Hi all,

We are back with this week update for our beta stream.

Just a few highlights this time:

  • Fixed issue with wrong title displayed on internal pages
  • [Win] Improved folder’s icon color in bookmarks bar
  • Chromium update to 61.0.3163.59

The full changelog can be found here.

Known issues

Sync might not work if same account was used with previous beta or developer stream.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this bug-fixing Opera 48 Beta update !

  • Rudric

    Keep up the good work.

  • redfox

    [Win] Improved folder’s icon color in bookmarks bar
    How exactly improved? 🙂

    • New folder icon in bookmarks bar was always blue no matter whether dark or light theme was selected: http://imgur.com/a/LJs0K

      Now the color is adjusted:
      dark: http://imgur.com/a/wd0l2
      light: http://imgur.com/a/VU7FI

      • redfox

        It fits the theme perfectly, good job.

        P.S. I always had the folder icons whole in blue (filled up entirely), not just a blue border (on Windows 7 forced to Win10 look in Opera). How did you manage to get the look like in the first screenshot?

        • Glad you like 🙂

          I took the screenshots from previous beta build. Perhaps you were not running the latest version?

          • redfox

            I use the latest Stable version (47). Maybe the icon design (not only the color) has improved in v48 … will see in the stable 😉

  • Al Doland

    Hi there, the top feature I miss from not using Chrome is the ‘find in page’ dialog does not remember the last search term. Can’t imagine hordes are requesting this. Cheers, Al

  • David

    Netvibes (https://www.netvibes.com/dashboard/1) is still broken (Page crashed) in this build.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Which OS? Here no problems.

      • David

        Windows 10 Enterprise 1703 (15063.540)
        Opera 48.0.2685.11

    • We can reproduce this on one of test accounts we made, but currently not sure what is exactly causing this crash in some cases.

      Edit: Ok seems we already have this fixed on our Developer branch, we will get it backported to Beta so will be available with next update.

      • David

        Great news, thank you very much.

  • Gabriel Castro

    Just to report that the colors are still muted and unsaturated on a wide gamut monitor, as introduced in the last beta.

  • Miro Condito

    Problem z odtwarzaniem wideo na netflix po aktualizacji. Na wszystkich innych przegladarkach działa.

    • If you are on Windows:
      1. Close browser
      2. Go to your profile folder (exact path can be found on opera:about).
      3. Remove ‘WidevineCDM’ folder
      This hopefully should resolve problem you are experiencing.

      • Miro Condito

        Dzięki. Pomogło. Ale odpowiedź po polsku nie byłaby dziwna 😉

  • redfox

    Could you please make a switch in the settings, to enable/disable favicons’ color inversion (black/white) in the dark theme? Thanks

    • Nekomajin43

      @xenon16k:disqus said they like it this way, so don’t hope for any change.

  • Rudric

    I switched to beta from stable.. However with problems (I copied some stuff from stable profile like bookmarks, extensions, “wand”…):

    – I cannot see snap
    – I cannot see Reborn sidebar on all internal pages
    – tabs seems sluggish

    Going back to Stable.

  • Rudric

    Beta consumes significantly more RAM than stable.

  • Alberto

    Interesting, more steps for the next stage as stable, keep working hard Opera, your web browser rocks, the best option for web browsers Chromium based.

  • Alexander Stiven

    Please, fix it. Comments look bad on this blog:

    • Yes they don’t look good, but it’s up to the site to fix it.
      Btw. it also looks bad in Chrome and Firefox.

  • redfox

    Please, how to sort the names of search engines (both built-in and custom ones) in the context menu “search with..”? It is a real mess now.

  • Maarten

    Chinese have very bad taste for design. Since Chinese have bought Opera UI is UGLY and a SHAME for people who value aesthetics.

    – Why did they remove the option to have “Show system color on top bar” (through version 44, abandoned as from version 45), so Opera nicely integrates with Windows 10 theme?

    – Why has the sidebar become utmost UGLY (which no option to change its colour) while the the side bar in previous versions (through version 44) had a nice transparent look?

    Why? I have asked these very simple questions before but Opera does not care to answer… That says enough.

    I regret that those Chinese have taken over Opera since they have no taste for aesthetics and have messed up Opera.

    It’s a pity because once Opera was a nice browser. Still using v44 as long as possible, in the end I will leave Opera which I haven been using since 2004 (paid version back then).

    I feel sorry for Opera developers.

  • Andrey