just a quick update on beta channel. Grab new packages and let us know if you have any problems. Your feedback is always welcome.

The list of all changes in the changelog as usual.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for this Opera Beta 47.0.2631.13 update !

  • Mateusz

    I have got a little request. Could you add some keyboard shortcut to toggle visibility of bookmarks bar?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can add it yourself in opera:settings/configureCommands > Show bookmarks bar.

      • Mateusz

        Oh, i didn’t know that. Thanks!

  • Dark Magician

    Do you have plans for auto migrating to 64-bit like Chrome/FF?

    P.S. The blog still isn’t https default, I have to use https everywhere and set a rule to do it.

  • Тарас Москалюк

    Got a quite strange issue
    On every first launch, the icons from express panel loose red color channel.
    Here is a screenshot of normal version:
    And here is a screenshot of “broken” one:
    Look at YouTube icon for example.

    If I update the page, or open the new tab while having the existing ones – it does’nt happen. Just on the first launch.

  • rrman

    Ctrl+Shift+N triggers new private window with address field in address bar out of focus, 3 Tabs needed to type into search field (both versions Linux & W10)

    • Sebastian

      Thanks, reported.
      But the issue is reproducible only on the splash screen, so ticking ‘Do not show again’ and next opening private window resolves a problem.

  • Leilton Lei

    Finalmente colocaram a opção de exportar favoritos, demorou demais, o Firefox tem há tempos…

  • Leilton Lei

    Vocês também poderiam colocar as opções de ‘importação’ na aba dos ‘bookmarks’ junto com a opção de ‘exportação’ e dar também a opção de substituir os bookmarks existentes.

    • Kornelia

      We’re communicating in english here so please adjust.

      • Leilton Lei

        OK. kkkk

  • Juliano F.M.F.

    As a long time user of opera, i had to uninstall it for the first time in several years, since the last version (prior to this one) implemented an annoying bug that causes the windows mouse cursor to start flashing non stop as busy while loading certain webpages. I reported this issue already, but i will only go back to opera if i see this as fixed on the changelog. Please, opera team, make this top priority. Being using another blink based browser and so far so good. It is exclusive to Opera. I even did a clean windows 10 installation and the problem persisted.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t see it happening here. There is anything that triggers the issue or it just happens?

      • Juliano F.M.F.

        Just happens for no apparent reason. I did not test with this new release, though, just the previous one. I only use default mouse cursor, windows theme, tested different amd drivers, w10 clean install, no opera extensions. It started with the previous build and only when the cursor has the busy w10 animation. It just flash/blink constantly on heavy webpages, until it finish loading it. One i remember the most, because i use to visit it a lot, is the blogger html edit page. If it matters, my monitor is a 900p one, resolution is set to max but the windows zoom/DPI is set to 125%

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I’m on a Intel HD4600 graphic card, DPI is also set to 125%.

          What happens if you disable hardware acceleration?

          • Juliano F.M.F.

            I always had it disable. Then, when i reinstalled, i tested again with fresh/default configurations. Since you are trying to help me i will download again with this new build and test it under various scenarios.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Usually it’s better to have hardware acceleration enabled.

          • Juliano F.M.F.

            Unfortunately for me, i have this AMD offboard VGA that is great for games, but always increase the clock significantly just to render some web pages, run videos, whatever. Biggest problem is that the coolers start spinning too, making some sound and driving me crazy in the process. I wish i could turn on this VGA only for gaming time, and switch back to my intel in a snap for browsing and videos.

          • Juliano F.M.F.

            Hi Leonardo, my bad. I’m sorry for taking your time. I just tested again and can now confirm it is causing by both Ghostery extension and AdGuard. I thought i had tested without these two when i reinstalled my W10. Well, i was probably wrong.

            It is definitely seems to be the culprit here… even when just paused, they still cause this issue. The browser feels ok when i deactive both (not remove), though… on a side note i should say that i have these same plugins on the other blink based browser i’ve tested (vivaldi) and they run fine.

            I don’t need to have both running at the same time. Just one enable is enough for this.

            I have another extension (Selectable Links like text) that don’t cause any trouble, though.

            Opera used to run fine with all these plugins until a few days ago.

            I must say that i am using opera as i noticed this newer build is a beta one and i don’t want to have too many folders on my recent windows instalation.

            Thanks for your help.

  • Tooltips to sidebar icons, when the sidebar is pinned, are still flashing and thrilling. Of course a minor issue, but not very pleasant to see.

  • How to solve the css cache issue of the local server web page?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If you explain the problem, maybe someone can help you.

      • I use the MAMP env server, modify the CSS file after the refresh browser and did not get the latest results. But in the Google browser does not have this problem

        • Юлия

          Ctrl + F5

  • Andrey

    Opera already crash – if try remove bookmark from panel.

  • Sunny Guha

    every time i open a new tab and type in a url, it crashes. started happening with this build.

  • OstroLk

    Works very well without a hitch in Windows 10 and in Ubuntu based distros. In Windows, Opera opens without the top caption bar. In Linux distros, it doesn’t. It can be un-decorated, but then the minimize button goes missing. Also, every start, it has to be un-decorated. Is it possible to get the same action as in Windows 10, e.g., automatic opening without the top caption bar? Example; in Firefox, there is a extension called Hide Caption Title Bar, which gets rid of the top title bar.
    Top caption bar is of no value, when we have “Show tab previews.”

  • alexSuper

    Nice bookmarks export. Is it possible to open the new news/history/download tab by clicking the middle mouse during favorite tab?

  • iosaddict

    Keep getting crashes when signing in to asos.com using the Twitter button. 🙁
    Windows 10 x64 without any extension.

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    With this beta on Linux there is wide black borders around Telegram chat window. After rollback to Opera 46 things back to normal.

    Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855, Intel x5-Z8500,
    Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 x86_64, Linux 4.12.0, Mesa 17.1.2.

    • RussianNeuroMancer

      I also feels like Opera 47 eats more CPU in idle with same tabs (with battery saver and tabs throttling enabled). Did you check this aspect with automated tests?

  • J Mercado

    Opera beta 47.0.2631.13: crashes when “Sending bookmark to trash” and all extension disabled on restart.

    • Andrey

      From ‘Bookmarks bar’ only. From menu or bookmarks manager – all ok.

  • Éder Magalhães Machado

    In Mac OS X (Sierra) I am not able to use the AWS management console, the opera browser quits abruptly on any link I click. This error also occurred in the previous build.

  • Gianmario Rossi

    Dear developper, I am an happy user of Opera-beta on a old 32 bit PC with Debian 9 XFCE, but I have seen that the last available release on repo is stopped at 45.0.2552.634, but on 64 bit repo is available the newest Beta 47 and Developper 48: this mean that the Opera-beta development is stopped for 32 bit?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yep, starting on 46 the support for 32 bits Linux has been dropped.

      • Gianmario Rossi

        That’s a really trouble !! Is this a final decision ? I have to come back to Chromium :-((

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I think it’s final, yes.

        • BeloSol

          As far as I can determine, the most recent Firefox retains 32-bit support. They are claiming great improvements in the code base …

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 47.0.2631.23 😉

  • AbelardoLG


    I am having troubles with Opera 47 for mac OS X since I load a html page but the cache system seems to ignore it.

    How can I access to opera:cache to disable it?

    Thanks! Best regards.