We’re starting the brand new Opera 49 line.

Today’s build is light on features but includes a pretty long list of changes, improvements and stability fixes. It is also the first build that comes with Chromium 62.

Here’s the leadoff on changes, fixes and highlights for Opera 49:

  • Link selection doesn’t work in all cases.
  • Site https://read.amazon.com didn’t work as expected.
  • Pinned messengers opens on browser start.
  • Sometimes, it is impossible to scroll in snapshot mode.
  • Browser freezes on disabling switch in VPN dialog during page loading.
  • Selecting text on internal pages doesn’t work.
  • Domain name highlight matches in the subdomain part of host.
  • [Dark theme] Messengers’ Title bar doesn’t have same color as active tab bar.
  • [HiDPI] Spinning loading icon is blurred.
  • [HiDPI] Wrong area captured after scrolling.
  • [Win, Linux] Show omitted URL in recently closed list if page doesn’t have a title.
  • [Win] CTRL + W is not closing snap window.
  • [Win] Warning dialog when trying to import from Edge when Edge is running done.
  • [Win] Bookmarks bar folder icon color improvements.
  • [Win] Page crashes in video pop out.
  • [Mac] Popup windows are too wide when full URL is displayed.
  • [Mac] Unable to close a tab with authentication dialog opened.
  • [Mac] Suggested part of URL goes black when you hit Enter to load the page.
  • [Mac] Sliding bar not displayed.
  • [Mac] Cursor moves to beginning of address field while loading page.
  • [Mac] Crash while closing window using shortcut when text is selected.
  • [Mac High Sierra] Black window when reduced transparency turned on.

Chromium updated to 62.0.3175.3.

Known issues

Sync is disabled for 48.0.2679.0 and 49.0.2695.0 versions. There was an issue with sync introduced in 48.0.2679.0 so we had to block those versions for now.

Check the changelog for the full report.

Installation links:

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