the last months. One of you said it’s a bug and you were looking into it. Months ago.

        This is a serious issue. It’s OK if you add a few items to the clean profile. You get paid, it’s acceptable. But after I delete them, I don’t want to see any of it popping up again at random times. Stop it ASAP!

        • We occasionally push some predefined Speed Dials to certain countries. In most cases it’s done once per month (and that’s anyway limited to some certain partner or specific country) and is not related to browser updates.
          -Do you get Speed Dial update more often than once per month?

          • Nekomajin43

            No, I don’t.

            But stop this routine right now! This is spamming, and can not be tolerated.

          • DenisConqueror

            ok, i need an option then to switch this off, is it possible? (as advanced user, maybe flag, don’t care ). I don’t want this behavior even once per month. why i should delete them every month? Where i can read about this in user agreements?

  • Alex

    Ok. Passed two months and several versions of the browser. Question: what bugs has been fixed from this screenshot, which I publish not for the first time? http://imgur.com/a/JUe0M The answer is: nothing. Where can I send a more detailed description of the bugs?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess they have more important things to fix first.

      I guess most of those were already reported.

      • Nekomajin43

        So they implement a new GUI, but it’s not a priority to fix the bugs connected to it?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Why should they be? I don’t think that any of those bugs are ‘need to be fixed right now’ type of bug so people can wait for a fix.

          • Nekomajin43

            Right now? Reborn was introduced in February!

          • Rudric

            True.. Though Reborn seems to be work is progress.. It’s sort of like new framework to introduce (some of the) new features to Opera (including Neon features).

            I hope Opera devs would start work unifying sidebar + extension bar (bring extension bar to Reborn functionality (& UI)).

          • Nekomajin43

            It seems more like a work in pause.

          • Rudric

            That indeed – that indeed. I hope they’d do the layout/UI and then start adding features. Perhaps they don’t yet quite know they’re plan how are they gonna have the sidebar? When they start to add apps to sidebar & open it to extension developers that sidebar is gonna get cram packed.

            But surely it doesn’t seem plausible that extension bar & sidebar would be left like those are now? People dislike for having 2 sidebars.

            I’ve been thinking that 2 sidebars would work if either Reborn sidebar OR extension bar is moved to the right side – then having sidebars on both sides ~ in a way that on BOTH sides user could open also a web panel to either or both sides.

            With these sidebars & web panels on both sides all kinds of features of the browser, apps/extension & websites could somehow co-exist – neatly organized by the user.

            These spaces on sides could have some of the Neon side-functionality.

            I dunno – but I hope Opera devs pick a direction soon! :ohgoodgrief:

            Hmm I wonder now with “all that Chinese dime” would Facebook, Whatsapp & Telegram payed for that kind of (space wasting user freedom browser usability limiting) visibility in Reborn sidebar.. hmm. Sketchy…

        • Matej Szendi

          And that`s why I stop using Opera. So long time without fixes so many HIDPI problems. They are even not fixed in the Developer version => +3 months to the stable release.

      • Alex

        Even if parts of users are unpleasant to look at the browser? The developers announced changes to UI as the main change several versions ago. They should bring the implementation of the appearance of the browser to the end.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep, if other issues with higher priority arrive.

          They are fixing the problems with the UI.

      • Ariane Lu

        I don’t think tabs can’t reorder isn’t a big problem. from 45 to 49.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t remember have seen that one in the comment that originated the discussion.

          Also I don’t seem to be facing such issue here.

          • Ariane Lu

            It’s HiDPI related too

      • Innocent like a virgin

        Can you stop posting your uterly dumb comments, that makes me sick, near every time, when you reply to someone, or you want me to start accompany you, and compete with you on your really idiotic level?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Disqus offers a block tool, feel free to use it.

          • Innocent like a virgin

            Or maybe, you can simply start to post sensible and useful replies, and noone will have to add you to the blocked users. I can assure you, that it’s easier for you to change your mind, because there are many users, which are constantly pissed off because of that.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And what would be a ‘sensible and useful reply’ for you? One agreeing to whatever you had said?

            I think most of my comments are useful. Regarding they being sensible, I think it may be kinda subjective.

  • tarkus

    Windows 10 home, 64 bit system: after updating, I’m experiencing constant crashes – never before have I seen this kind of behavior! This post was – at last – finished after two consecutive crashes!

  • Alberto

    Great, new developer version, following the blog for news. Thanks as always for your great work Opera and for your great products ^^.

  • Abdolahi

    please make multi profile just like chrome
    I really really need this future
    i have work and personal profile in chrome
    and i need them in opera to completely remove chrome

    • DaZung

      You can do this now using separate Opera launcher shortcuts for work and personal profiles, each pointing to different profile folder using the “–user-data-dir=profilepath” command.

      Each shortcut will launch a completely separate version of Opera and you can even run them simultaneously.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Problems with sychronising? I can not log in.

    • Eugene B.

      Yeah, same here.

    • SiMcarD

      Same problem.

    • Michal

      Same here. Opera eventually crashed here.
      Windows 10, x64

    • Vux777

      bug in latest developer version
      they are working on fix

      • Rudric

        Hi Vux! Hmm I’m thinking I’m interested of redoing Stash Extension… I have ideas for it.. 🙂

        • Vux777


          • Rudric

            I was thinking of, well roughly put it, Reborn/Neon -ify it. It would be different however but yours would certainly be inspiration. It’s so great that despite Opera ditched Stash feature, they didn’t scrap Stast API 🙂

          • Rudric

            What you say?

          • Vux777

            I don’t understand what you asking…
            you want to build extension that looks like something from reborn?… go do it, who’s stopping you
            you want to use my code for it?… no sry, you should use your own ways/methods to build it
            and opera doesn’t have stast (or stash) api…(never did)
            or I’m not aware of it

          • Rudric

            I think it’s perhaps React.JS

          • Vux777

            what about it?

          • Rudric

            Stash API uses React.JS I think..

          • Vux777

            not sure what you think stash API is, but…
            when Opera introduced stash feature, React probably didn’t even existed

          • Rudric

            I really love Stash idea but your ext, albeit extremely good, there could be room for improvement. So maybe I’ll just throw some of those ideas to you? What I really disliked was the usage of 2 extensions inorder to get that page_action feature… I know some extensions are small, like 20KB, but still when running on Opera with some tabs open etc the footprint tends to be closer to 10MB. Did u try’n’play with Opera Neon? Liked the Start Page? That’s my inspiration for a new type of Stash extension. If ur interested – I’m interested to help you.

          • Vux777

            Like i wrote before
            you should make your own ext. and design it as you like

          • Rudric

            Ok. I hope you don’t take it personally. I totally respect you and the V7 extension series – is truly markable for Opera. If I start to work on with Neon inspired Stash it might be next summer until I’d even star it. Of course I’ve been fascinated by ur V7 Stash as it’s the only Stash avail – and I was an avid fan of the Stash that surfaced in Opera. Talking to you Vux777 has been fruitful as I started to think jquery and jqueryui <- interesting stuff there that would fit well with my Neon vision. Please do if you will update V7 Stash inspired by Neon or whatever – if you will. What I hope the most is that ext devs don't hop on board Vivaldi and leave Addons to stagnation. You have great talent and style for sure.

    • Biohazard
    • xxx

      Please fix it

    • vj Klein

      yes! opera isn’t able to synch…waiting for a fix (please!!!)

    • SiMcarD

      No news about this problem?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        As said, this is an issue in latest developer builds so a fix may or may not come when a new build is released.

  • x a

    So with this release you shut down ChromeCast functionality altogether?

    • danburrito

      Add Chromecast functionality, please.

  • Rudric

    Please unify sidebar + extension bar <3

  • inDigazzZ

    Please add ‘Always use VPN for site in list…’

  • Ariane Lu

    Still a lot of reported issue with HiDPII support need to fix, such as:

    – Icon in extension bar blur and fuzzy
    – Drag tabs out or move tabs, Tab preview will flash then tab always split out as a new window
    – “Tabs menu” border broken
    – AD Blocker icon and favorite icon is not align to center & too large space between icons
    – O Menu incorrect size or complete invisible on special environment (multiple monitor with special resolution)

  • Luis A. Rosario

    Just a language fix @Opera Dev Spanish’s pop-up menu should be

    “Page Source” = “Ver código fuente de la página.” or “Mostrar código fuente de la página” both are valid.
    “Add to bookmarks…” = “Añadir a marcadores…” or “Agregar a marcadores…” both are valid.


  • Ralf Brinkmann

    In this version, Opera always shows me a “save as” dialog when downloading files. “Before downloading files, ask for the location” is not activated. My default download folder is entered in the settings. I think, this is a new bug.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For any kind of file? For executable ones this is an expected behavior and have been working this way since a while.

    • Vux777

      flag was removed (still available in stable channel)
      – Show save file dialog on risky download

  • jaja_622

    Please include back the option to put the tabs on the sides! that’s the only thing preventing me from using Opera as my main browser (Opera fan since 2005).
    Today’s widescreen make the use of side tabs a priority for me.

  • nanana1

    The flag (opera://flags/#media-windows-mf-demuxer) has been removed in this Opera 49 Developer build for Windows (and still available for Mac) and so how to disable it if needed ?

    • MFDemuxer was already enabled by default and we want it to fully replace IPCDemuxer . Do you have any specific example why you would want to turn it off and keeo using IPCDemuxer?

      Eventually Mac demuxer will follow this. Currently still in stabilisation phase fixing bugs which appear but eventually we will remove the flag after it has been enabled.

      • nanana1

        One example why MFDemuxer needs to be turned off can be demonstrated on this webpage :


        The media cannot be played on this Opera 49 Developer with MFDemuxer being forced enabled.

        However, the media can be played on Opera 48.0.2679.0 with MFDemuxer disabled and when MFDemuxer is enabled on Opera 48.0.2679.0, the media then cannot be played.

        On Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.

  • filbo

    Starting some time in O48 cycle, something happened which causes the address bar to be focused in some newly opened tabs. I open lots of tabs, mostly ‘in background’; later I flip to them and find the address bar focused. It does not happen every time (in fact I can’t reproduce it right now to give a good example… it will happen just as soon as I commit the comment…)

    This is a significant issue to me since I still use the ancient Opera ‘1’ / ‘2’ keys (select tab left / right — now known as ‘Advanced keyboard shortcuts’ and reachable at opera://settings/?search=advanced%20key). So I’m flipping rightward through tabs, ‘2…2…2’ when suddenly ‘2’ is inserted into the address bar (‘2https://blah…’) instead of flipping to the next tab.

    • filbo

      Aha, reproduced it! This is on Facebook and likely requires an FB login, although it is a public post: https://facebook.com/10213289508094014 — contains a link to an article on the Washington Post. The problem is not quite as I stated; in fact, it only happens when I open ‘in foreground’ — at least in this case.

      That is:

      ctrl-click the article link: it opens in background and the address bar is not focused (good);
      middle-click: background, not focused (good);
      right-click ‘open in background tab’: background, not focused (good);
      just-plain-click: new tab opens in the foreground, and address bar *is* focused (BAD)

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I’d like to ask you to fill a survey to somehow quantify the feature requests: https://goo.gl/forms/RtwV9af9Ot3I7waB2

    We are close to 250 answers! Thanks for everyone who participated.

    Some features (bookmarks export, expanding the number of recently closed tabs in the tab menu) are landed in th stable branch. Others (unit converter, screen capture tool) are already being developed. (They will be removed from the list once they reach the stable branch.)

    Loading pinned tabs from previous session in startup is new on the list. If you have already submitted your votes, just open the link again, and you can vote for the new additions.

    I know it’s not representative, but it may help to show the trends and the top most wanted features. We’ve got some positive words from the devs, no promises though.

    If you find anything missing from the list, please comment here or in the forum: https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1883544/opera-browser-feature-survey

  • DaZung

    Not sure this is the best place to write this, as it’s not specific to O49 or even a bug, but one thing Opera does that I really think it shouldn’t is write tons of web site data in the “Preferences” file.

    Opera writes web page zoom levels and all sorts of other stuff to the preferences file, and at least zoom levels are not cleaned with the “Clear browsing data” (they must be cleaned in the “Page Zoom” exception list.

    This results in severe bloating of the preferences file, mixes transitory browser state information with the permanent user’s preferences and even has privacy implications.

    Please consider moving all this stuff to separate files and keep the preferences file to the user defined preferences!

  • bratpit


    When I want some graphics emotikon on blog e.g smile 🙂 Opera display it like smal square. Do not convert asci to graphics.



    The same in Firefox:


  • Lay

    Can you add “Enable search box in the address bar” on mac?

  • Rade Martinović

    When will #extended-lazy-session-loading return? Please, I really liked it!

  • Linh Nguyen

    this build usually crashes when I type ‘t’ in address bar, win10 x64 version 1703, opera x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No such problem here.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No problem here. Same software.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera developer 49.0.2705.0 😉

  • cosimo193

    What’s happening about Chromecast support?