Opera 47 is heading to its beta stage after only two rounds as a developer build. Based on Chromium 60, this version comes with a variety of visual and functional fixes to help improve the overall user experience.

Some highlights:

  • Sometimes, the map was not visible on airbnb.com if ad blocker was turned on. Now it’s fixed, and you can book your holiday
  • Language fixes
  • Visual fixes for some annoying glitches (you might not have spotted them, but we did)
  • Video pop out received more tweaks
  • [macOS] Sidebar extensions have regained focus and are working correctly again
  • [macOS] Full screen is not broken anymore after auto-playing videos on YouTube
  • New check intervals for personal news: 3 and 6 hours
  • Bookmarks pop up sometimes contained “Finished” button while “View in Bookmarks” was expected – fixed
  • Bookmarks manager didn’t allow to restore folder from the trash bin – fixed
  • [Windows] [Security] We added .scf to the risky file extensions list
  • ‘Blinking address’ issue is fixed (some of you complained about that)
  • We extended the ‘Recently Closed’ tabs list limit to 32 from the original 10
  • The difficult-to-read white text seen on folders in dark theme, with no wallpaper, on the Speed Dial has now been made readable
  • Windows 7 Aero users should no longer see occasional flashes of background images when switching between Youtube videos
  • Improved color contrasts in light theme for better readability
  • There is a “copy” when hovering over the currency converter to copy the value to your clipboard
  • Chromium updated to 60.0.3112.20 
  • Dark favicons are now visible in dark theme. Try it yourself by visiting spotify.com

See the list of all changes in the changelog

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • nanana1

    Wow !….1st Opera 47 Beta release :))

  • Windows 7: tooltips to the items on the pinned sidebar are flashing and vertically “thrilling” (it doesn’t occur in the unpinned state). I doubt that it’s an expected behaviour, so please fix.

  • mikemanger

    New favicons make the dark mode much more usable for me, thanks! Any chance we can get the same treatment for sites with dark (but not black) icons like on https://bitbucket.org/?

    • Ewa

      Thank you for pointing this, reported 🙂

  • Nekomajin43

    Does the unit converter remain on the dev channel?

    • Yes.

      • Nekomajin43


  • Cryio

    Please, use the native buttons and OS color for the window chrome on Windows 10. If Windows 7 can have it, sure Windows 10 can have it too.

  • Dmytro92

    More animations!

  • Gordon Freeman

    We turn around here:

    Either – right click on sidebar extensions is working
    then the Pop up from “Translator” and “Free Styler” extension
    is very small -> http://imgur.com/PCRZsTB

    or – the Pop up from the extensions having the right size
    then right click on sidebar extensions won´t working

    • Kornelia

      It’s reported, thanks.

    • Kevinar

      I have the same problem

  • Night Man

    Lines Betwen the opening tabs is hard to see .

    • Ewa

      Could you provide a screenshot?

  • ratamies

    Belarusian localization has small error in “Import bookmarks and settings”. Instead of “Імпартаваць закладкі і налады…” there is “&Імпартаваць закладкі і налады…”

  • “In bookmarks, you’ll find the option to export all bookmarks”
    I can’t find that option.

    • Vux777

      you are right..that option is missing
      I’m sure it will be in next update
      for now, post is updated

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    In the new version of the opera starting from 45 (such problems are not present until only 44 versions are included), the problem when opening the browser for a fraction of seconds is displayed by the theme of Windows (who has a light transparent transparent screen for a fraction of a second), lags on flash games and YouTube, Smoothness. (WIN 7 x64)

  • Izer0

    Searching in downloads is horrible. 2 minutes per letter written guys. In all versions. Kill(ing) me softly.

  • Vladimir Dragnić

    In the new “Beta Opera 47.0.2631.7” for macOS (10.12.6 Public Beta 5) is a SSL-Certificate-BUG by the “google-search (google.de)” of “GPGTools Nightlies”! SSL-Certificate-BUG “Ungültiges Zertifikat (releases.gpgtools.org) / Invalid certificate (releases.gpgtools.org)”. The URL of the GPGTools Nightlies” is “https://releases.gpgtools.org/nightlies/”. By the “Stable Opera Version:46.0.2597.32” is no “SSL-Certificate-BUG”. The SSL-Certificate “GPGTools Nightlies” is valid to 08/08/2017.

  • rek

    Good to see the bookmark export coming. Are there any news on the integration of the extension sidebar into the new one? Is this even considered?

  • FluffyBoyo

    Any chance we can see the dark mode UI go further and make all settings and add-on pages dark as well once the main dark mode UI is turned on. Maybe even each settings page has its own dark mode Ui switch top left or right.

    Including the menu being dark, and also the page right click context menu. Lets not forget those.

    A proper full dark mode UI once turned on, going deep into all back end pages and menus and drop downs. Set a new standard for full complete browser dark mode.

    And some form of tab scrolling with the mouse. For those of us using 100-200+ tabs. At present its just tiny slithers I see when using 150-200 odd tabs. Like FF does scrolling tabs back and fourth with the mouse wheel, but with your own Opera flavour of doing things. Off by default maybe, so its an opt in for those of use using lots of tabs and want to still see some fav icons instead of tiny slithers you can hardly click on.

    • Kai Ockendorf

      +1…at least the Menu should be dark when using the dark mode! About the tabs: I hope & pray for years that they will bring back the awesome mouse gesture to scroll through tabs via “right mouse click + scroll wheel”!!

      • FluffyBoyo

        Yes the menu being dark, and also the page right click context menu. Lets not forget that.

        • Kai Ockendorf

          when dark then dark…all of it 😉

    • Herr Pietrus

      Yes yes yes. Is it really so hard to create the dark color theme for the internal pages? There must be some kind of a style sheet as I suppose… And yes, I don’t use dark theme but dark theme with light internal pages is dumb.
      I know that there will be still light/white websites that we visit 😛

  • 2112

    Can you fix these pixelated icons in kde plasma alt+tab menu?

    I use Arch linux, kde plasma 5.10.3

  • Юлия


  • Kevinar

    When I delete bookmark from bookmark bar browser will crash.

    • Kornelia

      How exactly do you delete a bookmark? Could you provide steps to reproduce? I tried using keyboard and mouse click and it doesn’t crash.

      • Kevinar

        I click on the bookmark with left mouse button and I choose Move to trash.

        • Kornelia

          We had a bug “Opera crashes when bookmark is deleted using keyboard’ that’s why I asked how exactly you’re deleting. It was fixed in this version so it’s strange that you still have this crash. Do you have any specific configuration of folders maybe or it’s just a single bookmark?

        • Chris

          Same here. But you mean “right click”.
          Bookmark Bar -> Right Click a Bookmark -> Move to Trash
          Opera Crash.

  • Илья Найдов

    Google Hangouts doesn’t work… Camera LED flashes several times trying to initialize, but fails… Also, the camera/mic access badge menu looks strange in the Hangouts tab (text has ugly black pixelated outlines)…

    • Kornelia

      What’s your operating system? I don’t have any troubles with Google Hangouts.

      • Илья Найдов

        Windows 10 x64, Crators Update… Opera 47.0.2631.7 x64…
        I have the same problem on two different machines that have different webcams (One Logitech and one Genius)
        Right now I have to use Chrome for video calls…

        • Kornelia

          Ok, confirmed and reported, thanks: DNA-62362

  • Éder Magalhães Machado

    It quits immediately when we go to https://console.aws.amazon.com/console/home

    • Ewa

      No crash here, what OS?

      • Éder Magalhães Machado

        I am using mac os, the error occurs when I try to access the options in the AWS admin console

      • Éder Magalhães Machado

        MacOS Sierra

  • nanana1

    New Opera Beta build 47.0.2631.13 update :